Jaisalmer City Guide | India Travel Video in Rajasthan

Jaisalmer City Guide | India Travel Video in Rajasthan

After an 18 hour overnight train ride from
Delhi, we finally reached Jaisalmer (जैसलमेर), a city of yellow sandstone that lies in the
middle of the Thar Desert (लाइक,कमेंट व सब्सक्राइब करे). This proved to be my favourite stop of our
month long adventure in India; now let me take you on a tour and show you why. Well good morning from Jaisalmer (जैसलमेर). We have finally found a quiet little spot
in this maze of a fort (जैसलमेर फोर्ट). Confession time. We’ve tried like several intros but there
has been a lot of beeping. It is so loud. Um but yeah we’re exploring the main attraction
today which is the fort and it amazing. I can see why this city is called the Golden
City of India. Just the yellow sandstone glows in the sun. It is beautiful so we finally made it inside
the fort (जैसलमेर फोर्ट). It is a huge maze of hills going up and down
and little alleys. Yeah. We’re just going to spend the morning exploring
and seeing what we find here. Yeah, it is incredible and something to keep
in mind is that it is a living fort (जैसलमेर फोर्ट) meaning that there is merchants,
there is hotels, there is restaurants and you can visit anytime of day. Shopping time. We all know how much Sam enjoys shopping. You know what? When in India I think it is pretty cool. With all of the different colors. We’re actually going to get some stuff for
our future house. We’ve been saying that a lot lately but it
is true. With so much colour all around us, it wasn’t
long before we were lured into a shop and found ourselves picking out souvenirs in the
form of wall hangings, pillow cases, and a small painting or two. Our luggage gained an extra couple of pounds
in this city alone. Sam I think we found the shirt for you? I think we have. Can you guess which one it is? Hahaha. Amongst those four. That one right there. Mr Mustache. And the sunglasses. That is totally me. Are you going to start wearing a turban Sam? Uh, I don’t know about that. You know what? I have rocked a mustache with glasses before. And you’ve got the red hat so it kind of works. It kind of works. I got excited thinking these were turbans
and maybe we could get Sam one but I think they’re just scarves. Although I guess you could use a scarf and
turn it into a turban. There are so many shops here that we just
keep walking five or ten meters and then popping into a new store. It is just there are so many colors and beads
and sequins. So let’s go see what we can get. We are shopping for home decor. What did you find Sam? Look at this. There are all kinds of different elephants. An elephant pillow case. But look down here and you see a whole bunch
more. I know. I think we’re going to pick up a couple. You’re going to get a couple. Maybe. But it wasn’t all shopping in Jaisalmer
(जैसलमेर). We also made time to do a bit of sightseeing
inside the fort, and one of the main attractions here are the Jain Temples (जैन धर्म). We just bought tickets to visit one of the
Jain Temples (जैन धर्म) here inside the fort. And it is beautiful. Like the carvings are so intricate and there
is such attention to detail it is amazing. What do you think? I think this is pretty amazing. I did visit some Jain Temples the last time
I was in Jaisalmer (जैसलमेर) but they were out in the desert and this one
here is even more impressive I have to say. Another thing we’d recommend doing in Jaisalmer
(जैसलमेर) is having dinner on a rooftop restaurant while the sun sets. There are plenty of restaurants scattered
across the city and the views you get as the sun goes down are amazing. We chose one at random and it included a live
music performance. So this afternoon we are catching the sunset
on a rooftop terrace. We’re at the Jaisalmer Oasis restaurant. Yeah, and I mean we’re at basically the top
level of the fort at the top level of a restaurant. So we are getting some of the best views in
the entire city. We almost basically have like 360 degree views
of the city. So it is incredible here. We’re just waiting for our pizzas to come. Yeah. So we have a view of the Jain temples we visited
earlier this morning and you can also see a few different rooftop restaurants off in
the distance. (Singing and accordion) It is very easy to get lost inside the fort
at night. Once the lights go out but we finally found
our way out after wandering in circles for a bit. And now we’re going to get some transportation
and head back to the hotel for some rest. (Tuk-tuk sounds) The following day was all about visiting the
Thar Desert (लाइक,कमेंट व सब्सक्राइब करे)
on an afternoon camel trek. It was a nice change of pace from the city,
and we got to enjoy a traditional meal cooked over a campfire. So we are currently visiting a Rajasthani
style village. Our guide is waiting for us in the truck and
my plan is to befriend all the goats. There are so many goats wandering around here. Well the camel adventures are about to begin. We have arrived in the desert. We probably drove for 30 or 40 minutes. Check out the camels. We’re going to be picking out a companion. Hopefully a friendly one who doesn’t spit
in my face. Camel adventure. Camel adventure. Camel Safari. Yeah. And this is like a blast from the past because
the last time I was in Jaisalmer (जैसलमेर) I did like a four day camel safari. So we’re just doing a short little ride this
afternoon but I can’t wait to do it. Riding camels is pretty fun. Woop woop. I know how to do this. Okay Sam show us how it is done. Haha. Alright, there is nothing particularly graceful. You just hop on it. One leg over the other. And it rises up. Where do I hold? Oh okay. Yes. Okay. Good. Okay. The camel is squeaking. Hold where? There. Oooh. Wow. Hello friend. This is my camel. Hello camel. Yes. So the first and last time I rode a camel
was in Jordan a few years ago. And for some reason I remembered camels being
a lot shorter. The one I’m on right now seems really tall
and really large and it feels like I’m really far away from the ground. But we’re going. We’ve got a caravan of five and we’re on our
way. What are we inspecting Sam? Did you rip your pants? (Gypsy dancing and singing) Haha. So Sam update from the desert? Update. You were just getting some sunset shots. Yeah. And we’re waiting for dinner. Which is over there. It is cooking. It is cooking right before us. It is cooking. So making chai? Yeah. Chai with like sugar. Sure. Sugar sounds good. No sugar no chai. Haha. Do dah doo. Haha. Trumpet chips. The next morning we went back to the fort
because we just couldn’t stay away. I visited the Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum
& Heritage Center, while Sam and his mom picked up a few additional souvenirs for family back
home. So right now we’re heading to Gadisar Lake
(गाडिसर झील). Apparently it is great place to watch sunset
and also if you want to do a boat tour over the lake that is another possibility. I have to say it has been so worth it coming
here for sunset. Like this has just been incredible. The only other country that I’ve ever been
to that sunsets as spectacular as in India has been in South Africa. And you just see like this golden orb come
every single day for sunrise and then again for sunset. It is just unbelievable. Well well we are back at the train station
and that means the Jaisalmer train diaries are over. Next destination. Next destination is Jodhpur and that is a
short ride compared to this past one. Oh yes. 18 hours versus 5. So we just got an evening train ride. We’re leaving here around five and we should
be arriving around ten thirty. Woop woop.


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    sujit jain

    Great Vlogs!!. I am loving every bit of it….Gives a great idea of the particular city.Could you please mention the places where you stay on the trip and give us an idea about how much does it costs..Thanks

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    WanderLust Mike

    Thanks so much for making and publishing this video! We also plan on visiting Jaisalmer some day during their Desert Festival in February!

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    Javas Guru

    you know what, through this VLOG, I have almost visited the city Jaisalmer , India. When I will really visit India, this VLOG will be of so help as I will be like visiting there second time. You guys were so natural and real and the way you showed the city, was truly helpful for people who are planning to visit India shortly

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    Dinesh Goyal

    thanks for making such a nice vedio
    my self belong to jaisalmer now i m living in jodhpur last 17 year
    thanks fo r rewind sweet memories in my mind you both are nice people.
    lot of thanks by heart
    hope you will come again and again jaisalmer
    if possible come in Feb.on desert festival .

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    Araktim Saikia

    Hey guys, that's a great video on visit Jaisalmer. I am sure this will be very useful to tourists planning to visit this desert town.

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    PaUla BG

    Hello Samuel and Audrey !!!
    We really enjoy the videos, you are amazing guys!!!
    We go to India for 24 days in November and they have helped us a lot.
    We want to ask you a couple questions:
    – Did you use any kind of cell phone ?  (for the work we have, we need constant connection (we live in usa)
    how is the internet, depends on hotels or can you buy data in a SIM card ?
    Thank you for you time !!
    Paula y Fabian

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    Great video……
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