Japan Camping Car (RV) 5 Days Road Trip across Hokkaido Guide

Japan Camping Car (RV) 5 Days Road Trip across Hokkaido Guide


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    Really well done, Rocky! I could live in one of those vans (as long as it had satcom & wifi). One of these days …

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    Craig Betts

    wow what a video so many things I could comment on, could write a book, excellent Rocky I enjoyed the trip you and your wife did

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    William Logan

    Epic journey Rockie. I really enjoyed your drone footage especially. It looked like fun renting a RV and being able to travel around seeing what you want to see and when not being tied to any schedule. The museum was fascinating seeing all the primitive tools and methods used to hunt and gather food for survival in those times. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and cheers to you my friend!

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    Turtle Creek

    Great tour, thanks for sharing with us. Tina and I sat on the deck and watched. I could of spent all day in that mushroom joint. The big crabs were cool to see. Loved the scenery!

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    Kathleen LoVerso

    Absolutely beautiful, Rocky ! Would love to visit there… “I’m Naked !”… hahahahaha ! 😂🤣😂 🇺🇸😆✌🏼🇯🇵💫

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    Hélène et Serge

    Nice ! Love your drone shots . A bit of luxury camping doesn’t hurt…it looks similar to our style !
    We spent 3 months traveling whit our camping trailer in the Canadian Rockies and western United States I would start again tomorrow morning
    Hélène et Serge 💑

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    Markus Town&Country

    Awesome! Apart from previous videos by your good self, I can't think of anything else I've ever seen which shows the true Japan. It's almost as if the whole country, its people, and its culture have been sidelined and ignored. There's definitely a lot to see, and experience. Thanks for bridging that obvious gap, Rockie!

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    It's not every day I get to sit at the laptop and tour Japan like this. I would love to see everything in the Ainu museum! Thanks Rocky.

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    Mattias Eriksson

    Great episode on your channel RockE! Really like Your way to let us see Japan culture. Did You rent the RV or are You going to bring us along RV trips now? Would be cool if so. I enjoy vacations exploring with our RV, thats why i'm asking. I've bought a vouple of Nikka From The Barrel, nice ones! Cool to se Your visit. Long videsos are no prob with interesting content. Keep up the good work!

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    Very nice job R, thanx 4 the treat. I have learned to say Matane instead of Sayounara, see if U agree. https://youtu.be/m9BPjQCS7Zw

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    Riverbend Longbows Outdoors

    That was awesome Rockie👍
    I could've watched 2 hours of footage in that museum by the way 😊
    Glad you took us along for the ride

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    Anthony Payne

    Wow! This is the real deal! By far one of your best Rocky. The style, pace, camera and editing all top notch, I know the work that goes into producing something this long, but boy, you really nailed it. Perhaps you could treat us to a Christmas special 😊👍👍👍

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    I just looked up Hokkaido, and apparently there is an undersea train that runs from the southern island to Hokkaido!

    I would have taken the train myself, since I love train rides.

    People don't realize that islands like Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, sometimes islands can be very large, and one has to travel great distances.

    Looks like they have a lot of exotic, and interesting food, especially seafood.

    I like soaking in the hot spring water, but I was not sure what you were saying about the Japanese rules and restrictions.

    Are the Japanese people friendly and outgoing to you?

    I don't drink whisky that often, but would like to try a glass or two of their whisky.

    I was hoping to see the "Snow Monkeys" but maybe someday!

    Good Luck!

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    At least 33 dead, over 170 injured after Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in Japan!


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    Hi! Rocky-san HOKKAIDO SAIKO!! 北海道・・最高!!This is a「MAIUUU」trip vdo^^ Drone shooting is dynamic and so nice. Rocy-san Are u YAKUZA? NO just kidding^^ I think the rules of tattoos are strange.

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    Adventuring Outdoors With Eric

    So when you ate those noodles in the beginning of the video I had to honestly stop the video and make myself some noodles because they looked so good! It's awesome that you flown the drone a lot on this video. Japan must not have the drone restrictions like we do in the US. That's the reason why I won't get a drone because it'll be hard to fly it anywhere. Quite different than what you usually do with this being a full on day by day vlog experience. The road trip looked awesome and you really got a lot done. Really cool video my friend! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

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    Dan Akers

    Awesome Vid Rocky the drone footage took it to the next level well done as always by far one of you best adventures. my mother in-law is from Hokkaido we been trying for years to go back for Obon to visit my wife's family .

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    Willie Walks

    Top stuff man. Can never get enough of Hokkaido (though I prefer the summer😉). If you're roadtrippin' out east from Chitose in the spring I recommend stopping by Bear Mountain (open after mid-April) for some up close higuma action.

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    Alan METALMAN – Outdoors

    I think I prefer your recommendation to be honest. What a brilliant way to see the country in the RV and the rest stop area had everything you needed to stock up and a lot cheaper than a hotel. That is the life indeed and what a way to kick back but I am with you totally with their country, their rules, more people need to take that onboard. Shame you got some UK weather over there but good to see it did not stop you BAM! The food was like nothing I have ever seen before but I am real conservative with my scoff and I know that is supposed to be real healthy. Yep, stuck around till the end and a real interesting watch, cheers Alan

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    Hot Springs Dominique

    I absolutely love Hokkaido!! Spent a month there during the summer last year with family and a few weeks this past summer car camping. Stayed at Michi-no-eki most of the time (a slice of local Japan:)). Try the lakeside wild hot springs in the Lake Akan/Kussharo/Mashu area next time you two head up there. Glorious. I hope to make it to the northeast coast during my next trip. I'm not a snow person and that's the only reason why I don't live up there!

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    Black River Rambler

    What an epic vacation!
    What a country!
    You’re showing us all, cultures and beauty most of us never would’ve have fathomed.
    Superb videographermanship!
    Japan should be the one thanking you as well, but I will til then!
    Thanks brother!
    👊🏼🌲🔥🇯🇵 🍣 🥃

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