MostlySane and My Honest YouTube Journey | SejalSpeaks

MostlySane and My Honest YouTube Journey | SejalSpeaks

Hey guys it’s Sejal. Look who I have today. Yes it’s me hello hi guys I’m Prajakta Koli I have a channel
called mostlysane. Like and subscribe I feel like that’s just how all youtuber
introductions go. I’m really happy you are on my video so I’m actually in Bombay I’m in
her office. Yea. And we just wanted to shoot a casual Q&A. I wanted to do
with you about our YouTube journey and Because she’s been getting a lot of
comments and a lot of questions. I think it’s been a while. When I first met her I was in Youtube next up and she had come as a panelist Which was so awkward. I remember Sejal was like bro I really like what you’re wearing I would totally wear that and then I met
her later at a Facebook party. She was like bro I really like what you’re
wearing I would totally wear that and I was like listen not much has changed.
So I mean like not much has changed but like So many things have also changed. A lot
of you guys have asked us questions about youtube journey on Instagram and
YouTube so let’s jump right in. Let’s go. Let’s answer the question. Smiling seashell hi
what are the obstacles you guys have faced and what were your thoughts before
starting YouTube channel. My only obstacle was what will everyone think of me in college. To be really honest Really? Why? because people bitch a lot in college. Actually yeah It’s very judgemental. Yeah super judgy. Did you ever have stage
fright or nervous before stage performances you should answer. No, I have
always been the performing kid even I used to dance a lot on my own in weddings Like looking for attention. my jam. So Marlee asked that well now
recently the number of Youtubers has increased tremendously in this field and
it’s getting really saturated so how do we cope up with it. Along with the number
of creators the audience is also like increased massively. Massively. How the
more creators come on the platform the more bigger the platform gets. So it’s
bigger and better for everyone and I feel like, I don’t feel a sense of
competition happening on YouTube because all of us have their have our very own
ways of presenting content. In general, it’s a little tough. It has becomes almost like IIT damn Like, there are so many people. What? I’m thinking to start a YouTube channel since 2016 but I end up not doing it
because I fear it won’t be good enough I keep waiting for the perfect camera,
perfect locations, perfect video editors nothing seems perfect can you give some
tips. First of all when you’re starting off I feel like you don’t need a
production budget at all. Shoot on your phone! I think even if you have the most
basic camera you can still make a good video. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve shot my entire Eurotrip series on my own with a tripod and a small camera and there’s like four videos different. I think it’s a very beautiful done series like all of that Indian girl
backpacking across Europe. Yeah If you think there’s a lot of competition, there was less two years back there will be a lot more in next two years. So if there’s a better time to start it’s right now so
how do you keep working hard when you’ve already made it in the eyes of the world
quick question as content creators we are very aware of the fact he adds jihad
on people Jerry Adobe Miller it’s happening because the content is working
hmm so the minute that stops working we know this will vanish like that what
matters is to stay in guys I feel like achieving some little bit of success no
we’re saying that my successful you versus actually maintaining it
maintaining it is much harder so growing a head like Kyle Kaka and every day it’s
a delete after so that’s a usual my Priyanka Chopra and mostly see in met
Vicky gosh L guess Allah how did this you make Priyanka do it at all it to
Priyanka Chopra what the same clothes aside radii copycats just kidding but it
was like really cool book because I see bacteria so do you basic tier which is
so refreshing right Wow many people you feel like a dais is a king and then you
meet them you like him and she came with Nick Jonas so very cool I mean I was the
30 seconds Barbie Gary but I sang in like a guru stables for turkey chili oil
it was nice I told her I chief my inspiration and I want to be like her so
yeah if you believe in yourself like you do it I know steena I remember feeling
like hard a-starboard like I’m also going to do something similar you know
motivating feeling oh yeah that well I might wiki cautious first of
all I was flipping there was this one phase where I went but I was openly
shamelessly flirting with him on mine star stories oh my gosh Cindy key be fun
do you always confess about your clashes on my videos Oh zero nine zero four how
did you manage the finances in the beginning and what helped you decide not
to get a mainstream job with the staple P in the beginning my bow tie race is
tied on a budget video obviously with the space beneath a like high video got
budget which has ROP oh that army defense minute a video shoot candidate
so I trained myself to become a good director that my mummy-papa
star experiments on K job that I was doing was working out I also take a good
radiator keys away I know what listen you’re sure I have
aha okay do you think being a beauty blogger has more benefits than a comedy
content creator when it comes to a brand deal super technical they just get more
stuff that’s not then I do it’s kinda long it’s time this one company just
kept sending me more did killer I look at it this way like I think comedy is
just like something Joe Hart quit except that soccer fan e th e at the guy from
like me anybody like beauty is like your asses like targeting like a small
section right so like I located I guess slightly more products but you get a
bigger audience so of course the so arm and treat them
have a fan account for me called PS underscore MOU CCO cool and different as
a how do you feel to meet your subscribers and how do you handle the
film you both have you wanna give up I know I
think you should you should take care of why uh yeah especially female neo D I
feel like it’s very like a lorem times like
things on thinking like if you go out to a market economics a photo get a push
they’re like I don’t want like think too much of it I’m just like hi like it’s
the middle EA those family and the best part is like yogi was there like I
always say that I had the best viewers ever because everyone I feel like I can
actually hang out with them and you know I feel like most of the time we are just
surprised you know you’re not talking to our username anymore it is a person like
I never want to reach a place where I’m like oh now I’m famous by that so like
people should come and take a picture I feel like the minute I start getting
delusional I’m gonna like it’s just from there yeah it’s match n says do you
think both desserts are important and the shape and they are the only things
that shape your life they’re not the only things because kippa the twelve
keyboards are their degree college scales are light her up
basically I strongly believe that you need to go through all these processes
you need these experiences like a rite of passage you can uh buzzer ooh excuse
miss out on radios keep on like massive learnings ahead in life they say boat is
a sign even if you don’t really wear or even if you don’t do like conventionally
not well I don’t think it it it it doesn’t make 100 percent shape what you
want to do yeah yeah cause me to 97.5 our my coaching career me jobs acne
fields are related what is this random sure you didn’t know this is like
basically I’m saying T I’m not saying that much but I Caro but even if you do
sign your own annoyed and put just putting it out there
Nora nard what was your reaction when you got verified on Instagram when I got
verified I didn’t know how important it oh how many subscribers do you have 30
40 what follow-on to Jupiter Mira Mira to
coach T not followers say table jack gimmick with me mush kids a verification
pick my metaphor Koshu team and I’m the highest rank posting showed me the
fucking guys I don’t like two or three years ago it’s quite impressive but hey
show up would they new that sure so boiled – blog asks how
to become an influencer in 2019 house time changed since you started I feel
like when we started influencer wasn’t even at all over but the animators our
YouTube channel booth again yeah any what has changed and now that doctor
someone comes to your profile and feels good and goes back then you’re doing a
good job at being an influencer I’ve traveled so quickly by a social media
because he spent so much time on those platforms career-wise I bet Lee is like
totally respecter of this profession that’s what I feel great that more
cradles are coming on yeah I like even aunties and uncles no offense to Auntie
Ron coos also like tell me that re you have a YouTube channel that’s awesome
like this anchor you can he took a photo with me either you have a youtube – but
Joe come on ruchi kr0 9:05 how do you guys stay so
grounded we realized that whatever we do cause we’ve been working for it and it’s
because of the audience and because of the content so yeah and also coming in
those media those myths what does a bit cool when you need people around you to
tell you that hey listen this is not a good idea or shut up or this lot right
things I like this to me you know who you are I hate you Jim justices one
video of each other’s that or style that you love I like shameless
really yeah I really like shameless I like your your dog’s loss
think about the many John about you what’s the biggest fear for you in this
profession I don’t know Keith Kyle Jack and I feel I am transitioning through
avi avi turn 24 so transitioning through to like get exciting order so no but
it’s true like a feat Nicole Escobar do things all come guru fear chaos I wrote
that question everyone asks me nowadays on this fake I’ll get back to your
under-eyes in a year obviously content fewer that huh what are we going to put
out what are we gonna do but other than that our biggest fear is that if I
rid of you and they go back not liking basic sought after like men taking that
energy all the time like how would you do it they changed on the job I think
madam a toe if New York were do not hear it life may document accessible to you
and you meant the channel of your body I keep Mako hugs in any other BB much more
like you mean we got a bad one like the beat my picked up my view was in stop
ocean idyllic Journal asked how do you come up with such different and unique
content trial or different yeah so I know I have a bunch of different hobbies
and things that I like so my heart my in it I got just divided came into doe
video was fashioned of a nanny and do sketches banana and do not select yeah
what I was my enemy you know if there’s like the valley then I think of like
something related to Diwali thank you well it’s like fucking tough it’s it’s
really tough to the longest time my types of this type so that video is all
working and then suddenly one week it just stopped working like it got the
water in the lake it’s not exactly like just say I’m just trying new things I
feel like you know this trial and error thing with content and audiences never
stops okay I’m gonna do it okay like if you just try something I’ve already
doesn’t work then what do you wanna do try again the next week I always have a
diary that could should be organized of oil I’m doing hot be milled about math
and he’s given we do burn address if I just write that down so it’s just a
bunch of random words you didn’t have anything so just good thank you body out
yes I’m like oh okay what can we do and then I said to the team and I’m like hey
so now asks how do you deal with YouTube stress so just stressful the way you
don’t look like the kind of person with stress or do you say pal a nice you have
got Moochie logic in anymore and so it greatly low movie like you Netflix a
clue Guga offense Camilo and then I realized if I do that no I just get for
the back chillin and guilt that’s yeah the worst if I’m not feeling very
motivated and among each other I just get over with it like I if I’m getting
bad ideas I’ll write a bad video I’ll shoot a bad video I’ll upload a bad
video you know I just get movable out of the bullshit content because I know
highs and lows that keep happening and then because I know unless I get this
out of the way I’m not gonna reach a place where okay it’s gonna get my staff
caffeine meter oh there you do mean like nobody even my brother was telling me
that so when I was testing I called him and I knew like stop being a drama queen
that you’re just doing YouTube he is a nice guy okay Laura people don’t realize
that you don’t some days you’ll be surprised that stress is good yeah under
that stress you get a lot of stuff done mostly seen in a ballet
what would you guys do if you wake up as each other for ready like I will spend
all my day walking around in my very large house yes yeah yeah I just saw a
video where she gives her off the store and how offices in her house she’s been
here oh my god I never like listen this is a luxury for people in Mumbai just
having any rooms in your house yeah Teddy Arendt
both come hang on see so I would spend my day in my office
I put the 50 you oh I wanted to go for it I always wanted to do the UN yeah like I said good one anyway let’s end
the video here thank you like you having fun okay if you guys enjoyed make sure
you subscribe to her are you subscribe to say to Kumar hang and also leave a
like and we’ll see you soon bye


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    Working on my content and videos and hope to get that much successful one day 😀❤️

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