Is Flying A 737 Better Than A Boeing 747 | Airline Pilot Explains

Is Flying A 737 Better Than A Boeing 747 | Airline Pilot Explains

both of us are Boeing airline pilots but
we have very different jobs I’m going to explain it all coming up hey 74 crew welcome back if
you don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot my channel 74 gear is all
about aviation if you don’t know the guy that sitting next to me his name is
Petter he’s a 737 pilot we have very similar
jobs in that we both fly planes but totally different lifestyles his job in
the US is called a check airman and what that means is that he mentors
pilots as they finished their training before they actually go out and start
flying on a normal schedule so the name of his channel mentour pilot obviously
makes sense because he mentors new pilots as they get going since I was
here in Barcelona I thought it’s a great idea that we meet up and do a video
together and give you guys a different perspective of being an airline pilot
you’ve obviously seen mine where I travel and I’m gonna give you a
perspective of a different job but the exact same training so today we’re gonna
go over Peters 3 favorite things about flying the 737 and then at the end
of this video you’re gonna I’m gonna put a link to his channel and you can see my
3 favorite things about flying the 747 Peter thanks so much for having me I
really appreciate it it’s it’s awesome I was here in Barcelona he’d invited me to
this house it’s probably one of the first times you’ve seen a video of me
without a hotel in the background so it’s it’s crazy so I’m here in Barcelona
and since I was here he said hey come over here let’s do a video together so
it worked out great yeah no no I’m really happy to have you here actually
I’ve been following and I’m a fan of your channel since since you started
basically that’s awesome thank you I think yeah I think you were actually in
contact with me quite early on yeah I think I rode you when I was like I had
like a thousand subscribers we should do a video together yeah and I I did look
at it it’s not this guy this guy is potential and now I made this channel
has grown really really big yeah I’m graduation thanks I appreciate it
great work all right so Peter what is your first favorite thing and I guess no
specific order about flying the 737 the the first thing that that I would like
to say is that the 737 is really a pilot’s aircraft still yeah but we’re
talking some serious old-school instrumentation the cockpit is from the
60s to a large extent you still have all of the moving parts the yoke daily you
can see what the outer throttle is doing yeah when you disconnect it you properly
disconnect it and you fly it like it was supposed to be but it is not all dials
and kind of steam and that’s it we’re talking some good modern
avionics and nice big screens which means that the work is not as cumbersome
as it would be in the really old aircraft right but you have kind of a
perfect mix between an old-school aircraft which you read your hands-on
with and the modern aircraft with really good automatics in it so so that would
be I would say that the first thing that I would say about it and you’ve been
flying the 737 for a number of years yeah 17 years now
so you’ve flown every variant from the 300 forward I would love to say that but
I’ve actually only been on the 800 I got started off on the 81 Wow so you’ve uh
you’ve never flown the steam gauge Oh No well I have you know when I was an
instructor in the beginning yeah we have the the 737-200 simulator simulator
Center yeah and of course when there was time over we just snuck into that one
it’s not a flying that around pilots are like little boys I’ve said that before
we got to play with our toys so that makes sense yeah and a fool flight 77
200 simulator it’s as close to a real big boys toy as you can yeah like that
is some proper and especially if you are like me where you’ve been flying on the
800 with these nice EP screens and everything from the beginning when you
get into one of those it literally takes you 15 20 minutes just to kind of find
your bearings oh yeah around but once you have you realize that what you’ve
been doing in the in the 800 looking at a chart you kind of still think about
things in radials and stuff like giving you big a deal the mental picture issue
I’m sure so it only takes 15 20 minutes to to kind of translate the v or needles
and things in the 200 into that short picture in your head interesting oh yeah
I was I was really surprised that we were able to find a way at all in it
yeah I mean if you know he’s talking about an eephus screen and if you aren’t
familiar with what that means is back in the day I mean some of my first plane
that was flying it’s all these round dials we call them steam gauges like
from a train and the Efus is basically all computer screens which is what a lot
of new pilots are learning on now and I think that there’s a value of having the
old steam gauges for pilots that are coming up I mean I used to fly a jet
stream I don’t know if you’re from with that small little turboprop no
autopilot steam gauges yesterday or 31 listen yeah
31 32 so we used to fly those without any autopilot without any computer help
we had a small little GPS from Garmin that we would use but that’s what I
started offline and then now to have all the computer screens it just it makes
things easier but there’s a value for sure being able to do that
oh I’m I was really happy that I learned all those things yeah I flew the
obviously the Cessna 172 the 182 or G the the Cessna 340 which is a fairly big
like turbocharged yeah it’s been engine and that was all steam gauges as well
and I’m really happy that I learned on that thing because it made me realize
your for example did the value of being able to fly only needle into a chart
picture in you have absolutely now we’re flying on the top picture right and see
everything in frontof follow the pink line that’s all we know how to do
generation think line yes all right cool What’s Your Number – what’s your number
– favorite thing about flying 73 okay now the second favorite thing has less
to do with the 737 and more to do with the operation okay so the fact that I’m
a short to medium wall pilot means that I’ll be able to fly it actually hand fly
it quite a bit yeah as I do get between at least one takeoff or landing per day
but normally to takeoff and landings per day very different from my life exactly
so so that is something that I really appreciate because after a while you
like you you never get really rusty on this thing
no you constantly in it like this week I’ve been flying in these thunderstorms
that you’ve seen yeah I have yeah yeah it’s in Barcelona air it’s been crazy
now Judy you autumn these huge thunderstorms build up quickly and
there’s been a lot of them around and I’ve been flying around in that last
three days and you do get a lot of hands-on handling with it yeah so end up
combined with the fact that short medium or general is in the same time so oh
yeah which means that I am working sure I
have early mornings and late nights but it’s not gonna be out of it’s not gonna
be in the window circadian low the midnight kind of scent for your body
where you’re really fatigued correct so I will be tired because we’re working
hard red but I won’t be that kind of like jet lag fatigue right yet it’s a
very different type of tired for sure yeah yeah I mean if you if you’d been
following on Instagram you see me talking about I was here in Barcelona
and that it was having a hard time putting up stories because I was
literally running under awning to awning to get out of the rain it’s been really
hard really hard rains and storms here and we were actually texting about that
this week yeah so it worked out great today it’s a beautiful day here in
Barcelona so it worked out perfect for us to be able to to meet up but yeah so
while Kelsey was running between pulp and pulping Barcelona I was rolling
between CBSE beyond the sky basically so alright cool so that’s your second
favorite thing that’s that makes a lot of sense cuz that’s completely different
from mine and then what’s your third favorite thing yeah what’s the third
state favorite thing is on the same kind of like it has to do with the operation
of it and it’s the fact that I come home every night yeah the fact that I have I
have a family yeah I have two dogs I have two little kids I have one wife and
I love to see them ya know and fortunately you I’m sure that’s the
thing and unfortunately as you know one of the very few downsides of this
occupation is that generally speaking you’re away a lot yeah there’s a lot of
time away from the people that you love and and with my short to medium whole
job I get home every night I sleep in my own bed
I can set up row I can watch my kids football practices I can do all of that
thing while I’m still doing the thing I love yes to fly aircraft and a lot of it
so that I think the Third Point is probably what makes what has kept me
going and still being happy and positive and constructive of the 17 years yeah is
the fact that I feel that I’m not compromising on my life quality and that
is really really important yeah that Peter makes a really good point there’s
not many jobs including in the u.s. there’s only maybe one airline that I
can think of maybe two that you either have to be in that company a really long
time to be able to go and come back home every night or you’re just out on the
road so most you know I talked about that in that pilot scheduled video
typically it’s three or four days that you’re out working
and a lot of times we hear guys saying man I just can’t wait to get home and
get to sleep in my own bed so that’s a really a really great thing especially
if you have families and kids that’s a really cool thing to be able to go and
spend time with them and get to go to the football practices they’re gonna get
to see all their the games that they play yeah that’s something that not all
pi that’s definitely one of the downsides of being a pilot is that in
some cases you can’t do that especially early on to your career if you don’t
have the seniority to get those types of trips so so that’s really awesome yeah
it’s I think it’s key for those of you who are out there and was thinking about
joining this this awesome aviation world I think it’s really key that you do take
make the right kind of choices when it comes to this look less at what the
shiny J yet looks like yeah and more and what kind of roster pattern you will get
if you’re gonna be close you know if your home base you’re gonna
be close to your family and friends and things like that because at the end when
you’ve been working at this for a few years that’s what’s going to determine
whether you’re happy with your job or not
I’m not gonna be like look at that shiny triple7 on a flyer if you’re flying a
hawker siddeley but it skills to your family I can guarantee you you’re gonna
be more happy yeah I mean it’s it’s true I mean I’ve had pilots that for them my
schedule works out great the schedule that I’m on were gone for a lot but it’s
not for everybody so it’s important that you evaluate for yourself what do you
want you know 5 10 15 years as you especially if you’re a new pilot coming
up what kind of lifestyle are you going to want because that’s gonna dictate
what airline you should go to if you go to an airline that’s doing more domestic
or short haul and you want to be home every night then that’s perfect if you
don’t care or you think that your wife is working let’s say as a nurse where
she’s working very intense schedule for several days at a time and doing it all
block together then something like my schedule might be might be more a good
fit for you so it’s important that you really evaluate kind of the end and then
work backwards for sure absolutely absolutely if you all want to
see what I do in my three favorite things about flying the 747 go over to
Peter’s channel I’m gonna put a link to it in the description I look forward to
hearing from you until then keep blue side up


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