London Travel with Kids

London Travel with Kids

– [All] Today we’re
going to the London Eye! (bright music) – Good morning, everyone! – Good morning, everyone! – Oh, no, Jacob, do that again. – Good morning, everyone! (kids giggling) Good morning, everyone! – Did it.
– Perfect. Did it in one take. – I’m trying to get some pretty things that I like about this
house in the frame with me in a very natural way. (chuckling) There you go. I wish that I had the
ability to make a home. I feel like I’m slowly, slowly, slowly getting better at that in my life, but every time I go to places
like this, I’m so inspired. I wanna get rid of so
much stuff that we have, and then one of my big fears
is that I can’t then replace it ’cause that costs money. Like, costs so much money sometimes. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to make a home nice, and it’s like that fear
of investing something where you’re like, “Okay,
I’m gonna buy the couch,” or “I’m gonna do the counters.” But it costs so much
money to do those things. I love kind of like living
simply whenever we’re in a home that has a kitchen when we’re traveling because you just buy like five things. You know, you buy some bread,
some peanut butter and jelly, maybe some, like, cheese, or cereal and milk. It’s just that, and that’s
what you live off of, and then you get stuff
when you’re going out. I don’t want you to criticize our diet here or anything, guys. That’s not the point. The point is (laughs),
I love how simple it is. It’s not like a fully stocked
pantry or fridge or whatever. You’re just like, just what you need. I don’t know, it feels really nice. How pretty is this little teacup? I love it. (bright music) We are having a bit of a slow morning because we cannot figure out what to do because there is so much to do. It stops you in your place because there are so many options. We have today and we have tomorrow, and tomorrow we book tickets
for Matilda: The Musical! I’m gonna fall to pieces in that theater, and then you’re never gonna see me again because I’m gonna be in a corner somewhere singing all the Matilda music. These boys are just cracking up. (Duncan giggling) The two youngest boys don’t
have shirts right now. They’re in the wash. Look at you cuties. Look at you brothers. (Jessica giggling) You’re total matchers right now. – I’m not as small as him, so I have to bend down to do this. – Yeah. So, I wanted you to see where
the noises were coming from ’cause the little boys are
goofing off back there. I know I’m gonna love
this musical so much, and I know the kids are
gonna love it so much, and Christopher needs to
stay home with the baby because somebody does, and he’s seen more Broadway than I have. He’s been to New York
more times than I have and gotten to see shows, and so he’s letting me get to see this. The one Broadway show I’ve ever seen was SpongeBob: The Musical, and Christopher’s seen like
Jersey Boys and Mamma Mia. Have you seen anything else, Christopher? – [Chris] Billy Elliot. – And he’s seen Billy Elliot, which I kinda wish Parker could see. I feel like he’d like it. Is it adult, or is it– (Chris humming quizzically) – I don’t know. I feel like there were some words that I wouldn’t want my kids saying in it, but it was a long time ago. I don’t remember. – And also, I love the book Matilda. I’ve loved it my whole life. It’s one of my favorite books of all time, so Christopher was like,
“Obviously, you go.” But I’m gonna really miss him, and I feel like I’m going to emerge from this a different person. (laughing) And he’s gonna have to catch up and be as into Matilda as
I am, like, immediately, and I don’t know how
he’s ever gonna do that. – You guys do a pretty
good job of immersing me in whatever show you’re
interested in at the time. – When we come back, we are definitely gonna be fully reenacting Matilda for like the next two to three years. It’s all we’re gonna do, and I know that Bailey’s gonna
be wanting to be Matilda. I know the boys are gonna
wanna be in the show. It’s gonna be a whole thing. – All right, we decided that
we’re going to a palace. Which palace is this? – Kensington.
– Kensington Palace, and we’re also going to go
to a park and maybe a museum. So, that’s our current plan. – Maybe to the London Eye. – [Chris] What? A triple one-sided quotation? – And I got a–
– What is happening? – Ouchie. – [Chris] You got an ouchie? Oh, how’d you get that? – I was locking your
door, and I scraped it. – [Chris] Oh, that’s rough. – Ouch! – So, we’re on this beautiful walk, and there’s all these
amazing brick buildings, which, to some people, it’s probably like, “Okay, what’s the big deal?” But, for us, we live in California, which is earthquake country. We can’t build brick buildings this tall. – We’re at a restaurant. We’re not at the park yet,
but we’re at a restaurant. – Parker, sweetie, we’re
actually at a cafe, which is kind of like a restaurant, except we’re not gonna sit down. We just ordered some small sandwiches that we can walk with and
bring with us to the park. – And we’re gonna get waters! Dudes! – I got my favorite thing in the world, which is a really simple
tomato and mozzarella sandwich. That’s it. I love it. – Tuna and corn. – Tuna and corn. How is it? – Good. – I have a passion fruit and mango yogurt. – Oh, your two favorite fruits. – I know. – This is a chicken bacon salad sandwich and a baby. – Don’t eat the baby. We are at the Princess
Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park, and it’s pretty amazing. It’s very busy but pretty amazing. – We just went in the secret hiding place. – [Chris] There’s a secret hiding place? – Yeah, come on! (bright music) (tiles chiming) – [Woman] Yeah, do this one! Like, they really like watching. (chimes chiming) – Pirate ship, pirate ship, pirate ship! (bright music) – We finished up at the playground, and now we’re just
walking through Hyde Park, looking at this beautiful
little pond that they have here. (bright music) Okay, we just finished inside the palace. It was lovely. So interesting how they keep the stuff from, like, the past kings and queens, and then they just kinda
build on off of that and leave those areas alone. So they stay historically as they were. So interesting to me. I really appreciate it ’cause it gave us a glimpse of that time. Now I’m in this like
winding path of hedges, trying to find Bailey and
Jacob and Parker and Jessica. I hear them hiding from me over here. I hear them giggling. (kids giggling)
Are they over here? Where are they? Oh, they’re in the archway. We’ll get ’em. I found you. Look at this beautiful area over here. Anyway, we were not allowed to film inside Kensington Palace, so I can tell you a little bit about it. They had like a Princess
Diana fashion area. They had a King’s Estate. Can you open up that book? Let’s get some actual facts here, Jacob. Let’s see, they had the
King’s State Apartments. Oh, Duncan took it. Duncan, can you read us where we went? What was your favorite part, Bailey? – My favorite part was the
Princess Diana dresses. – A whole bunch of her
dresses were on display, which I actually recognized
quite a few of them from my childhood. Not that I wore those
dresses during my childhood, but I remember seeing her
wear them during her child, no, my childhood, she wore
them, she was an adult. Anyway. I recognized a lot of ’em from TV. What was your favorite
thing inside the palace? – I really liked Princess Diana’s dresses. – [Chris] The dresses? That was a highlight for you? – Yeah, I really liked ’em. – Another cool thing is that
this is where Queen Victoria was actually born and grew up was right here in this building behind us. So they had a whole bunch of stuff about her and her childhood and about her love story
with Prince Albert. It was really cool, I learned a lot. What did you like in there? – The old games. – [Chris] Oh, yes, they
had those old games, and you guys played one! You got to play a game. What was it called? – Hazard. – [Chris] Ooh, look at that
little heart rock you got there. – Jacob just brought this over to me, and it’s shaped like a heart, and he said that this is for me and Daddy. I’m gonna leave it here because we shouldn’t
take rocks from the park, but this is for us to remember that moment and how sweet it was. – If you find that rock here, go ahead and touch it and remember us. All right, now we’re taking the Tube. You like taking the Tube. (upbeat music) Oh, Duncan likes a good transfer. Don’t you, Duncan? Do you like a good transfer? (upbeat music) Do you wanna go up there? (upbeat music) Are you excited? We’re almost there.
– Yeah. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get to the top! I’m a little nervous too. – You’re nervous?
– Yeah. – This is happening! – [Jessica] You’re last, Parker. Stand, pose! – My heart is so, I don’t know. I’m so excited! (Duncan exclaiming) It’s happening! It’s happening, but I’m
fine with Ferris wheels. So, stopping your heart exploding. I’m not scared, but I’m super excited. – [Chris] Are we going up pretty high? – We’re going up higher than–
– Yeah? – I said, “I feel like
I’m handling this well.” I’m not too scared. It’s really comfortable in here. Like, I’m on a bench that’s nice, and the temperature’s
very nicely controlled, and I just really needed that. So I think that’s counterbalancing
any fears I would have. (upbeat music) – [Chris] We’re halfway up. How are you feeling about it? – Where are we? – Halfway up. (upbeat music) Hey, we did it! We went on the London Eye! We enjoyed the London
Eye experience, we went– – It was amazing! – It’s pretty good.
– Pretty good? You said you were
nervous at the beginning. Are you still? Do you think people should
be nervous going on that? – No, not at all!
– No! Did you like it? – Yeah, it was fine. It was good, it was good. – You should go and
just wham your life out. It’s the best thing ever! You should never… If you’re afraid of heights, you should never go on it. – [Chris] I thought you were gonna say, “Don’t worry about it, it’s no problem.” Just don’t go on it if
you’re afraid of heights? That’s your advice? All right. – But if you’re kinda afraid of heights, go on it! It will be the best thing ever! I want dinner! (upbeat music) – We’re having Indian food tonight, and the salmon at this place is so good. He’s upset with me ’cause
I’m not giving him more. Here you go, have some more. Is that good? Is it yummy?
– Can I have some more salmon please?
– Yeah, yeah, it’s so good. It’s seriously like the best salmon I think I’ve ever had anywhere. What do you think?
– Yeah, it’s so good. – Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned how to most
effectively cram the most beauty into one shot. We learned how to use the triple
one-sided quotation marks, and finally, we learned that, if you’re mildly considering
going up in the London Eye, you should definitely go
and wham your life out. (light guitar strumming) Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (giggling) – Like, after dinner, we’re having dinner, and now it’s gonna be Matilda! I’m so excited! I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what to expect. I’m super excited that
I don’t know what to–


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    Lauryn Hawaii

    I accidentally disliked and then i freaked cause i knew u would get the notification, but then i liked it. Sorry if u saw:( Ilysm tho!! Keep up ur work, btw, please respond cause i wanna know its fine i liked it.❣️❣️

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    adam mac

    Another awesome vlog, Ballinger Family! Love watching the kids experience life and looks like they had a blast! Everyone did!! 🙂💚

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    Mom of Two

    lol  you are a family of 6 who flew to Europe and are seeing all the sites. And you don't want to buy a couch? That's weird. And I really worry about Bailey. Yall had big sandwiches and she had yogurt.  No wonder she is to thin.

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    Sze-Man Jacqueline Chiang

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    Sydney Benjamin

    I saw Matilda on broadway 3 or 4 years ago. It was magical. I’m a broadway nerd, so I’ve seen tons of shows, but it’s definitely on the top of my list. I’m actually wearing the shirt right now😂 I sung the songs for months afterward, and still listen to them all the time

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    Haunted Mousey

    Matilda is such a treat! OMG I’ve seen it twice once on broadway and once in a NA touring production! It’s fantastic and yes all of you will be going crazy for it for a long time! 🙂

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    the ending has me so confused because like ur traveling but you have a guitar and ur like in a room lol maybe I'm just a little slow, but I loved the video, you guys are such a cute family <3

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    Ah so many memorises! I used to got to the Princess Diana Memorial Park every year with my mum, quite often for my birthday. It’s such a lovely park and I have fond memories of climbing in the pirate ship and playing in the music garden. When my son’s a bit older we’ll have to travel down and visit it.

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    MATILDA IS INCREDIBLEEEEEEEEEE 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 literally you will come out a different person hahah (I realise this footage is from the past and you've already seen it buttttt still) Theatre nerds for LIFE 🎉

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    Daisy Bentley

    I've seen Matilda 10 times now (9 in London and one in Birmingham) I have been for every birthday since my 8th and loads of times inbetween! I love it soooooo much!!! Xx

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    Ballinger Family

    This is Episode SEVEN of our new series: One Suitcase, Four Kids!
    Follow us on Instagram: Chris Ballinger & Jessica Ballinger and Twitter: BallingerFamily & BallingerMom for even more updates!

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    Bhargavi Gajjar

    "I want dinner" in the end just made Parker's motivational energetic speech valid and totally justified it 😂😂😂

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    What a great experience for your family! Parker was so funny when he was recommending (or not recommending) the London Eye, haha! Love you guys! P. S. JUST WHAM YOUR LIFE OUT

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    I don't think Ive ever had fish when I eat at an Indian restaurant. Maybe I'll look for it on the menu next time. I usually have Tikka Masala or a Korma sauce with chicken,paneer or veg.

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    Alex Surro

    It’s the small moments like 7:21–7:24 that make me love the ballingers. The kids are so thoughtful and considerate and loving towards each other. All due to their amazing and caring parents 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

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    Matilda is like my favourite musical EVER!!!!!!! Although I saw Aladdin the other day and they're pretty awesome! I have always loved Matilda and I have also seen Mamma Mia and wicked but have been to one concert only so I'm lucky!!! Love you guys so much I'd live to travel the world one day!!! Keep making awesome videos and I love you guys!!!!

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    Vaidah Katz

    But do the swans eat nutella? Haha! Love watching you guys have so much fun. My grandmother took me to London for 4 days when I was 10, so I remember some things, but that was a really really long time ago. Want to go back so badly.

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    Emily Trnka

    Billy Elliot is not the most appropriate show for younger kids, a few F bombs are dropped, but there are several (clean) scenes that are on youtube, mostly of the dance scenes, that Parker might like to see! And then when he’s old enough he can see the full show!

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    Peggy Gilmore

    Chris you are such great dad and jessica you are such a sweet mom. Really enjoy watching your family. Hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation. Stay safe

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    I’m from the same town as a kid who played billy Elliot on broadway about 8 years ago 🙂 his name is JP Viernes, he’s so incredibly talented. We went to rival dance studios our whole lives haha, so I was lucky enough to see him perform at competition for years! I’m still disappointed I never got to see him perform on broadway though!

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    Grace Kellman

    Jess is so good at correcting the kids when they use not quite the right word or describe something a little wrong. Definitely an art to making them feel educated and not attacked yay Jess

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    Linnéa Yasemin Vaittinen

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    Brie Cheese97

    The first time I ever learned about Miranda Sings/The Ballinger's was waiting in line for the LondonEye one a high school trip in 2013, these girls in line behind me kept talking like Miranda and thats how I learned who she was. 😛

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