Looking For More Information on Inteletravel? – See Why I Recommend it

Inteletravel what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and are you looking for more information on
intelligible all right we’ll be right back all right welcome back welcome back so
you’re on the fence about joining a Inteletravel but you need a little
more information okay I’m gonna share with you a couple
links in the description it’s gonna give you a video that you can watch as well
as our website that you can check out you can learn everything you need to
know about Inteletravel in addition to plannet marketing now before I give you
those links let me just talk a little but Inteletravel has been a blessing
to me okay I like the fact that you can come into this business and pick and
choose what type of business you want to start with like you if you want to
recruit people and build a organization of travel agents you can start there if
you just want to focus on the travel industry and be a travel agent you can
start there if you want to do both sides what’s that recommend you can start
there so guys there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to
intelligence now the getting started fee flinch other
travelers 170 $9.95 cuz of one-time enrollment fee for a travel agent okay
and monthly fee is $39.95 now this will cover your all your your website your
booking engine your marketing tools your support your training everything that
you have all the resources that you need to be a successful travel agent even
your suppliers outside suppliers major supply all the major airlines everything
it covers all that so that was that’s what the $39 pretty much the 40 bucks
cover a month okay so until a travel when it comes to getting your making
money on your own personal travel you can make Commission off your own
personal travel that’s what really convinced me and caught my and I was
like wow I’m taking trips anyway so if I book my own trips I get a commission
pretty much get some of the money back so it only makes sense guys and if
you’re doing the work like for family members putting together stuff with
family it only makes sense for you to is that okay so I hope I’m making sense
but if you want to learn more information about until the traveler
that’s a website in the description I want you to click go to the website it’s
gonna show you everything you need to know about plein air marketing as well
as Inteletravel now planning marketing and then telling Java has mirrors
together okay it gives you the option to become a travel agent and the
flexibility of bidding a travel organization okay so make your decision
you know I’m saying based upon the information that that I’m about to share
with you click the link below in the video description also the complete some
more links in this video up here somewhere click on some of these cards
watch your free presentation as well where you can learn more information
about the opportunity and make a valid decision alright hope you found value
from this video very quick straight to the point
and if you like this video give us a thumbs up make sure you subscribe to our
YouTube channel and like always I would love to hear your feedback any questions
leave them in the comments all right i’m larry porter signing off and don’t
forget to click the link in the Inteletravel description to learn more information
alright see you on the next one happy traveling

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