INSPIRING! Almost blind singer makes The Voice coaches tear up | Winner’s Journey #25

INSPIRING! Almost blind singer makes The Voice coaches tear up | Winner’s Journey #25

The winner of The Voice is… It’s Andrea! What’s your name?
– Andrea Begley. Where do you come from?
– Nothern Island, Country Tyrone. What’s your background?
I’m… … 26, I work as a civil servant and… I’m also visually impaired, so I’m not
entirely sure… … whether anyone
turned around or not. When I was about 5 years old… I found out I had a condition
called Glaucoma. Which is high pressure in my eyes… … and it’s meant that
I’ve now lost 90% of my vision. Glaucoma is a degenerative condition,
so once your vision is gone… … basically that’s it,
there’s no means of getting it back. I had to adapt
the way I did things. For example playing with
my friends or watching TV or… … the ordinary things that you
normally take for granted. She just loves singing,
she sings all the time. Sings around the house,
where I had to listen to her sing around the house. When I sing, it just takes me
to somewhere else. Somewhere that’s totally cut off
from reality… … that I just feel a complete
sense of relaxation. And it’s something
I can just automatically do. Without needing any assistance
or having any issues. So I think that’s maybe why
it’s so important to me. Well that’s a relieve. I can assure you… … not only we turn around,
myself and Tom… … but the whole of the UK
just turned around too. I’m Tom.
– Hi Tom! And I I didn’t know
whether to push my button or not… … because it seems like you
were really something… … that Danny loves to listen to,
I know that. But the reason that I did
press my button is… I couldn’t help myself… Because your voice is so beautiful.
– Thank you. My gut instincts and
I only kind of go with my ears… … and what I feel and stuff. But there’s one thing
that doesn’t lie. And that’s the hairs
on my arms. I’ve used that as the tester
at this whole thing. I could coach you, impeccably,
you know… … excellence is what this team
is all about. Danny. Give it up, come on! For my battle adviser,
I’ve brought in Dido. She’s duetted with some of
the biggest and the best. From Eminem to Massive Attack. In an artist I look for someone
with a unique voice. Someone with the voice
that I remember. You know, who can make it
their own… Who can bring off
the emotion of the song. The song I’ve chosen is
“People Help The People” by Birdie. Alice is brilliant at performing. But maybe the song might
give me the edge. Because of its emotional style. Her voice is so pure and innocent. I’m not used to showing who I am
in front of millions of people… I’m used to playing a role. Really plan where
you’re gonna breath. Then you just get just that
little bit of extra emotion. I think… Andrea has the emotional
upper hand. But if Alice just knew how
to tap into her emotions… I think it would just sway. That was beautiful. You guys’ voices sound angelic,
it was amazing. Andrea, you know,
what people around here don’t realize… … is the amount of calculation
that Andrea has to make… … before she even gets to the stage. How many steps is it up to there?
Am I facing the right way? And that’s even
just before you’ve sang… I’m really proud,
really really proud. I’m gonna go with the feeling
that I always trust… And that’s the hairs
in the back of my neck. And every time this person sings
the hair goes up in the back of my neck. So that’s… Andrea. Come on, put your hands together
for the winner of the battle… … t’s the fantastic Andrea! Well done! I’ll give the cute You didn’t get this far on
the sympathy vote, you know? You got this far, because you’re
an outstanding singer. And I just hope you
chose the right song! Well, I’ve gone for “Songbird”. It could be considered
a safe choice… But I don’t want to take
a risk at this point. I love this song so much. You know, this is what she does best. I want to fight for this,
all the way. And I want Danny to choose me
in his top three. Gorgeous, really beautiful. Good to see you again.
– Yeah, good to see you too. So what’s been going on
in Andreas world? … keeping extremely busy. Thinking about Andrea,
she’s an absolute grafter. She’s working as a civil servant. She’s also going
for her master’s in law. On top of that… I also sit on a board of
trustees for the blind people. And I love being busy. But for me, music is something
that I really want to make the focus. And that’s why The Voice
is so important to me. I definitely don’t want to be considered
as the sympathy card. For me it’s all about music
and that’s why I’m here. You’re a tough cookie. You know what I mean?
And you want to get here on your own merit. I didn’t took you through, you know. You took yourself through. I don’t think there’s a greater test
in music than the audience. So, this is the ultimate test… … and I want to make sure
that I really do the best I can. Once you first started
singing this song… The crowd wasn’t saying “hey”… So I was like come on Andrea is rocking it… So I had the whole crowd say “hey”,
you know what I’m talking about? That was me conducting the crowd,
because you was rocking it. That was beautiful,
that was so nice… … to be front row to watch that. Like Danny, great song choice.
You guys have obviously worked together. Do you know what
the amazing thing is? It was her song choice.
– Oh wow. She wanted to show
a new side to her… … that she doesn’t just
stand there and sing ballads. Wants to move a little bit as well, so…
– That was your song choice? Yeah.
– Yeah. Even more amazing,
make some noise for Andrea. The support from back home
has just been totally overwhelming. There is that element of Irish pride. Watching her on TV and
see her performing… … it’s just been fantastic. And we didn’t realise
the person sitting next to us… … could be so good
at what she does. I think she’s a really good role model
for partially sighted people. Who think that they may
not be able to do some of these things. She just blows that idea
out of the water. Looking back it’s just been
an amazing journey… … and I’m thoroughly enjoyed
my time here. And it’s just been… I feel I’ve grown so much as a person
as well as a singer. The whole way. You know, she’s angelic.
And she’s touching. She touches me right there. She did last week
and the week before. She’s a beautiful, beautiful singer. And she did it again tonight. The support I’ve had from
friends and family back home… Has meant the world to me. So getting to visit my hometown
this week was so lovely. I knew there would be
a few people there. But I never expected
that kind of reception. The noise of the crowd
in the village hall was overwhelming. Never mind being blind,
I could be deaf by the end of this. She not only has
the voice of an angel… … she really is an angel. It is because of you I can’t give a harmony
on a Saturday evening. I’ve known her for years
and just to see her come so far… … is just the most fantastic thing
in the world. I just love her. She’s got such a brilliant voice. She never set out
to be a role model… But if she has helped other people
along the way… She would be so delighted. Sincerely thank you,
from the bottom of my heart. I’m dedicating my performance in the final
to everybody back home. For all the support
they’ve given me. We love you Andrea!
We hope you win The Voice. if you absolutely I wish that here
justly you love presents to me Honestly, there wasn’t one hair on my
whole body that wasn’t standing up. I had shivers throughout
the whole thing. I’m sure the rest of UK did as well. I know that tonight you dedicated that
to every single person back home… … that’s supporting you.
Well, they are gonna be proud of you. Well done. All the time I hear you sing,
it’s like a calming… … soothing… It’s a great escape, your voice. And I enjoy every song you sing. And if you are to win,
I know what I’m gonna listen to… … when I have bad times
or bad days. You have a bright spirit. And hear it in your voice.
– Thank you Thank you very much coaches. So, to get us in the mood
for the performance… I arranged a little tiny outing. Want to come with me to the Isle of wight
festival? Are you serious? We leave now.
– How are we gonna get there? Have you been on a helicopter before? No, funnily enough,
it’s not something I regularly do. It’s an amazing experience. I’m really excited, yeah.
I can’t wait. Welcome to the Isle of Wight. Let’s go meet The Script. I’m such a fan,
I love their music, I love their songs. It was just so nice to meet them. The main reason why
I wanted you to meet the guys… We’re performing it together
on the final. I can’t actually believe
I’m performing with The Script in the finals. It’s just the best. Have you ever been on a stage like this?
– Not this size, no way. You’re gonna love this. I wanted to get Andrea inspired
for the song itself. What better way to do it,
than have 60,000 people singing it. Being a stage of the performance
was immense. As a fan, it was such a privilege. I’m just listening in,
to hear where my parts are gonna be. Making sure I’m picking up
all the tips here. You’re alright, gorgeous?
– Brilliant, Danny… Danny is the best coach.
This was a wonderful day out. Come on, we’ve got the private jet now.
– Oh yeah. We’re heading out to Paris,
for a little date. Oh yeah, sure.
You’re such a liar. The winner of The Voice is… … it’s Andrea!


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    Erin Joy Hall

    To be honest, I don't think she should have won. Other people have won and were alot of people. I don't think she is good enough to win

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    Her mum and da are so cute dancing to her finale song. She won, & they were in shock. You could see they were trying to prepare them selves in case she didn’t win. But she did.

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    Crystal Gaytan

    Did anyone else see Will texting on his phone😂 thats just messed up. That was a great performance. He should have been paying attention.

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    Delia Alonso

    The way her coach believes in her though, he looks at her in awe!! Beautiful people, just what the world need.

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    Andrea Begley

    Thanks for all the kind comments, I really appreciate it! PS Yes I'm still singing; I've just finished a tour with my aunt (famous Irish singer Philomena Begley!) and have a new single out here: Thanks again, it means a lot!

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    An American Patriot WWG1WGA

    One of the most angelic voices I have ever heard! I will buy everything she records. I could listen to her all day long. A beautiful person inside and out. What a blessing to the world we live in…

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    Iderma Jimenez

    She deserves to win. Being blind is terrible. Luckily she lives in UK and gets better opportunities. .

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    Alex and Abby Skon

    My favorite part of the whole thing Danny singing her voice was lost and she seems bit lost.. but sad story always win

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    Ron Breaux

    I didn't realize Danny could be such a great coach/mentor. Thank you Danny for the introductionto Andrea!

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    Gabe Elijiah

    Most the performances, especially the last, were great. Second to last was pitchy. But heck, great voice!

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    Sonia Rakyle

    Danny was the best coach for her.,,,,,she is extremely angelic,,so sweet her voice gave me goosebumps all through,,,,it was really inspiring💖💖❤💕💕

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    mmatshego Parks

    From now on I'm going to listen to the hairs on my body to make decisions… just like Danny.

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    Andrea you deserved to win this computation i love your angelic voice i love you and very proud of you… from Philippines…

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    Ashar Fariz

    I like her personal and inspiring alot.. but i think her voice not that good, but still much better than mine 😂😂

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    hiatus mode

    What a great human Danny is 😭😭…She is very lovely and her voice is so pure and innocent ah 😭

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    Monica Hernandez

    True inspiration and a true CHAMPION! You are a blessing and an angel! I love you Andrea all the way from San Francisco USA

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    There is always kindness in the world… reflecting in coach, supporter and voters…
    Make me optimist in living a life…

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    Golden Spectacles

    what the actual hell
    her voice is so amazing I had to pause the video to cry
    especially when she sang 'songbird' my goodness
    an angel

    wishing her luck

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    Anita West

    ….Hairs standing up all over my body…
    True statement. 💯
    Congratulations, well done, you have the Voice of an angel.

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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    I feel such shame … Andrea has these limitations that were inflicted on her without choice, and yet she excels and manages to do and be in the world in ways most of us aren't. Why is it some people overcome and don't get lost in overthinking? She's amazing … and her voice and her song IS an expression of her whole being. Beautiful.

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    gina garcia

    What does her blindness has to do with her singing???……She sings good period…..don’t push her disability to make people feel sorry and like her signing more….. give her credit for her voice and signing ability.

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    G Cs

    She had a good reason to choose Danny just because he recognized how good she was and turned right off, but no one could have predicted what a great choice that was going to be. He did something special by taking her to see his band so she could pick up some pointers on her part when they in turn played for her performance back on The Voice. I haven't seen that before, but not only was it original, it was very smart business. Danny gets my vote, and so does Andrea.

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    Michelle Ld

    Someone needs to tell this girl to take HIGH concentrations of pygnogenol to help her eyes. Great medical data behind it

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    Laura Arnette

    When she sang Evan Essens My Imortal my jaw dropped she sounded just like her. Her mom's face when Andrea won that was priceless😂 👏🏻👏🏻

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    Hatice Sahin

    Danny is such a cutie, the way he treated her, believed in her maybe more than she did and let her glow. Wow ♥️ But one question tho, why was on his phooooneeee ? I wanna know

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    deanna kinsman

    Danny is bloody fantastic and such an amazing coach/mentor with Andrea❣❣❣ I'm sure they'll be lifelong friends…❤👏❤👏❤ She's incredible ❤❤❤ Her families reaction when she won = PRICELESS ❤👏❤👏❤

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    Laura Arnette

    The moms face when they anounced her daughter as the winner 😂👏🏼 that was great! Andrea has a beautiful voice

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    Bryan Henderson

    She did so good she had me crying hearing and seeing her singing from her heart she did a great job well done for everyone who watched the videos ty from my heart

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    Antoinette Sera

    Danny was great. Also he took her to meet his band. He is special. I enjoy their singing together. Wow. Also his band was super. One of a kind performance

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    Karen H

    Haven’t got to see much behind the scenes on these videos but absolutely love this one!! I love how her coach was so wonderful with her. Their relationship/friendship is a beautiful one! So glad she won and certain she has inspired a lot of people!!!congrats Danny and Andrea!

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    Diana Jusselin

    Andrea, you were given a God-given talent. I'm so proud of you that you are using your talent to sing for us. Andrea, I'm sure you will go far. God Bless.

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    Maybe I’m reading into it too much but Danny seems to feel more than just respect for her. He seems to almost like her romantically from the way he looks at her. He knows she can’t see it so it isn’t just a way to make her feel good about herself.

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    Gustavo Galvão

    Danny was just brilliant! I would never be able to sing along with him cos I would be crying my arse out. Just adore him deeply! Well done love!

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    Gesiggie Main

    Her sight was taken and she was given a beautiful voice in its place, she has such a pure spirit to go with that voice., well done girl

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