Ladakh,Jatinga,Kodinhi & Many More Mysterious Places Of India | Whack

Ladakh,Jatinga,Kodinhi & Many More Mysterious Places Of India | Whack

Because of the kind of work I do I land up
travelling all over the world and this year I have decided that I’m gonna take a holiday
myself then I’m definitely gonna go some place only in India. The landscape is so beautiful, its
so diverse and there is so much to see. Infact I’d like to know where you are travelling
this summer so why don’t you hit me up. You can tell me in the comments below, you can
even find me on Facebook. Infact Whack has its own page on Facebook so if you haven’t
checked it out yet, do go check it out there is some fun stuff happening there. You can
also tweet me. So there is this gazillion ways to get in touch with me and tell me where
you are travelling this summer. And I hope its somewhere quirky and fun and some place
in India more importantly. And this is what I’ve realized. Every place has its own character and
has these little things that are attached to it and one of the most favorite places
that I love travelling to is Ladakh. I’ve been there thrice and I love camping, I love
trekking. Ladakh has this quirky little fact about it that the magnetic hill, I’m sure
a lot of you know about it this right, so if you go to the magnetic hill and if you
turn your car off 11000 feet above sea level your car will automatically, on its own because
of the gravitational force go uphill. And I’ve seen this happen and its very cool when
you’re actually watching it. But there is a more logical reason behind it. Because of
some optical illusion and gravity and something something something.
But it’s a really cool thing and that got me thinking about all the different places
in India that have like this really cool mysterious phenomenon that is attached to it so here
it is. Here is my list of some of the craziest and whackiest places in India that have some
really cool phenomenon attached to them. Mass bird suicide. Now this is a actually
a mysterious phenomenon that is happening in Jatinga. Jatinga is a small little village
that is located in Assam and what they found is that between the months of September and
June. June and September. Hundreds of flocks of migratory birds seem to be committing suicide.
This seems to happen basically between 7 and 10PM. Obviously when scientists came on board
they started probing into it a little more. What they discovered is that what they thought
is the curse obviously. Can you imagine like birds just falling from the sky. What they
thought was a curse is actually because the birds after a long flight..these are mostly
migratory birds they get very dazed and because of the fog and the lights that are there in
the village, they get dazed and confused and they kind of just end up banging into the
trees and the buildings. A lot of research is still being conducted over it because why
only this village why not any other village etc etc. You can read a little more about
this. I have put in the description below. We also have what is known as the village
of twins. One village in Kerala, Kodinhi. Over there they have found that this village
seems to be giving birth to only twins. Two hundred sets of twins and two sets of triplets
in the more recent past. While they cant really put a finger on it
as to why this is happening only in Kodinhi a lot of scientists are saying ya ya ya blame
it on the water, blame it on the water. But that will be kind of interesting walking around
this one village where there is only twins! How cool is that.
So when I was researching all these stories there were a lot more mysterious places that
did appear. I’m sure a lot of you were like hey how come
she missed this, how come she missed that. So feel free to share those in the comments
below and our journies bring us back to Ladakh where in the Spiti valley there is this little
village which is known as Gue. Gue. And I haven’t walked there yet and I’ve heard of
it. In that village there is actually the worlds only naturally mummified monk. And
its 400-500 years old And apparently when you look at him he looks
really fresh. And infact his hair and his teeth are still intact its probably because
of the high altitude and the fresh air. That’s what the scientists believe
And when this monk 400-500 years old went into this meditative state of mind his body
naturally started mummifying Ive put more details and I’ve put the articles
in the links below so that you can go check it out.
So that’s it from me this week till then please like comment and subscribe help increase the
tribe. I’ll catch you again very soon. Ciao.


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    Ibrahim Marashah

    Always love ♥ your videos. They're all awesome and entertaining and informative. Like every video 📹 is just a whole package 🎁 👌 👌 👌

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    Count Vertigo

    Just came back from Hide and Seek beach in Orissa and I must say, it's just surreal, @Whack maybe you could go there on your next holiday 🙂

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    sai sundar mohanty

    I think u should visit Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan… U might like the mystery..Plzzz if u can then come to Bhubaneswar,odisha state.One of the holiest city of our country.. Plzzzzz

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    The birds, they are killed, it isn't suicide.  There are MANY articles on it and studies that have been done.  Seriously!  People will believe anything these's on the internet, so it MUST be true!!!  Read "The Birds of Assam" by Assam's best known ornithologist Anwaruddin Choudhury; who along with another researcher found out the truth behind this rubbish of them committing suicide – a great nonsense to simply bring tourists to the area and to create further stupidity in the world.

    In a nutshell, the birds are mainly young ones who are startled by strong winds and leave the nest at this time (after the monsoon period).  When they do, they are dazed from fog that occurs and therefore are immediately attracted to the lights they see in the distance – lights in the village that is.  The poor birds then fly towards them to seek shelter and hope of survival; only to be brutally murdered by the villagers.  The uneducated villagers (for many MANY years) have thought them to be some evil spirit etc (you'd think by now, they'd have figured out the truth after being TOLD and shown the truth); so they hit them with bamboo poles; some are killed and others are left to die an agonising slow death.  Animal Rights groups are only now stepping in to try and do something to stop it and to further educate the villagers.  There's your truth.  Don't believe me?  Then do your own thorough research – there are many reputable and scientific articles, journals etc (all available to the general public online and in some libraries) that have the evidence and findings.

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    PrAtiK Shetty

    Vadakkunnathan Temple, Kerala….it is the most ancient temple in the world….there is no record of this temple being build…..maybe you should visit there 🙂

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    I thin the most mysterious place in india is my home.
    Every day i wake up and look inside the fridge and wonder "saale pura coke kisne pee liya".

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    I thin the most mysterious place in india is my home.
    Every day i wake up and look inside the fridge and wonder "saale pura coke kisne pee liya".

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    Prateek Bansal

    I know a wacky place called shivpur in Maharashtra where there is a place where a stone levitates when worshiped in a special way
    Here check it out

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    Shantanu Mishra

    Guess what @Whack I am giving this summer to spontaneity and will explore kanha(a wildlife reserve ) and some unplanned days in khajuraho.(do search for the place,you'l go whack it has got sex temples ! Pretty excited. Peace:D

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    Karan Khanna

    Whack u should go to maclordeganj in north india near dharamshala cold wheather best place ….nd traking nd river rafting r best sports der …must view

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    Ankur Yadav

    There is one more place in india where anti-gravity is present just like ladakh.It's on a highway road near Tulsishyam mandir of Dhari taluka in Amreli district of Gujarat.

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    Aryen Negi

    I'll be going to srinagar after my competitive exam get over 😀
    Snowboarding in Gulmorg too xD
    Uber excited xP

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    Deepjit Paul

    this summer m going to ma hometown "Shiillong" a hill station ..there is an interesting place 90kms from Shiilong, Mawlynnong Village also referred as ‘God’s own garden’ has won the acclaim of being the cleanest village in Asia in 2003…a trek  to the living root bridge at a neighbouring village Riwai is awsum..and ya u get to visit the wettest place in the world Mawsynram, 65kms from Shillong…last not the least holding a cup of hot tea to give away the chilling effect of rain and listening to country rock at local cafe

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    Abbas Khambati

    Hey Freishia, Summer plans… Going Mumbai tomorrow which I do every second month, also a Trip to Beautiful Udaipur on June 7 ! 🙂

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    Arjitha Balaji

    Have you heard of this place Panchavati in Tamilnadu? It's actually a temple to Lord Hanuman where you can find this floating rock, you know, one of those rocks which was used to build that bridge from Rameswaram to Lanka in Ramayana! It's truee!

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    Jabir Mohamed

    Wow! Thank you so much for mentioning my native place on your video.
    Kodinhi(KERALA) "Twins Land".
    I'm actually 3km away from this mysterious place.

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    harshvardhan singh

    mysterious places !!!!!!!!!! Really.. and magnetic hill is magnetic hill no jim jam about it ..

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    Ashish kumar

    I say two of your videos, all information is allreaded know, nothing whacky in it dear 🙁 🙁

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    Shobhit Chaudhary

    everest mansion at mussorie utrakhand and tapovan  above badrinath…(seriously there is one dog who travels mileswith u till tapovan)

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    Shobhit Chaudhary

    roopkund hike …..there is a lake which have 800 skulls in it dated back to 800ad…..actually it has a whole army in it

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    Parma zyxwvu

    M.G road, gurgaon. Not even shitting, pretty sure we saw that wierd ass bloody marry girl last week. Heard a lot about it but never believed cos she never passed by but pretty sure it was something last week. I am js

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    Harry Chhibber

    OMG!! u are so beautiful , amazing personality . i think i'm in love with u , keep doing whatever u are doing , amazing , keep it up .

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    Dhairya Zaveri

    one of the most beautiful place I had found is White Rann Of Kutch. Its a perfect holiday destinations during Winters. Its even kool to have selfies over there. Because it looks like u r standing in between the ocean due to the Refraction and Mirage effect. I loved it alot wid tenting and traditional dances. Mah exp was fantabolous

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    Jayaprakash N

    Hey Freishia,sorry if ur spelling is wrong,come to munnar,kerala.Best place to stay at summer and have great fun in the tea gardens and trekking.

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    Hans Bjorkman

    Heading to India for 3 month this winter 2017-2018 and want to visit unique interesting places. Please give me good suggestions. In the Bengaluru area I might go on my scooter, but in the rest of India I will fly, go by bus or train.

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