momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Yanina

momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Yanina

Hello Hello Hello Nice to meet you And you too. It’s Yanina, is it? So, tell me a little bit about you and your background I’m from Russia But I was born in the country which doesn’t exist anymore actually and for many years it was called the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics The USSR You have an interesting looking album there tell me more about that and what’s inside This is … it’s very touching … So this is the story of my childhood from the very beginning and up to maybe 13-years-old. Not so many pictures, but these are the pictures which give me power So this is my mum, and this is me. I’m only two-weeks-old here, and my mum is 20 You look like your mum Oh yes maybe, just a little bit I’m proud of Russian people because they have had a lot of sad things in their history in their bloody history but they have survived and they try to hold the best things in their character So I have only Russians in my family both my mother, my father and grandparents – as far as I know of course So how would you feel about going on a journey, based on your own DNA? It sounds interesting And by spitting in a tube, we can tell you where your ancestors came from What would they say to you, these results? Maybe they would tell me that I have some ancestors from Germany, Poland maybe from Israel also as well And there should be of course some Russians Yanina? Hello. Nice to see you again Hi Good to see you again, yes Exciting couple of weeks Oh yes, really I can say that I’ve been so curious and I can say that I’ve been thinking about the results almost all the time except the hours I was at work OK, would you like to read them out to us? OK The moment of truth OK … Wow … There are some results I never thought about OK, I’m 65% from Eastern Europe Yes, that’s true Certainly is 17% Finland/Russia 4% China/Japan Wow So yes, now I do understand why I wanted to visit Japan and we are going actually, this summer 3% Ireland Interesting, yes, so I should visit also maybe 2% Native America … So I think somebody has made a very long journey from America to Russia And where does the Native America come from, do you think? I have no idea There could be stronger ties between America and Russia Much stronger than we may think, actually So I think we should keep these results as a treasure in our family so future generations should also learn So are you ready to travel to all of these places? Oh yes. I have to make a plan, where to start and where to finish Have a good journey Oh thank you very much, thank you Thank you Thank you


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    일본유전자중일부는 중국남부에서왔고 중국은 몽골과 수천년간 국경을마주했으며 몽골은 징기스칸시절에 광활한영토를 누볐으며아메리카원주민은 1만년전쯤 빙하기시절에 미대륙의북부와 아시아북부를 연결되있었을때 건너간것으로 추정됩니다 이분의 조상님은 정말 전세계를 돌아다녔군요 ㅎㅎ

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    Haplogroup N has a wide geographic distribution throughout northern Eurasia, and it also has been observed occasionally in other areas, including Southeast Asia, the Pacific, Southwest Asia and Southern Europe. Its highest frequency occurs among the Finnic and Baltic peoples of northern Europe, the Ob-Ugric and Northern Samoyedic peoples of western Siberia, and the Siberian Turkic-speaking Yakuts. Her 17% share of Finnish/Northern Russia isn't surprise at all. Nor her common ancestries with Native Americans.

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    When presenting test takers with their DNA results, the presenters should provide them with better researched explanations about their DNA. For example, a few years ago, geneticists proved the 100-year -old theory that Native Americans descend from and share numerous genetic markers with Asians/Eurasians. More, specifically, Altaian peoples migrated from the Altaian Mountains (which run through Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan) to North America. Eventually, they became the Native Americans we know today.

    Note: Native American ancestry in South America is of the same or similar origin with a small caveat: Geneticists and archaeologists have discovered that a very small group of Africans settled South America first, but Altaian peoples eventually outnumbered and intermingled with these original settlers. Thus, DNA reflects a very complex history.

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    FREEE TV جزائري قام بتحليل الحمض النووي لمعرفة الأعراق الموجودة فيه، فيديو بالدارجة الجزائرية

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    Эх меня бы туда а то я живу на такой земле где три народа смешалось славяне балты и финны а скандинавы ещё)))

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    Caro Flor

    Im latin..and really ..when I see this woman..I Dont know..but …I think she is also latin..but with blood american native ….and the latin people know..about races..and people mixed ..we dont need…exams or know about one person….

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    Ivone Herz

    Eu coletei e mandei meu DNA. Muito bom de receber. Muito interessante. Uma jornada. Sou brasileira, mas meu DNA é 100% europeu.

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    Aleek Dee

    Есть племена например ивенки это американские индейцы. Так что север России этнически пренадлежит американским индейцам.

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    Leonardo La Rocca

    There is no any signification to want to visit a place and then how you are 3 %nigerian now you know why you wanted to go there that stupid and the nationality its just an estimated becuse the thing tha matters is the face of the place for exampleif you are from Spain you aren't 100% Spanish you are like 50 % iberic that means you are too from the Middle East or the north of Africa or both

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    Аминат Алиева

    Очень приятная женщина. А связь России и Америки не новость. Аляска- бывшая российская территория.

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    Paulina Pi

    I LOVE Russian people , Polish, as well, Czech, they are so darling! but what I hate is the communist russian goverment …bad bad people. this lady is so cute!

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    Constantine Aztro

    I wonder if anyone knows that us native Americans still exist in Russia. We are the ancestors of siberians turkic tribes so that's why she has native blood it's crazy cuz I can see it she has the fold

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    Meli Matanatoto

    There were land bridges between Eurasia and America's in what is now known as Alaska and Siberia during the ice ages that is how the native American gene is in her. Remember the DNA test goes back 2 millenium

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    Alam Zaib

    they seems like playing with emotions of innocent people, selling travelling packages as well 😛 and charges for DNA ancestory report is separate, who will verify it

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    Vanessa Hernandez

    I wonder if they do the same with a japanese or chinese born…the results would be East Europe and Native America??…

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    Sum Rain

    Native Americans go to the Americas from Asia that is why they are close, and this journey from Asia to Americas is from the times the continets looked different. So dont be surpised.

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    She is a typical mix of Slavic, Finnish and East Asian mix, typical of most Russians. They themselves agree that number of tribes came together in forming Rus/Ukrainians.

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    Евгения Леонова

    При рождении на каждого человека открывается счет В
    Международном резервном банке на пользование природными ресурсами на Земле. Он
    находится под ведомством ООН. Ватикан, Королевы Великобритании. Наши
    свидетельств о рождении выступают на международном фондовом рынке как ценные
    бумаги(вексель) т.е. (складская  справка,
    как товар) если заглянуть в свидетельство о рождении, то увидим двойную запись
    (актовую и № и серию) С этого момента вы становитесь трастовой акцией под ИНН
    т.е.(складской бумажкой) Это как объект залога в банке с определенным номиналом
    (это ВЫ)

    До 7 летнего возраста нужно заявить о себе, что ты живой
    человек. Если ты не заявил о себе, ты считаешься мертвым т. е без вести
    пропавшим "Морское право 1540г. оно и Римское право 3 уровневый (неприкосновенность,
    надсмотрщики и наш низший слой) И все права владения на имущество переходят
    Королеве Великобритании, ООН и ВАТИКАН ) Эта информация была закрыта долгое
    время. Нас убеждали, что мы были Суверенным государством. Но Суверенными мы не
    были так как не проходили определенную процедуру "Объяви себя живым"
    ( 1540г. "Морское право")

    1. К 1933 году все государства и правительства были
    банкроты(кризис) С 1934 года по специальному закону от 1933года,все
    свидетельства о рождении (создание юридической функции Персоны) связали вмести
    с долговыми обязательствами персоны 19 млн.ЕВРО на персону и определили, как
    залог для кредитов.

     2. Под залог Персон
    государство берет деньги у банков под обязательства, что государство
    позаботится о персоне, о питании, жизни, работы и т. д. Это было в СССР
    Бесплатное обучение, медицина, жилье. Мы были граждане – имели прав и

    3. Значит, исходя из такой арифметики, если человек проживет
    100 лет ,то ему полагается 19 млн.Евро : 100 лет  : 12 месяцев =15.833 Евро в месяц. Это еще не
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    Участвуете в программе становления качественного роста
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    лучшему.  Он предлагает безусловно
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    This is so interesting. I am from a north Indian muslim background and a few years ago my sister did a dna test for fun. We know from our paternal family history that one of our ancestors traveled from what is now Uzbekistan to India and settled there. We knew she would therefore get central asian going back 8-10generations or so. From looking at our family you can not see that. We look indian, and my sister's dna result showed her with almost 90% from the Indian subcontinent, and her test results also confirmed oral family history to central asia. What took us all by utter surprise though was going back even beyond oral history cause she also got a tiny native american and yakuts percentage going back in time. That means there was a lot of human activity across the Bering Strait before it was submerged in water. I don't know how common it is to find native american ancestry in someone from India from that far back, but for our family it was very interesting. We were not expecting that.

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    catherine fisher

    guess; Eastern European….possibly Russian. 'Let's Open Our World' Please explain why the Inuit who have been in N.America for over 20,000 yrs still appear loosely 'Asian' …..while the peoples of Russia, Sweden, Britain, [We are not 8,000 yrs of change]…..are clearly much longer away from the 'sun' and Africa. You Do NOT yet know the story CLEARLY. It will become clear we are hundreds of thousands of years outside Africa……we do NOT feel Africa in our blood. We DO feel a huge difference; the level of social responsibility weights heavily on Europeans, as you show here; the same is not true as you move south….the increase in violence and abuse is clear, AND infantile 'blame'.

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    Лиса Е

    Я сразу поняла, что она русская) только она шла ещё. И она похожа на мою подругу, копия.

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    It all makes sense, folks traveled alot back in the day, and alot of countries are close to each other, wars. Migration because if food, better opportunity. Etc. It all makes sense

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    King of Cups Tarot Reading

    The best person from all. Such a sweet sweet, drama free person. Like most of us Eastern Europe people, strong and cant stand drama and not making too much fuss about things.

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    мужчина советует

    Native american are close geneticly to far east. And russia suffered from mongol invasion. Tjat is the connection

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    Сраные жеж вы леваки. Устроили из уже изначально антинаучного наркоманского трипа какой-то кислотный шабаш толерантности. Ну что за блядская пошлятина, как вам вообще не стыдно…

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    Kakashi Hatake

    4% Японии и Китая это мало. У нее могли быть в предках казахи/монголы или те же таджики, которые в своих родственниках имели китайцев или японцев. Но это что-то очееень далекое.

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    Nikolay Smirnov

    I am Russian and I have recently done a similar test. Surprisingly, I am also 3% Native American 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    She was wrong because although it's no longer called the USSR it's still a country and has always existed. Doesn't make a difference if it was called USSR and now just called Russia.

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    Isman Ismun

    Atlast we are from the same Ancestor,can we live our live in Peace & Harmony?
    WHY NOT? YESS. 😍🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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    Seth Lewis


    And That picture of her as a baby in the arms of her mother (top right) is an amazing composition. Such a great artistic photo.

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    Kolawole Babatunde

    If you are from Africa all you gah is Africans no mixed up color, African is black why black is Africans

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    Piontro Pechetrini

    DNA tests were created by the USA in order to create mortal epidemics that will kill most of the world population. so, Idiots taking that test and paying for it are just Ignorant Morons.

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