Kristen Bell’s Epic Trip to Africa

Can we talk about the Africa. They made this video that went
viral the Toto song Africa.>>Yes.>>You went to Africa.>>Yes.
>>You put this video up.>>Yep.
>>It’s like over five million views or something. Maybe more, I don’t know.>>I wonder why. Jack’s in the tub.>>So I have to ask you where you were,
cause Portia and I went to Africa last summer and
we did not see a field full of giraffe. We didn’t see a lot of
the things that you saw. Where were you?>>We were in Tanzania at a place
called the Grumeti Reserve, which is sort of right
next to the Serengeti. Well, and we also hiked into the
Virunga Forest with the silverbacks and that’s where we got all of
the footage of the gorillas, but we really just did Africa I guess.>>How long were you there?>>We were there for two weeks. It was right before our kids were born and
we really wanted to like, everyone wants too take a big trip when you’re young, and
we just did it and we had so much fun. But it was the rainy season
which they tell you in Africa, you may or may not see animals, and
we were the only people at our hotel. The only guests checked in, so all of the
guides were in the lobby everyday going like anybody want to go out, I mean
we could like explore more stuff, and you guys can get out of the van I guess,
and just kind of look around. We were like, yeah.>>It’s really, really good. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I guess you google Kristen and
Dax in Africa.>>Sure.
>>See what’s on top.>>See what you get.>>I don’t know. Who knows what we’re gonna get,
we should Google it and see what comes up.>>[LAUGH]
>>So the kids are now, you went before the kids were born-
>>Yeah.>>Delta is?>>14 months, yeah. One and three.>>And Lincoln is three?>>Yeah, she’ll be three this week, yeah.>>And, boy that’s a lot for you to have,
a three year old and a one year old.>>Yeah, you know it’s a circus.>>Yeah.
>>It’s a circus for sure. I mean, I love it. I love it.>>Whenever you start with that
there’s gonna be something->>[LAUGH]>>I mean, I love it.>>I mean, I love it. I love them. But you know what, I-
>>[LAUGH]>>You know where we could do better? Why does everyone wake up screaming?>>[LAUGH]
>>Why don’t they tell you that? They’re gonna wake up screaming for
like for years.>>[LAUGH]
>>You wake up, the moment you wake up, you’re in like a horror movie cuz everyone
in the house is screaming bloody murder. And I’m like why, they don’t get up and make your coffee,
I kinda thought maybe they would.>>[LAUGH]
>>Or at least, when they get older, right?>>Uh-huh.
>>And they don’t, they wake up screeching and screaming. And so, I’m just like it’s just a lot. I’m auditorily sensitive. It’s a lot in the morning
to have someone like, ahh! First thing.>>I don’t think that’s normal.>>[LAUGH]
>>God. I don’t.>>[LAUGH]
>>And there’s a lot of people here that would
say that kids don’t wake up screaming, you’re doing something wrong.>>I’m doing it wrong.>>Yeah.
>>All right, I’ll figure it out, I’ll figure it out.>>Do you know,
are they sleeping on a bed of nails, or?>>But you are supposed to
chain them to the bed, right?>>Yes, chaining them to the bed,
that’s how they don’t walk around and hurt themselves.>>Of course.>>So motherhood has changed
you in what way would you say. I mean besides being partially deaf now?>>What?
I don’t know, I’ve gotten real
comfortable giving advice. I find that I’m so into health food and
just healthy living that my girlfriends and my friends, I feel like are a little
bit over it cuz I’ll walk into a room and be like, you guys does
everyone know about cellinium. Because it’s an antioxidant we all
need to be dosing up on, and it’s got. Brazil nuts,
everybody got a can of Brazil nuts? Or like, a couple weeks ago I was
on a kick about micro greens, cuz they’re very good for you. And my friends were like,
we know, we all read the Internet.>>[LAUGH]
>>And I was like, okay, nobody needs my advice, that’s good.>>Brazil nuts are good for you. I agree with you.>>Yeah, they’re very good for you.>>Yeah, supposed to have them every week.>>Yes.
>>That’s right. I’m not even a mother and I go around
telling people about Brazil nuts.>>[LAUGH]
>>I mean->>Yeah. I’m just annoying without the children.>>Well maybe that has nothing to
do with my motherhood then maybe.>>Maybe it’s just annoying
trait that we both share. Yeah, you talk about nuts and I know them. I really do.

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