Moms: Bringing Up Champions

… Dr. Michael Youssef:
Hello, friends, blessed Mother’s Day. Mothers have such powerful,
powerful influence on their children. I am one of those
who have been blessed by a godly mother. May the Lord bless
all the moms out there. announcer: God has used
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and history tells us that it takes faith
in the living God, it takes prayer
to the living God, it takes commitment to teach
the Word of God. It takes dedication and
self-giving to bring up a child in the way of God. Why? Listen to me. Because a godless village
will bring up godless children. The only ones that
will bring up godly children are godly moms who are
raising up champions for Christ. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Dr. Youssef: And on this
Mom’s Day, I want to pay tribute
to the great moms who are raising up
champions for Christ. I want this message to be
an encouragement to them to keep on keeping on,
to raise champions for Christ. It is no secret today, motherhood is
under a relentless attack. Motherhood is one
of humanity’s greatest calling. Motherhood is one
of the most powerful and influential ministries
that anyone could have. Motherhood, it has the power
to impact societies, nations, and indeed the whole world. Motherhood has greater impact
for the future of the world than some
of the mighty emperors. You say,
“Why are you saying this?” Well, because you cannot point
to someone who has accomplished great things, man or a woman,
without discovering that there is a mother behind
the scene in that person’s life. You’ve probably heard me
say this before. For every successful man,
there is a surprised mother-in-law,
but not a mother. Not a mother. Saint Augustine,
who accomplished great and mighty things, to this day,
1,600 years later, we still talk about him. He’s influencing the world. He came to the Lord from such
a denigrated life in Italy. Timothy, who has succeeded
the Apostle Paul, accomplished great things
in churches throughout Asia Minor and in Rome. According to
the Apostle Paul himself, it was because of the prayers
of his mother and grandmother. John and Charles Wesley became
the great men who have impacted their world and continue to
impact the world even now. It was because of Susanna,
who prayed for each one of her children, 11 children,
and she prayed 1 hour a day for each one of them. It’s so hard to even fathom. But today I have chosen
an obscure mother whose impact on the world
has been felt deeply 4,000 years ago and to this day
through her son Moses. His mother accomplished
great and mighty things. Remember this,
Moses the lawgiver, Moses the deliverer of his
people from the slavery of Egypt, Moses, whom God used to
give us the Ten Commandments. And make no mistake about it,
the Ten Commandments are the reflection
of the character of God, and we dare not dispense
of them, and we dare not minimize them. Moses, whose impact
upon the world’s still being effective today by God
4,000 years later. Moses was the product
of his mother’s influence, training, and prayer. Her name was Jochebed. Jochebed represented all that is
positive in motherhood. Jochebed is a role model
for all godly moms. Jochebed is a role model
for self-sacrificing moms that fill this church. Jochebed is a role model
for trusting in the living God in the midst of a dark
and even darker culture than we’re experiencing,
in the midst of a dangerous culture,
in the midst of hostile culture
to the people of God. Several years ago, someone
wrote a booklet entitled, “It Takes a Village
to Bring Up a Child.” But both the Bible and history
tells us that it takes faith in the living God. It takes prayer
to the living God. It takes commitment to teach
the Word of God. It takes dedication
and self-giving to bring up a child in the way of God. Why? Listen to me,
because a godless village will bring up godless children. An immoral village will bring up
immoral children. An unbelieving village will
bring up unbelieving children. The only ones that will bring up
godly children are godly moms and godly dads and
godly grandparents. Back to Jochebed. The reason she represents
the role model of motherhood is because she teaches all of us
the priority of motherhood, the protection of motherhood,
the preparation of children by the motherhood,
and the provision for the children by motherhood. But before I tell you
about Jochebed, I need to give you just a minute
and a half of history because before I get to
this priority, protection, preparation, and provision
for her son Moses, I wanna give you
this historic account. You remember back 300 years
before Moses was born, his ancestor Joseph,
the beloved son of his father Israel, when he,
out of hatred by his older brother,
was sold into slavery in Egypt and there
he was maligned, there he was mistreated,
and there he ended up in prison, but God, who watches
the faithfulness of his children no matter where they are,
the God who knows and rewards the faithfulness
of his children, he is the one who took him
from the prison to the throne room of Egypt. And there Joseph
brought his brothers. He forgave them
what they’ve done, and he brought
his father Israel, and there the people of Israel,
the children of Israel, lived for over 400 years. But within those 300 years–
about 100 years before they left to go
into the wilderness from Egypt, about 100 years,
the numbers had grown. They grew from 73 people
to being between 1 to 2 million people. That’s at least some of the most
conservative estimates. And in Exodus chapter 1,
verse 8, it says that: “There came a new king,”
or a pharaoh, “who did not know all that
Joseph had done for Egypt.” You see, Joseph, who is Moses’ ancestor,
saved Egypt. In fact, he saved
the entire region and possibly the world from
certain starvation, famine, and sure death. For 300 years, every pharaoh
that comes on the throne is kind to the Hebrews,
kind to the Israelites, showed kindness toward them
because they always remembered what Joseph did for the nation. Out of gratitude for what
Joseph did for that country, these pharaohs treated
the Israelites well. But then came a new king,
a king who obviously said to himself, he said,
“You know, I don’t know what this Joseph guy did,
and furthermore, I don’t care. These people are becoming
a national threat. The Israelites are becoming
a nation inside a nation. We have to eliminate them.” And so, this particular pharaoh
issued a decree, and he asked all the midwives
in Egypt, “When you go to deliver babies
among the Hebrews in the Hebrew section of town,
you kill ’em before they’re born or as soon as they’re born.” This, my beloved friend,
is what you call, “abortion on demand.” But when Moses was born,
his mother Jochebed knew that God has a purpose
for her son, and so she trusted in the Lord. She knew that her son
is God’s gift. I want you to hear me right
on this one. The one thing that I tell young
parents when I meet with them in the office, and they will
tell you this, and I’ve been, as I said,
been doing this for 31 years, first thing I tell them
that their children are not their children. Do you understand that our
children are not our children? I know we think that
they’re ours, and no they’re not. They are God’s children,
and God entrusts them to us to bring them up for him
and on his behalf. You see, when you understand
that our children are not ours but they are God’s,
we begin to comprehend the awesomeness of God’s grace
in giving us his children to bring up for him,
to manage them, the awesomeness
of that responsibility. I thank God that Jochebed taught
her son Moses the Word of God and the plan of God. The Epistle to the Hebrews
fills in some of the gaps. If you look at chapter 11,
verse 23, it says: “By faith Moses’s parents
hid him for three months, because the were not afraid
of the king’s edict.” So the first thing you need
to see here is that godly mothers protect
their children. First of all, Jochebed hid
her son for three months. They were living on top of each
other and trying to keep a baby from crying for three months. That is a remarkable miracle. Then she weaved a basket
and she placed it in the water of the river Nile,
totally trusting in the Lord to help protect
that precious boy. Let me tell you a few things
about the river Nile that you may not know and
the Bible does not speak about, but this is reality. The Nile is considered to be
the ancient symbol of life, that gives water and
therefore gives life. But to the vast majority
of Egyptians back then, the river Nile is
a symbol of death, not life, because idolatry and
the worshiping of the gods, the crocodile gods
who lived in the Nile, was one of the big practices
in Egypt. The Nile, which is a symbol
of the world itself, became an instrument of life
for Moses because God was in control. Pagan Egyptians would sacrifice
their children to the Nile gods. Jochebed saw what is the source
of death as a source of life when God is in it. Jochebed protected her child. As I told you, pagan Egyptians
and mothers would throw their babies into the Nile
to sacrifice them to the gods of the Nile. But Jochebed covered
the basket with asphalt and so as to protect
her son from the influence of the world’s water. Now, beloved, listen to me,
godly mothers seal their babies’ baskets of life
by the Holy Spirit of God so their children grow up
to believe in God, to trust in God,
to walk with God, and to serve God. But not only that,
I know you hear it in the news all the time. So many unbelieving parents
literally sacrifice their children for the sake
of money, for the sake of fame,
for the sake of popularity. Godly mothers protect
their children, weaving a basket of the
Word of God around them. They’re weaving
the Word of God around them to keep
their children from drowning in the world’s water. When she placed him
in the weeds of the Nile River, right there where Pharaoh’s
daughter was known to come out with her maids
to bathe every day, and she kept her
own daughter Miriam nearby watching very closely. And sure enough,
right on schedule, as soon as Pharaoh’s daughter
came out to bathe with her maids, she saw
this beautiful basket, and she opened it and
fell in love with that baby. All of this under
the watchful eye of Miriam. As soon as Pharaoh’s daughter
stopped going and going about the baby, Miriam pops up
from the reeds and says, “Are you looking for a woman
to nurse the baby?” “Sure.” Isn’t that amazing,
though, when you think about it? Here Jochebed got
to nurse and train, instruct her own son Moses
until he was about 8 years old, and then she got paid for it. Isn’t that amazing? That’s how God works,
in case you don’t know. And as you know,
these are foundational years in the life of a child between
birth and 8 year old. These are foundational years. During those years, no doubt,
Jochebed taught her son Moses. Before he was adopted
into as a Pharaoh grandson, before she took him
to Pharaoh’s palace, she told him
about his ancestors. No doubt she told him about
Abraham and the covenant that God made with Abraham,
and then with his son Isaac, and then with his grandson,
Jacob, and then how
all of this unfolded, how the history
of the family unfolded. No doubt she told him about
Joseph’s faithfulness in a time when everybody was compromising. In a time when it’s so easy
to compromise, he stayed faithful. He stayed true.
He didn’t have a Bible. He didn’t have the commandments,
but he knew the heart of God is sexual purity,
and so he refused to commit adultery
with Potiphar’s wife. No doubt she told him the story
of how faithful Joseph was, and no doubt she told him about
God’s plan to deliver his people because that’s the promise
he made to Abraham 300 years earlier, which
was fulfilled in 400 years, just like God said to Abraham. Pagan Egyptian mothers,
as I told you, listen carefully, pagan Egyptian
mothers were offering their children as a sacrifice to
the crocodile gods of the Nile to appease the Nile gods,
but Jochebed protected her son. Can I get a witness? In fact, Pharaoh
probably thought, when he issued that edict,
that he’s gonna kill two birds with one stone. You know what I’m talking about? He says,
“Well, I can appease the Nile gods by throwing
the baby in there. At the same time, I can cull
the population of the Hebrews and eliminate them. And so, it backfired. Hear me right. Pharaoh and Egypt in the Bible
are always presented as a symbol of Satan and the
symbol of ungodly philosophy, and this ungodly world system,
always been symbolized, ungodly system of this world. But I thank God
for godly mothers. Godly mothers do not do this. Godly mothers who forever
are vigilant to protect their children from the ungodly
influence of the culture. I thank God for godly moms
who are forever weaving baskets of the Word of God
to cradle their children, I thank God for godly mothers
who forever guarding the hearts and the minds
of their children. I thank God for godly mothers
who are protecting their children from the sleaze
that is found in the rivers of this society. I thank God for godly moms who
are forever guiding and guarding and watching over their children
as they get into the rough waters of some
of the godless school and the godless
education system. I thank God for the all the
godly Jochebeds who are here in this place who are forever
protecting their children from the crocodiles of drugs
and the crocodiles of sexual immorality
and the crocodiles of secular humanism
and the crocodiles of doubting the Word of God and the
crocodiles of godless friends and the crocodiles of the
so-called “tolerance of sin” and the crocodiles that want
to devour our moral compass in our children. I thank God for you. I thank God for you. Jochebed have everything working
against her. Listen carefully, the culture
was working against her. The law, the law of the land
was working against her. The government was working
against her. The whole system
was basically rigged. The whole system was
working against her, but she did not
only protect her son, she prepared her son. For nearly eight years,
she prepared him for Pharaoh’s pagan palace. For nearly eight years,
she prepared him for Pharaoh’s pagan influence. She prepared him for release
into the protection of the hand of God. God’s plan for our children
is beyond us, and that is why,
after all that is done, we need to hand them
to the hand of God. God’s plan for our children is
for them to be salt and light in the world. God’s plan for our children is
for them to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ on their own. Had Jochebed not prepared
to release Moses into Pharaoh’s court,
the course of history would have been different. Now, I understand, of course,
this is a hypothetical. God could’ve done whatever
he could’ve done, but I always think, “What if? What if?” Two million Jews would have
still never been delivered from their slavery. One to two million Jews
would still be in slavery today, or probably would have
increased in number. But it was God’s plan
to deliver them through Moses, but with the cooperation
of Jochebed. And we give Moses
all the credit, but I can tell you, Jochebed
gets most of the credit. My question for you is this. Are you cooperating
with God’s plan? Whether young, old,
it doesn’t matter, whether boy, girl,
young men, young women, older men, older women. Are you cooperating
with God’s plan, or are you digging your heels
and your song is, “We Shall Not Be Moved”? God wants you to cooperate
with his plan. Because I’ll tell you, if I know
anything about God in my life, he will drag you kicking
and screaming. He’s gonna get his man. He’s gonna get his woman. So, might as well cooperate
with God, amen? Beloved, had God the Father
not given up God the Son, you and I would never
have experienced salvation, forgiveness of sins,
joy and peace in this world, and eternal life with him. If it was not for Jesus’s
willingness to lay down his life, we would never
have been delivered from the slavery of sin. Let me tell you this
as I conclude. Every one of us have a mother
for whom we are grateful. All you need to do is you look
at the cameras that are on the sideline of football
or whatever, and these big giant players,
when they look at the camera, they say, “Hi, Mom.” They never say,
“Hi, Dad,” you know? Just say, “Hi, Mom.” We’re all grateful for our moms. Those who are alive, thank God. And those of us who know
that their moms are in the throne room of God
rejoicing and celebrating. Either way,
the most important part, and that’s what I want
to leave you with, is that you ask yourself. No one can say, “Oh,
that’s for somebody else.” It’s for you, every one
of you who are here, every one of you watching
around the world. Ask yourself
the following questions: What are you doing in carrying
your mother’s legacy? What are you doing in carrying
your mother’s legacy? What are you doing for God to
perpetuate your mother’s legacy? What are you doing for God to
impact the world for Christ? Moses fulfilled
his mother’s mission, and that her risking
of her own life was not in vain. What about you? What about you? Are you fulfilling that mission? announcer: Connect
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on biblical foundation to be more toward the sharia. For example, three years ago,
they asked only for two or three sharia courts. They have 185 sharia courts
in England today, and things really can be
very disheartening, but we worship a great God. We worship a powerful God. We worship a mighty God. And therefore, I am encouraging
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