Jordyn’s Rocky Journey: Amazing Visions of an Autistic Boy

Jordyn’s Rocky Journey:  Amazing Visions of an Autistic Boy

>>Jordyn: No! No! No! [Music]>>Stephanie: I wait until he relaxes… until
he wants to come out. You can’t force him to come out. Okay? This is the start. Then pillow, pillow, pillow, pillow… [Jordyn’s Rocky Journey; my adventures with
an uncontrollable body] [I am a 13 year old boy. I have autism and
alpha-1 anitrypsin deficiency. I only want your support so we can change the perception
of people on the autism spectrum.] [My voice was trapped behind my mouth inside.
You really need to know how much I wanted to talk all my life. Now a great life and
mission plot my course, not fate of having no voice. Every day I get more purposeful,
intentional, and in control.]>>Stephanie: One, two, three, four, five,
six… [1st attempt to belly crawl on bench] You can do it. [Jordyn verbalising, resisting] When you climb, Jordyn, it’s this. It’s like
this. And so we’re gonna practice that here. [Music]>>Kelli: When you couldn’t go up the hill
on your belly, what was happening? [Jordyn: No, Rocky was in control. You should
help me when I say no no no. I am not Rocky. It’s too much to integrate over the last two
weeks.] [II. Will to Climb] [Jordyn yelling]>>Kelli: Okay, maybe not. Hey, Rocky. That’s
impulsive buddy. Come on. Let’s go. Jordyn. Y – O – U. You help…. Jordyn, point your
finger…. W – I – T – H (45 minutes later) Put your foot right there. Good. And the other
foot… this one.>>Climbing Instructor: Pull in with your
hands and push up with your feet.>>Kelli: When he’s up on the wall and he’s-
his body’s making all kinds of noises, and he says ‘it’s hard for my body to learn new
things, so it wants to escape.’ So his body’s making those noises, but that’s not what he
wants to do, and I asked him what we should do when he’s doing all of that, and he says
‘help me go higher.’>>Jake: It helps so much to know that from
him. We would have never kept him on the wall, we would have listened to what his body was
saying, the yelling and screaming, and have him come down, which you know, is kind of
sad to think about. How much these kids are missing out on what they actually want to
do. [ I want to climb. Each time i get more in
control. I thought it was magical.] [Who Rocky Is: My uncontrollable body’s name is Rocky. I only named it so I would be able to tell it what to do. You would not try to understand unless you
answered to impulsivity. So many times uncontrollable impulses hijack my wishes. Now that I can communicate my wishes, my team
of absolutely lovely angels can stop my body. I am grateful for them and Rapid Prompting
Method letting me be ME. With love and faith, Jordyn.] [III. Inner Vision] [Jake Pourchot: natural play therapy coach] [two months later]>>Jake: Jordyn… he’s like the most mature
13 year old I have ever met. What’s happening on the outside really doesn’t reflect what’s
happening on the inside. I think he’s got a photographic memory, because he will watch
these videos and just keep pausing them, and replaying the same parts over and over again
and then on his doodle board he will be writing the credits and drawing the picture, I think
he has it all memorized.>>Stephanie: Yes, woah, very good.>>Jake: He’s very courageously named his
autistic side ‘Rocky.’ He struggles to control that part, so what we’re working on right
now is to move from being very impulsive all of the time to becoming more purposeful. So we do rapid prompting method, which is
what you see on the letter board. It’s helping him find his inner voice. [The Rapid Prompting Method is a method of
communication for children with autism. It was developed by Soma Mukhopadhyay in 1991 for her own son. [Jordyn Learned RPM a few months ago and his
inner thoughts burst forth.]>>Jake: For so long, nobody would have ever guessed
or believed in him that he’s got all this like when I watch him, because you know it’s
so beautiful to see what can actually come out. you never would have guessed he’d be able to express
that, and then I always get teared up, just just like when I watch him, because you know, it’s beautiful to see what can actually come out. [I love you and don’t want to hurt you. Your happiness is yours to manifest, my body isn’t making your emotions. You must listen to my inside voice that indicates how much I love you. So, your kids may exhibit similar bodily
apparitions that can mask the true way they feel. Trust their inside voice has love in
its heart and your reactions will keep love in the relationship.]>>Stephanie: Jordyn, you might think it’s
a little bit out of control at the beginning, you might not, I don’t know. Okay, but this
is what it’s going to look like. You’re going to put your hands down, and one foot goes
up to Yuji, and the other foot goes up to Yuji, and it’s a handstand. Okay? I want you
to try. If you don’t do it today, it’s fine.>>Stephanie: When I see Jordyn, I see that there’s nothing
physically wrong with his body. But he has disassociated from it, like it’s not his body.
What I try to do is give him new and different physical experiences in the class, because
I think that his anxiety comes from not being grounded and not being balanced in his body.>>Kelli and Jordyn: Old mcdonald had a farm,
E – I – E – I – O and on his farm he had a cow E – I – E – I – O with a moo moo here
and a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo, old mcdonald had a cow
E – I – E – I – O.>>Stephanie: Jordyn shows a lot of immature
behavior, but that’s not who he really is. I think his body lags behind his mind, and
his body is struggling to catch up to his mind. So, in class we go back to a lot of
basic movements, for his body, to keep challenging him and to help him reach his potential. The question was, I asked him, what does it
mean to integrate? He says the word and I was wondering what he meant. And he said:
‘Integration means to learn normal kinds of things. I learn them slowly so that I can
learn them really deep.>>Kelly: When it’s information and learning
about things, you learn that really fast, but when it comes to your body, you learn
things slowly, so you can learn them deeply, did I get that right? Y – E – S>>Stephanie: We’re the opposite… I learn
ideas slowly, but learn in my body quickly. [I think Yuji is super strong and Stephanie
is a beautiful person. You found me a great couple to join my mission. Working on my crazy
body disconnect with them is fun.] [V. My Mission] [Children’s television show]>>Kelli: I didn’t know what being autistic
meant. But, basically, he didn’t have the social skills to be able to be with friends,
and he just did what made him comfortable. He needed to focus on one thing, or he would
just get overwhelmed, frustrated. I do remember at some point when he was very young, I remember
trying to do time outs and I think now, oh my god, putting him in this little gated thing,
time out! I’m thinking, ‘wow.’ But at that time I was trying to do ‘mom’ the way that
‘mom’ was supposed to be done. So when he was very little, you know, I was
his nutritionist, I was his therapist, his mom, it keep evolving, because I’ve always
wanted him to be able to fully express himself. There are certain things that he wants to
do each day, like Mondays he needs to do his blog. These are his goals. He’s very interested
in being able to take care of his body more, we’re just going to start playing the keyboard,
because we just got a piano. We’ll do lots of puzzles, where he’ll sit down an be purposefully
doing a puzzle for you know, 2-3 hours. [Until less than a year ago, Jordyn could
only express his direct needs. When he learned to write his thoughts, he immediately began
to express a mission in life.]>>Kelli: When he started to talk, we went
to a session with a professional who provides letter board and sort of help us to move to
the next stage with him. He didn’t want to do a traditional lesson, he just wanted to
talk to her about what his mission was and how to achieve it. So, One of the first things he wanted to do
was start a blog. When we do his blog, we sit down, I ask him ‘whats it on?’ and he
just writes. And I’m blown away every time at his ability to express himself, to fulfill
on what he’s up to, which is making a difference for other kids like him. [Friendship: To explain what friendship means to me, I
first must share what it is like to be alone. Deciding to be alone is sometimes easier because
I can feel when I am not truly accepted. Being with people who don’t get me is just so hard. They want to, but inside they are uncomfortable, not fully able to accept me for who I am. Now I have true friends. Not only does this
blog allow people to get to know me, but it makes a difference for me too by allowing
like minded people into my life. I love my friends with all my heart. Some
are totally like me and some are typical. They make my life incomparable to what it
was before.] V. When things Go Crazy>>Stephanie: I want to ask you one question.
Last week you told me what it was like to be integrated. I wanted you to tell me what
it feels like NOT to be integrated. But you’ve said excited, and I wondered if you can describe
more, is it like a storm, is it like somethings broken, what’s it feel like? Non-integration? [Non-integration means not being in control
of my emergency control system. It makes me impulsive.]>>Stephanie: I think for lots of kids with
autism, INSIDE theres a battle going on, and with Jordyn I know it must be super frustrating
for him because of how smart and intelligent he is. He’s always struggling with the purity
of his mind and the turmoil of his emotions. [Excerpts from Jordyn’s poem; Is today the
right inside to stop my uncontrollable impulse to remember sequences of kids videos no end
in sight.] [Is today the right inside to not listen to
376 wifi signals as we drive to another medical appointment. No way to stop noise.] [No story on living after demonstrative moods
take me over. Ride to Jordyn’s world. Here inside I am totally together.] [Heal me by forging ahead with love and trying
new things because purposefulness is powerful.] [December 2016 before movement session] [Jordyn screaming]>>Stephanie: Come over here. [Loud screaming and crying] This is going get get you stronger. Are you
ready or do you want a couple of minutes?>>Jordyn: Okay okay okay. Okay okay okay. [whimpering]>>Stephanie: Okay let’s count to 20. 19.
18. 17. 16. Yeah, we’re gonna help you. Okay. Yuji get’s
the legs, I get the arms.>>Kelli: On our way up the stairs, he started
a sequence that’s of all kinds of sign language from a video that usually takes like an hour
to get through. And I said, what do you want me to do about this? When we were in the bathroom,
and he said ‘stop me.’ But his body is freaking out now, because he can’t finish what he started.>>Stephanie: So, what his mom said was is
there’s a whole sign language TV series or some kind of thing that usually takes an hour
for him to go through and she stopped it, to come here, so he’s a little bit more stressed
with that. She asked him ‘what do you want me to do about this?’ and he said ‘stop me
from writing on my board.’ So these two sort of places he goes when he’s stressed- the
bathroom or writing on the board- have been taken out. So now he is really trying to actually
focus on the activities completely, 100%. [Screaming] Ok Jordyn, your body is looking a little out
of control, but I think inside you want to do it. Okay? You only have to do this a little.
It’s called mountain climbers. Because it’s as if you’re climbing a mountain. Here are
your hands on the mountain, and you have to bend your knees real high to do a mountain
climber, that’s why they’re called that. Knee to the elbow. Okay? Like that. Okay? So let’s try. Hands down. Good job. Feet back
here. Good. Knee to elbow. And down. Knee to elbow. And down. Knee to elbow. And down. Come lay down. Okay. We want your body to
be as relaxed as the mind inside. You tell us what you like.>>Stephanie: Bodymind integration is always a journey.
It’s a process where a person has to accept that their body and their mind are one thing.
That they can’t be separated. Jordyn is a child, and he is slowly becoming an adult,
and as he grows older, that balance between the body and the mind is going to lead to
a powerful maturity. One, two, three, four, five. [I feel calm now. Thank you for not letting
my body interrupt. I like the points (massage) and deep pressure (massage). VI. The Calling>>Kelli: That’s it, keep going. You got it.
Keep going. Okay, down this way. What I would say is one of his and probably
a lot of autistic kids abilities is that they know what is going on with you. Being more
connected. Being more connected. Being more connected. I think Jordyn’s most special quality
is his ability to love no matter what. He’s always looking to make a difference with others
and that’s the most special thing- to know that whatever we did, that’s the kid that
came out of it.>>Jake: The idea of feeding him this purposeful
action is so powerful I find, it’s like– movement class, rock climbing, anything — something
clicks, and it’s kind of building that inner muscle. All these kids with autism, I feel like they’re
just waking up the world to a new way of being… to getting back to basics of relationships
and love and caring for one another.>>Stephanie: Well, like last week we’re working
on bodyweight activities, and he’s getting better at all of them. He’s getting stronger,
and he’s doing more repetitions and the big thing is we’re hanging… I’m teaching him
different rock climbing moves, where you hang, and you hook your toes, toe hook, where you
press your legs against the wall, an arete. You found my candle lighter? Okay… It’s
gonna work! We’re gonna make it happen, okay? You did it with your right legs, your right
legs’ a nice strong leg, we’re gonna do it with the left and it’s gonna work. That’s
it. Here. That’s it. Here. That arm, hold Yuji. Ready? One, two, three, jump up! Go.
Up. Oh yes. Really good.>>Michael (Jordyn’s father): He’s expressed
a desire to go climb in Alberta someday. He’s actually chosen a place where he wants to
climb, which is well known for climbing, and very advanced. You can say things to yourself and say ‘I
want to do something…’ but when you can speak it out into the world, it becomes real.
And I think that’s what he’s doing. He’s speaking out into the world the things that he wants
for himself to make them real. Even if they’re far off.>>Stephanie: Okay, one person on that leg,
Yes. Okay. That’s it. Yes, lean forwards Jordyn.>>Michael: The world, for autistic children,
has extremely low expectations– of who they are, what they can do, what they can be….
but I’m guilty of that. One of my thoughts was that Jordyn will be somebody that I was
going to have to support through past my lifetime…. that’s an example of low expectations. He’s
showing me that he’s going to be okay. He’s going to become known in the world. [Music] [My mission is to prove that people with autism
and speaking issues have actually both an ability to communicate and a deep understanding
of the world. What I want to yell from the rooftops is: ‘No more therapies trying to normalize us,
we are here to bring joy and real wisdom back to the world. Autism is an evolution of consciousness.
Stop removing our gifts and support our healing the world.’]


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    Thank you for demonstrating through moving image and written/verbal explanation so clearly how Jordyn's mind and body work. The more people see this, the more understanding there will be.

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    Iain Taylor

    Thanks for this – such a beautiful, sensitive child with carers who have become attuned to his complex mind. I feel confident he will mature and be a unique voice in the world.

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    cindy brown

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I so needed to see this today. My 8 year old is so similar & this is so helpful for us to see. Jordyn we so appreciate you allowing this video and offering such great insight. Where can we find your blog?

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    Devons Journey

    Amazing video! Jordyn you are such an inspiration! Your words are profound, powerful and poetic. This video needs to go viral so people can understand how the body can betray what a person actually wants. So important to be seen. Kelli you ROCK! How proud you must be of your son!! Love how everybody who's working with Jordyn in this video is empowering him.

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    Judith Morgan

    so inspiring. i live with a 19-yr old asperger's young man whose sense of himself as incapable of being on his own sharply contrasts with his inner goals and dreams. thank you for being an example of unconditional love and courage.

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    Rebecca McCready

    thank you so much for this lovely video about this young boy who has autism watt amazing story about him and I love the black and white video I care with people who got a disability and special needs 😎♥️

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    Jordyn, you are an amazing person! You are doing wonderful things….showing us how you fight with your own body. Never feel yourself less, you are amazing! I am so happy you now found a way to communicate. My Adam is only 6 and we communicate with signs and words….more every month but OH BOY!! how much work….without any human help. God Bless You and Your wonderful Mom!

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    janice svanebro

    I am so so happy that i found this unique and wonderful way of what you are doing to help our children to express themselves by this holistic way of letting them get a sensation of how their body fells like, and what it can do!! I live in sweden and would love to have this wonderful teachers in my nearby to learn more about this, it would make a world of difference in our lives!! Thank you wonderfull peoples that have this mission in life to help this children to unleash and reconnect their body functions. Are there anything similar in sweden that you know of? Kindley Janice

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    SBS man

    Amazing story and Jordyn gazing out the window reminded me of my childhood alone time attending the endless inner voices. Being raised in the forties and fifties my parents were delighted to have a child quiet alone and occupied as an accepted young male characteristic. My impatience and impulsiveness were just dealt with. Italian mothers are very protective plus I grew up in a craftsman family business. Even autistics love money, so working with my hands making symmetry suited me just fine ~~ along with hard physical labor. Now in old age, successful but still friendless/isolated and frankly still most content. Great job with Jordyn, starting with the physical to correct mental imbalances is key!! It saved me early on continuing into today.

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