Mount Mitake hiking day trip near Tokyo

Mount Mitake hiking day trip near Tokyo

Japan a land covered by nearly 70-percent forests with the speck remaining virtually unknown to the average visitor while big cities electronics and skyscrapers dominate the minds that call upon Japan society type castes another world exists in a land which Shinto tends to make harmonious relations between human beings nature and the comi the landscape itself is often considered sacred shrines to the gods today I explore the less traveled and far reaches in the Land of the Rising Sun come along as we dispel the stereotypes of a crowded country and show solitude can be obtained if you’re willing to search for it this is out maitake [Music] I really like this temple they said it was here like 1,200 years something like that but plus 2c must’ve colors like this amirite guy awesome this is Japan [Music] tuckus on a 929 meter tall mountain located in the Chichibu tamaki national park virtual pristine nature in the westernmost part of Tokyo [Music] just two hours from central Tokyo it makes for an excellent reprieve for those coming congested by city life on the summit to a fine Mitaka shrine which is said to a date back some 1,200 years on a clear day from the summit you can see skyscrapers of Shinjuku in downtown Tokyo along with surrounding mountains of the Kanto Plain but alas the clouds were relentless on this day [Music] how about that views not too bad at all not maitake when you rather be here than in Tokyo right now in the city the million people or 30 million people I can’t hear nothing but birds animals [Music] [Music] here’s the map we got at the visitor center right now we’re here at the waterfall and it says if we take the ladder up you can go to the rock garden back up to the temple back out cars over here somewhere right now find this this bladder and I think that the latter the CL speak something is let’s do it [Music] [Music] you could pick up how misty it’s gotten foggy kind of you kind of cool at the same time Rockwall pretty cool you drop off top of that rock wall was super sketchy but it was weird that up there they had the Tengu statue about 2.4 kilometers from here back to the trailhead whose walk along just Forest Road head on back it’s about a two-hour drive from where I live in Oklahoma so if you take the train I think you can get here an hour and a half or so from Tokyo you live in Tokyo or you’re here on vacation I highly recommend this place a lot of people might say mount a cow but this mountain mount but ok it’s a hundred times better were you thinking about somewhere to go hike close to Tokyo this is the spot this is a very nice place beautiful woods the waterfall of course the trails are nice and the shrine is awesome it’s cool there’s a nice Ryan thanks for coming along once again on another Japan adventure hiking here and mountain Mitaka bagging a lot of mountains nothing serious yet but fun nevertheless hope you enjoyed the episode subscribe if you like to subscribe or you know oh that jazz thanks for coming along my name is rocky and of course this is rocky state outdoors sayonara [Music]


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    Riverbend Longbows Outdoors

    That made my heart smile😊
    You're back👊
    This is who I started watching two years ago.
    Keep it coming my man

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    Doc Ash

    Damn Rock…that intro brother…out f** standing. Great tour of Mitake. Thanks for sharing. I hope many more are to come!

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    William Logan

    Another fantastic video Rockie. The scenery was magnificent from Mount Mitake and that shrine was beautiful. I also loved seeing those statues and that Samurai on horseback was really cool. Looked like a nice way to spend the day exploring the mountains away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities. Thanks for sharing Rockie and I'm looking forward to your next Japan adventure. Cheers mate!!

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    Stealth Andy Steath

    Evening buddy 😁. What can i say but nice.. Tjat is sweet mate. Views, what can I say to do it justice.. ATB too you both. Andy 🇬🇧 👍 ☕

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    Grampaw Terry

    Thank you for taking us with you . Its so cool to see places most of us wont ever see with out you showing us . Thank you brother ,

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    Hello ♫

    It is Japanese, but there is still an unknown place.

    Thank you for the nice, good videos👍

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    Craig Betts

    thank you Rocky for another excellent video of the real Japan not the stuff you see of cities life's, what a beautiful country and the view from the top amazing my friend

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    Turtle Creek

    Great edit Rock. You are quite the narrator. The falls were spectacular. Keep this series up, you guys are killing it!

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    Osprey Momma

    👍🤚Rockie beautiful hike thanks for showing all the wonderful scenery and yes you can hear all the birds. Rock wall yikes a lil steep.
    Shrines were nice and awesome waterfall. Excellent quality captures Rockie. Thanks for sharing have a great week until next time take care from Florida 💕

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    Nate Buker

    Another great one from my own emissary to Japan! I did not know that the country was so forested and without you I still wouldn't. So beautiful, what a gift you give us by showing. Thanks, Rocky. At first I thought this title was "Mount Mistake" LOL

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    Outdoor Serenity

    First of all man, loving the scenery. Plus you are dead on with that narration. Japan is beautiful. You keep getting better ever vid brother, long way from ur vids here in the state's. Thanks for sharing, stay safe and good adventures!

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    Adventuring Outdoors With Eric

    Hey Rockie! Exceptional job on this video my friend! I totally loved how you opened up this video and the intro. You used a really good track throughout the entire video. I like the way you edited this video is well. You kept everything moving at a good pace and you did show lots and lots of beauty of the area you were hiking in. Yeah does look nicer than the last place you went to and less crowded and crazy. Really awesome that you're showing the natural side of Japan that most people don't know about. This is probably one of your top 5 videos I have seen of yours honestly. Great job my friend and it's awesome seeing you kill it like this!

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    SectionHiking The AT

    Incredible video Rocky! It’s clear that your heart is in the forest! Your best work yet! 👍

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    Hi! Rocky-san I learned the goodness japan again. As you know japan is small island, but it is iarge.
    There are a lot of places that i have never been. ^^

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    Freecamp Caywood Bushcraft Alaska

    Interesting. Engaging. Wonderful. Thanks for having me along. All the best. Rod

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    Anthony Payne

    Japan Baby! Love it Rockie! Loving the new documentary style, really nailed it with this one, awesome scenery of a beautiful mountain. 👍👍👍

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    Arielle Tjandruwati

    Thankyou Rocky for another wonderful video. It's obviously a beautiful mountain with lovely trails.

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    Willie Walks

    Thanks for showing some of Mt. Mitake I failed to explore. There are some nice places to stay up on the mountain too. Looks like I'll have to head back someday.

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    Hélène et Serge

    Very good ! Japan is beautiful ! Love to see the landscape!
    Hélène and Serge 💑

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    Madworkx Trouble

    Hey 👋
    I liked how the setup was made plus the voice. Like in real tv documentary. Great scenery. Thanks for bringing us closer to that fantastic part of the world. 👍👍👍Greetings

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    Mike Bye

    Look like you’ve lost some weight. Good for you bud. Glad to see you happy. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with all of us outdoor enthusiasts

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    Backpacking With Jason

    It’s beautiful out there. Love the waterfall!! That hiking trail looks awesome. Really cool video 👍

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    Ah man! That reminds me of a couple of hikes I did with my ex in India. Great memories. Thanks for sharing, all the best from the UK!

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    Absolutely gorgeous! The terrain looks like it provides a good challenge, probably helps keep the crowds at bay. Keep up the series bud!

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    ranran らんらん

    Hello, my friend, Amazing video

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    Gaziano Outdoors

    Awesome video mate, Japan looks a beautiful place, I didn't realize it had so much forest, your doing a great job of showing of the beauty and culture of Japan, cool editing and filming too mate 👍👍

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    Smell N Roses

    Awesome place. Not bad at all, as you said. Your video was awesome too. I wasn't bored with your previous videos but I can see you definitely put a lot of effort into this one. That shrine was really neat especially for something so old and the woods and views looked awesome. In a way I kind of liked that the clouds blocked the view of the city buildings…after all you were up there, at least in part, to escape that stuff, so the mountain didn't let you see it while you there.

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    Libmanan Channel

    I finally found you! long time no see! Thank you for introducing Japan's wonderful places! I enjoyed it very much!

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    Nice video man. I love Mt. Mitake. Hiking both sides of the mountain is great! If you haven't done it yet, do the west side from Hinohara. There are some nice primitive camping spots along the way.

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    Suzy Q

    Another excellent video. Japan is so beautiful once you get away from the cities. The nature, water, mountains, temples, statues and colours and you do an amazing job showcasing this beauty. Thank you!

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    Nice. Only went there once in winter. Think we will camp in that grassy place near the end of the vid. BTW, the onsen must love you!

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