Journey to the South Pacific – Behind the Scenes featuring Cate Blanchett – IMAX® 3D Film

Journey to the South Pacific – Behind the Scenes featuring Cate Blanchett – IMAX® 3D Film

We’re taking the audience to a place that
none of these IMAX films or any other films have taken audience members to. West Papua is the most diverse underwater habitat anywhere on earth. It’s an underwater paradise that’s
unlike any another. It’s such a special place. And I think what’s amazing to is that the
people have built a way of life to protect that natural environment they’ve found ways
to protect their own reefs. It’s a pristine underwater environment and that’s why we wanted to make an IMAX film there. We were lucky to find this great character, a young island boy named Jawi who kind of represents his cultures dedication to keeping the reefs healthy.
We follow him on a journey aboard the Kalabia, which is a boat that travels among the islands
teaching kids about the importance of the reefs. We new that we could use him with the
Kalabia to really form the basis of our new IMAX film Journey to the South Pacific. His
energy and infectious smile brings the film to life. We see West Papua through his eyes
and learn about this amazing place with him. One of the highlights of the film was our
trip to Warmon, the last remaining habitat of the pacific leather back turtle. We had
another thrill when we were filming the whale sharks. These are the two largest sea creatures
of their kind and to use IMAX cameras, they use the largest film format in the world and show
them on the worlds largest screens, audiences are just going to be blown away. So it’s our
job to try to capture all of that in a way that allows the audience member to feel like
he is sharing that experience with us, and IMAX is the only format that can do that.
The quality of the IMAX fifteen seventy format, is the highest quality that there is. Here at the convergence of two great oceans, schools of anchovies grow in size when it’s time to
spawn, attracting hungry predators. Working with Cate Blanchett is a dream come true.
What she brings to the film will elevate the movie to a new level. The Kalabia will take
Jawi to nine islands in West Papua. I think the audience is going to love the experience
of having her take you on this ride. And it was so wonderful to come into these villages where life is just joyful. The shoot we did over in West Papua will be one of our premiere
films. The experience was kind of magical in a way. What we capture there in terms of
the stories of these villagers through the eyes of Jawi, I think there is a great deal
audience’s can learn and enjoy. That’s why I love making these movies, not only are we opening the eyes of the audience, but we are opening our own eyes. I really think, bringing this remarkable location to people on the IMAX screen, it’s going to be an experience
unlike any other.


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