LOL: Eric Trump Slams “Sickening” Families That Enrich Themselves

LOL: Eric Trump Slams “Sickening” Families That Enrich Themselves

Yesterday I told you about Donald Trump jr
often known as the slightly less dumb Donald Trump son telling Sean Hannity. The Bidens are bad because Hunter Biden got
a consulting gig or board a position as someone corrected me yesterday just because his last
name is Biden because he’s the son of a former vice president. And the irony was lost either
on Don jr himself or on his followers who maybe are just too ignorant to figure out
the absurdity of Don jr criticizing someone else for nepotism. We talked about that yesterday.
Eric Trump now traditionally known as the dumb one is jumping on the same bandwagon
and saying essentially the same thing. Eric Trump over the weekend was on that crazy Fox
news show hosted by wacky judge Jeanine Pirro and Eric Trump told Jeanine Pirro that it
is just sickening. That’s his word. When families use power, fame and money to further enrich
themselves can barely get through it. It seems that in the same way that Donald Trump completely
lacks a sense of humor, the Trump children were born without an ability for self-awareness.
Let’s take a look at the clip. They’re fighting all of this get, they have
a candidate that lies about being a Cherokee Indian when she’s one 1000th and 24th Cherokee.
You have a guy whose son is embezzling money from everybody and enriching himself off of
his father’s position under Susan. Where does Joe Biden get off being so pompous and above
it all? Well and go on. I think American people are going to see that he is pompous and they
are above it all. And if I was doing the same thing that that family was doing, I’d been
in jail like, that’s right. Why is it that every family goes into politics and enriches
themselves where they were the only family then the least money. We stopped doing deals
when my father became a businessman and we were busy. We are busy people. We stopped
doing deals when he went into politics, enriching himself off of his father’s position.
Can you imagine being Eric Trump and saying that on national television and being this
out of touch, can you understand the level at which you are completely clueless when
you go on television and say things like this? Never mind, by the way. I mean it’s like obviously
he’s lying through his teeth. His family stopped doing deals when Trump became president. That’s
an obvious lie. He says, if I were doing the same things that the Bidens did, I’d be in
prison. You’re doing way worse and at least your dad should be in prison. What a total
lack of an ability to identify double standards and hypocrisy and irony. And by the way, I’m
sure that as wacky as judge Jeanine Pirro is, I guarantee you that she understands how
absurd it is for Eric Trump to be on television saying that families that self enrich are
sickening, but of course she’s a Trump Brown noser she’s a role player and she’s not going
to say a word about it because that would be stepping out of the role that she plays. So at least for now, I do still think that
Donald Trump a a, that Eric Trump qualifies as the dumbest Trump kid alive. I know we’re
not supposed to talk about the ones that are under age. I have no idea about their intelligence
either. According to what Donald Trump has said about what Baron can do with computers.
It certainly sounds like Baron is smarter than Eric. Now, to go back to earlier thing
about how Trump likes to say that the presidency has cost him money, that he’s ended conflict
of interest. Eric says that they’ve stopped doing deals. It’s basically all lies with
one exception. The exception being that it is probable that the presidency has so stained
the Trump brand with many, many people, that there are more and more individuals and businesses
that want nothing to do with anything named Trump. But those losses have obviously been
counteracted with everything from foreign leaders staying at Donald Trump’s hotels in
order to ingratiate themselves with him, funneling money from their governments directly into
Trump’s pocket, to Trump having hundreds of golf trips to his own golf clubs, which is
another transfer of money from the government to his private businesses as secret service. And everybody else stays at Trump’s own resorts.
So there may be some way in which there has been some loss to Trump’s brand’s value as
a result of the presidency and Trump’s staining of the name. But it is a drop in the bucket
compared to the amount of money that has been funneled directly into Trump and his family’s
bank accounts by foreign governments and by our own government. That’s a really important
thing to understand. It’s not just foreign governments that are enriching Trump. It is
our own that is doing the same thing, not exactly draining the swamp as a Donald Trump
promise to do.


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    MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster

    vs families like the Trumps who enrich everyone?
    c'mon Pakman, admit it. You're a leftist shill for the Communist Chinese. And in a total lack of self awareness, you have no idea how badly the insane anti-American left is going to lose in 2020. Pucker up buttercup! MAGA2020!!! 🙂

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    Both sons are just as their father , accusing others from what they do themselves sigh, why are they even on tv, and by the way they are finally enriching themselves over this presidency .

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    Travis Griffin

    I was sure someone did a parody voice over for Eric in this interview. But apparently, he just sounds like a douche naturally.

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    Christina Heater

    How dumb is he? Clearly didn't pass 5th gr math. 1/1000 makes sense but "and 24th"??? I taught 5th gr math last year, 6-8 this year, and my students know how to say decimals and fractions.

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    Bill Rhodes

    Sont Eric and biff realize that these faux beards dont hide the fact that they have no chins, it draws attention to it.

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    Not only does Eric Trump lack self-awareness, but worry about his awareness in general, like perception and object permanence.

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    john frank

    Eric is the same idiot his father is! The entire family are a gaggle of dumbasses, the most bungling criminals ever to practice the profession. They stopped doing deals when Ivanka and Jared made 92 million last year alone.

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    OMega Beth

    I’m sorry to say but the job he holds also he only got bc his last name is Trump. If he wasn’t that mans son he wouldn’t have his job he is so dumb

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    The Trump family "unawareness" of their despicable and totally corrupt behavior is troublesome but what bothers me a great deal more is the apparent willingness of Fox hosts and viewers to accept their lies. Eventually America will be free of Trump and his family but what are we going to do with his supporters and enablers?

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    Steve Preston

    Trump should be put him on trial for crimes against the United States of America and if found guilty HANG HIM 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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    Like Donald Trump himself, Eric grew up in a grifting family. He learned It's okay when they do it. The contractors his father didn't pay because they were small businesses who couldn't afford to sue, that's okay because small businesses are losers, they think.
    By shouting loudly about the crimes of others, whether it was the Central Park Five, Obama and his fake birth certificate, and now the Bidens, the Trumps think that is directing attention away from their own violations. At one time they were bragging about their Russian and oligarch backers.
    Donald Trump's experience of nearly losing all of his $400M inheritance at one point because of bad business decisions and bad timing made him think there is no amount of lying, cheating, stealing and criminal behavior that is unacceptable to maintain his wealth.
    I believe Trump didn't expect to be President. He just ran to boost his brand. He is staying in to grab as much as he can now, and he doesn't care if he destroys the US government or the world in the process. His reputation as a liar and bad President is hurting some aspects of his business, and he fully intends to take up the slack and come out billions ahead.

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    Norman Mortensen

    I almost don't believe it even if seeing and hearing it directly from Trump jr himself. It must be totally empty in between his ears.

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  46. Post

    Don't his sons realize that they practically foam at the mouth when they talk? It makes them even uglier than normal.

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    Brian Walkup

    I sometimes wonder if the Trump family is actually so deluded and dumb that they might actually believe this crazy stuff when the say it. Which is worse, they believe it or the don’t believe it?

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    Bunny Boy

    What the actual fuck is wrong with this guy lmfao wooooooooowwwww

    The people who love this family, every single one of you are low IQ. I just can't imagine any other reason this shit is still going on. You're slow as fuck. If you're like 80 you get an exception because you probably don't really know what's going on or how to use Google to check. The rest of you are just plain stupid. 😔 Even if you started out motivated by evil. To be OK with THIS representing you is a whole new level of dumb y'all.

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  57. Post

    You are delusion af. Trumps son earns money in the FREE MARKET providing living spaces for humans that want those living spaces. Bidens son was getting money, power and wealth THROUGH CORRUPTION!

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    Troy J

    "Hypocrisy is the audacity to preach integrity from a den of corruption."
    – Wes Fesler
    "If we elect the same corrupt politicians every time, that’s a very clear message that we don’t want a change."
    – Sukant Ratnakar

    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."
    – Frederic Bastiat

    "Your ignorance on corruption is their power."
    – Unknown

    "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
    – Albert Einstein

    "Reject every form of corruption which diverts resources from the poor."
    – Pope Francis

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    Greg Belcher

    Serious question: Trump said the Dural golf club would “do the G7 for at cost if not free.”

    If Trump isn’t in charge of Trump Org, who confirmed the G7 event pricing and availability? Eric?

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    The Trumps need the truth murdered into them. Lynching would be applicable due to recent comments by the swamp king.

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    Irene Gorka

    Lol talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe we should ask China Canada and others to investigate the trump kids.

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    Margrit Kaminsky

    Eric simply speaks Trump language like FOX and like Trump's other followers. Trump supporters generally cannot think beyond looking for dirt and make it up to smear their opponents.

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    What foreign country bailed out Kushner fir property at 666 Fifth Ave and what political influence did that foreign country receive?

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    Gaius Baltar

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you serial Googler and know nothing Soros millennial David (bought and paid for) Pakman

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    linda l

    If the Trump's are not doing any dead right now how is it tax payers have been paying for business trips for both Eric and jr. ? From what I recall there have been at least 4 trips to places like India, Uruguay, Canada and the Dominican republic.

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    Penboy as 'god'

    Another example of Trump's STAIN: Buildings and Hotels are seeking to and have already remove[d] Trump's name from those buildings.

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    Gregory Pollack

    How do they continue to get away with out right lies to the American people and suffer no consequences for their lies and criminal activity perpetrated against the American people.

  84. Post

    Isn't he the sick bastard that fucked over kids with cancer by stealing donation money from ST jude to enrich his own business? And this asshole has the gall to start crying about corruption when he told little kids WITH CANCER to go fuck themselves because he needed more money…

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    Duane Locsin

    If you are sick of the Trumps, show it by voting the best person who actually can beat Trump.

    No centrist
    No flip flopper

    There is only one who is running which the 1% establishment hates who has been fighting for the people for decades.

    Only one.

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    Duane Locsin

    America’s dad will wipe the floor of Eric Trump’s dad.

    Also I can’t wait until he breaks up corporate media conglomerates like the Fox News Network, Sinclair group and CNN.

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    There is a problem with ridiculing people who are too stupid to have any self-awareness. They are unconsious of their inabilities (which are many) and too sensitive to be criticized. The best way to protect them and the public is to put them in a safe space, like a mental institution where daddy already belongs.

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    Umberto Eco

    "We stopped doing deals" dude, shut the fuck up. How many trademarks has Ivanka gotten in "China"? Including one for voting machines.

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    Pete 952

    The Feds took Everything from Manafort, even his Clothes! Can't wait to see what Drumpf called "Nazi's" take from him. The Drumpf family is soon to see a Major Reversal of Fortune.
    See you in cell block "b" donnie, Jared, Ivanka, Eric, don jr….

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    peggy brooks

    That APPLE didn't FALL for from the Trump tree and Jeanine Pirro isn't for from that TREE. They all are NUTS . THEY don't have SENSE enough know they TELLS on they ownselves.

  100. Post

    “If I was doing the same thing that family was doing I’d be m-in jail!” Was he going to say “murdered”?

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