Maşukiye @ Turkey -Trip With Exchange Student

Maşukiye @ Turkey -Trip With Exchange Student

Okay assalamalaikum, hi guys so today weare going to misukiye okay we just been informed that we are
gonna go to museum first so without further ado Syazz right now we are
in muze which its means blpblp puii muze means muzeum The history of this Sakura is there have been an earthquake on the year of 1999 if im not mistaken right around 16,000 of people died in that
earthquake basically this museum is all the
historical of Kamal Ataturk so, Kemal Ataturk came here for visiting his
mother yeah everything about Kemal Ataturk for Turkish is important so
they make this place become museum today we are at the museum. at sakarya so, here there’s a lot of artifact Ataturk Museum
I don’t know you know Ataturk maybe the civilization of Roman
have something to do with Turkish people okay in this video we can see a lot of
artifact here and we also can see okay right now our journey in this
museum is over so after this we are going to earthquake
museum, so we heard that Sakuya have been through and earthquake in the year of 1999 so we gonna go to the museum. Let’s go, Syazz okay just now we just felt the
simulator of the quake that happen in Sakarya a few years ago al-fatihah hello guys the show is starting heading back today
see you on the next episode


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