Journey Through India: Bangalore | CNBC International

Journey Through India: Bangalore | CNBC International

Imagine if this was your office everyday, this
chaotic. It wouldn’t be boring, that’s for sure. Hi, I’m Tom. I’m traveling through one of the
most colorful and vibrant countries in the world and with the help of local knowledge, I’ll be trying
to find out what makes this place so special. Join me on my journey through India. Bengaluru, still commonly referred to as
Bangalore, is the state capital of Karnataka. Blessed with a mild climate, this cosmopolitan
and progressive city is widely recognized as one of the biggest
tech hubs of India. So we’ve arrived in Bangalore,
that was quite a long night. A lot of stops, a lot of people
came on and went off. But we’re here and looking
forward to exploring the city. Bangalore was once seen as a
favorite destination for retirees. Now it’s India’s fourth most populated
city and in the last 40 years has undergone rapid development which has contributed
to traffic congestion and rising pollution levels. Away from the busy streets however there
are several parks dotted across the city. We’re walking through one of the green spaces
in the heart of the city, it’s called Cubbon Park. It doesn’t really feel like you’re in the city, it’s very
quiet and it’s almost like a jungle back there. A short walk from Cubbon
Park is KR Market. Established in 1921, it’s home to one of
India’s major wholesale flower markets. At the crack of dawn hundreds of delivery
trucks, vendors and their fresh flowers descend on the centre of Bangalore
to create this colourful chaos. Slightly different vibe than
in the park, a bit busier. This is one of the flower markets in the city, it
happens every day. Beautiful flowers but very busy. With my senses charged I want
to find out why this bustling city, for many westerners, is known
as the silicon valley of India. Showered and changed,
feel a lot fresher now. And I’m on my way to meet someone to
discuss Bangalore’s thriving tech industry. Divya? Hi, Tom.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you as well. Divya Hegde is co-founder of NammaLore, a
gaming company that creates interactive stories to help tackle social issues
such as gender inequality. We realise that business is
important to fund personal projects, so we started a company that
does gaming, AR and VR. We’re coming up with a game called Reality Check
where we’re trying to target school kids and youngsters and teach them the importance of
treating all genders right, not just women. The idea of Reality Check is that each player has
a character whose social choices and interactions with other characters determines
how they progress in the game. We can’t be screaming for more laws and you
can’t hide women indoors in order to protect them. But what if you started young? Have the schools been receptive? Initially there was a bit of friction because
you are essentially telling them, “We have to change the thought process.”
But there have been schools that are very open to us coming and
interviewing the kids. There have been teachers who are very
forthcoming with the problems that they face. Do you see a positive influence with all these
new businesses, new tech start-ups? Yeah it’s definitely
a positive influence. Say for example, a tech startup manages to solve
the traffic problem. That’s a great thing, right? But I do hope that it’s not just hype
and that some of it comes to fruition. From Divya’s start-up to large international corporations,
technology is part of the fabric of this city. But there is another industry which
Bangalore has become famous for. Kingfisher is one of the
most famous beers in India and its holding company United Breweries
is headquartered here in Bangalore. But the big beer brands are facing stiff
competition from microbreweries. To learn more I’m heading to ToiT. Opened eight years
ago, it was one of Bangalore’s first microbreweries. Hi, Tom. Nice to meet you man. Nice to meet you. Arun George is Toit’s co-founder. Today the brewery is one of roughly 40
microbreweries operating in the city but for Arun the growth in craft
beer wasn’t a total surprise. So, Bangalore’s always had a very strong beer drinking
culture so it seemed like the natural progression to move from commercial, mass-produced
beers to something that’s crafted in-house, with a bit more character. Now it’s
kind of mushroomed all over the city. And does that mean that competition
is a good thing or is that a bad thing? It’s a good thing, it keeps us all on our toes. The
novelty factor was there the first couple of years, but now with so many other places opening up, it’s just
good beer that gets people coming back to your place. What is this city like to
live in for young people? Bangalore’s where I’ve grown up so
obviously I’m going to be a little biased. The weather is great, people are very friendly.
Typically a very laid back, chilled out city compared to a lot of other cities. Definitely
the start-up culture is huge here So it’s become a lot more vibrant, a lot more
cosmopolitan than it probably was 10 years ago, which is good for business,
it’s good for everybody. And there is a market for craft beer
now growing beyond Bangalore? So you’ll see places like Kolkata
having breweries now and I keep hearing everyday of new
states opening up so it’s good. This is like our engine room so to
speak. You have all the malts here. You get a real smell in
here as well of the malt. Yeah, almost like a bakery. So, this is where the magic happens,
this is where the beer gets brewed. People get to see the beers being made
pretty much. It’s like a live kitchen. So this is where the yeast gets added in, sugars
get converted into alcohol and beer gets made. Once fermentation is
done, it’s cooled down. So you make sure you
get a cold beer? Absolutely. Most important thing. Absolutely. Having seen how the beers are
made, now it’s time to try some. So that’s the Bavarian Hefeweizen,
it’s a typical German wheat beer. Oh, I’m not sure about that one. Maybe not for your taste. Not my taste. This is are stout. We
call it the Dark Knight. Really good, that’s really nice. Thank you so much. Saving the beers till later, I’m heading
to the southern end of the city. But before our final stop, I get
to experience just a fraction of what locals across southern India endure
over a four month-long monsoon season. If you come in monsoon season
chances are it’s going to rain, but fear not in Bangalore
there’s plenty still to do inside. A lot of young Indian comedians
actually come from Bangalore. So I’ve come to a comedy night
to see what all the fuss is about. Guitar is so cool people pretend to play it.
You go to a concert everybody’s just like… Have you seen for the keyboard
anybody doing this? Aamer Peeran has been a
comedian for seven years. Born in Saudi Arabia to a Pakistani
mother and an Indian father, he uses his heritage as
a source for comic material. Tell me about your comedy. I talk about home a lot. The stuff I was writing earlier
in life was about my family and where I grew up. But right now I’m recognised as that guy
who does a lot of controversial humour. Because recently I just wrote this stuff
which I tried on stage and it was working, and then now people are
like, “Hey, he’s that guy.” Why is Bangalore seen as
a place for comedians? There’s a lot of comedians who started
over here and they became really good and they could get really good, really quickly. The second
time I ever got up on stage was here in Bangalore. They’ll let you just like mess around on stage,
it’s a very pressure free sort of performance. If you see a show you’d be surprised
at how different the comics are. Is there something in the culture? I think it’s the immigrant sort of vibe. most of them
are Indians, but they come from such different cultures. So everybody is in like a unique space
but we’re still like rooting each other on. Comedy, beer and technology.
What’s not to like about Bangalore? This is a modern city attracting both Indians from across
the country and expats from around the world. While it’s still working out how to manage this influx,
it’s the talented and ambitious workforce that will help it continue to grow into
a dynamic and forward-looking city. What a young, vibrant and busy city Bangalore
is. I’ve absolutely loved my time here. Hi guys, thanks for watching
a Journey Through India, as you can see the monsoon
season has returned to Bangalore. If you want to see our previous
trip in Goa, then click here. And our next stop, which
is in Kolkata, click here. And if you have any of your favorite
destinations you’d like to let us know then comment below and
don’t forget to subscribe.


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