Interchange Intro Level Unit 11 A Trip to Washington, D C

Interchange   Intro Level Unit 11 A Trip to Washington, D C

Marc Jones:
This is Washington, D.C. I’m Marc Jones, and I’m standing
here on the National Mall. The National Mall is a good place
for sightseeing in Washington. You can see a little bit
of everything here. There are museums, parks, famous buildings, and lots of monuments. Marc:
Hi. How are you today? Mom:
Just fine. Marc: So, is this your first time
in Washington, D.C.? Mom:
Yes, it is. Marc:
And who are you with? Mom:
This is my daughter. Today’s her sixteenth
birthday. We’re visiting Washington, D.C.,
for her birthday. Marc:
Well, happy birthday! Daughter:
Thanks! Marc:
So, what are you going to do? Daughter: Well, we’re going
to visit some museums. And then we’re going to have lunch
at a café in the museum. Marc:
Nice! What museum
are you going to visit? Daughter: I want to visit
the National Air and Space Museum. I want to be
a pilot someday. Marc:
Great! Well, have a good day. Mom/Daughter:
Thanks. Marc:
Happy birthday. Marc: Let’s find some
more people to talk with. Marc:
Hi, guys! Students:
Hi / Hello. Marc:
So, how do you like Washington? Student 1:
We love it. It’s really fun. Marc: Are you visiting
with your family? Student 1:
No, we’re here with our school. Our teacher is right over there. Marc:
Well, it’s a beautiful day. What are you going to do? Student 2: We’re going to visit
the Capitol building. We’re going to take a tour. Student 1: After that, we’re going
to watch the fireworks. Marc:
Fireworks? Where are they
going to have fireworks? Student 2:
Right here on the Mall. They start at 10 P.M. Marc:
Wow. I didn’t know that. Marc:
How about you? What are you going to do? Bim: Well, I’m an artist,
so I want to see the art museum. So I’m going to spend
the whole day there. Diane: I’m going to spend the day
outside because it’s so nice. I’d like to see
some monuments, maybe the Lincoln Memorial
or the Jefferson Memorial. Marc:
What are you going to do? Jorge: I’m going to go to the top
of the Washington Monument because you can see
the entire Mall from there. And then I’m going to walk
to the White House. I’d like to take a tour there. Marc: You can get to the National Mall
easily by public transportation. Once you’re here,
you can walk to everything. It’s easy to get around. Marc:
Museums, fireworks, sightseeing. There’s so much to see
and do on the National Mall. In fact, it’s my turn
to have some fun. I’m going to take one of those
sightseeing buses to, well, I don’t know. But it’s going to be
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