Hi guys. Two years ago I gave birth to this
little man, Jackson, and being a blogger, I recorded all of my pregnancy updates right
from the beginning. So I thought in this video, I would merge all nine months together and
the birth. So this is our nine month journey to Jackson. You say bye, bye. Bye, bye. You say it. Me and my husband have decided
to try for another baby. I can’t actually believe it. I’m so excited. I don’t feel pregnant
yet. I keep going, oh no, my boobs don’t hurt. But I was a bit spotty this week. So I was,
oh I’ve got spots, maybe I’m pregnant. I totally [inaudible 00:00:43] this is the month … Hopefully
next month. It’s Christmas day now, and I’ve been feeling
really, really tired. I’m just going to see and do a pregnancy test. I don’t even have
the proper ones here at home. I’ve just got the little, and I’ve just done it. It’s a
really faint line. So I think I might be pregnant, and it’s Christmas day. I’m just thrilled, thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.
So this is the test and that line is really, really strong. I’m only five weeks pregnant.
So it’s really, really early days. But I am, and it’s going to be our third baby. At the
moment, at five weeks, that my baby is three millimeters long, and it is the size of a
sesame seed. Apparently our baby at the moment, looks like
a tadpole, nice. All of it’s heart and organs and everything are already starting to form.
I’m being very careful with what I eat. I’m not drinking alcohol at all. The only new
thing that I’m doing is I’m taking a pregnancy supplement. I’m not telling anyone anything
yet. I’m not looking really any different or anything yet just, boobs have definitely
grown, and they’re already quite sore. Also, had a few headaches, which I’ve been taking
paracetamol for. This is my six week update. Apparently the
baby is the size of a blueberry. So it is tripling in size now. It’s got little arm
buds. It has little holes where the eyes are going to go. It has little nostril holes.
It has blood pumping through its body now and everything. Lungs are developing and everything
already. Another big thing that’s happened this week is I finally met with my doctor
at six weeks, and we just had a chat about what hospital I wanted to be at. I’m just waiting to hear when my 12-week scan
date will be. The other hospital now write to me. I really can’t wait to have that scan
date and to go to that scan because this bit is the hardest bit because you can’t tell
anyone. But my symptoms are probably the worst they’re going to be in this trimester, and
you’re not a hundred percent sure. You sort of, you’re scared to tell people because you’re
like is it going to stay? Is it all going to be okay. I’ve been very emotional. I have been quite
hormonal. I’ve been feeling a little bit sick but I haven’t been sick at all. I have noticed
that when I brush my teeth, my gag reflex is really sensitive. My boobs are like obscenely,
they have grown so much. Smells as well have definitely been affecting me this week. Everything
is heightened, even changing Caleb’s nappy now, it smells so much worse and we walked
past a smoker the other day, and I was like, oh. So the tiredness is really getting to
me now. Hi guys, I’m back with my seven week pregnancy
update getting more like the size of a kidney bean, and it’s also got little hands and feet
now coming from the arm buds and stuff. It’s also got eyelids and nose, and the baby’s
brain is growing and uterus apparently has doubled in size in the past five weeks. I’ve
had no morning sickness so far. So, that’s really good. I sometimes feel a little bit
nauseous. I definitely need to go to the loo more. I need to wee more often. So I’m definitely
seeing that side effect at the moment. But it’s really tricky because they recommend
that you drink more during pregnancy, and I’m actually more thirsty as well. So I want
to drink more but I’m constantly having to the loo. Ten more blood running through my body, preparing
for the baby. By the end of my pregnancy, I’ll have 45% more blood running through my
whole body. And I think that’s why you sort of feel like so full of water and so puffy.
Still, I’m really suffering with sore breasts. They just feel so big and so sore. I’ve gone
off a few foods and most of the foods that I’ve gone off have been vegetables, which
is not great, and I am smelling smells. If there’s anything off in the fridge or anything
like that, it just really hits me. I’m at the very end of my eighth week of pregnancy.
Baby is now two centimeters long. It is growing a millimeter per day now. All of its organs,
nerves, muscles, everything is now functioning. This week to be honest, I have just been so
tired. I actually feel like yawning now because I’m still running around after a five year
old and a two year old and I’m still working and doing everything. So it has been really
tiring, definitely still weeing more. Every now and then, I’m just, I feel a bit sick.
So what’s been helping me with that this week has been definitely little sips of ginger
ale, some vinegar crisps has been really good to help with like the sick feeling. Some really nice symptoms I’ve had this week
are constipation, can’t believe I just said that on the internet. But this is real life.
Still cannot wait to tell everyone. Another exciting thing that I’ve done this week, which,
and I know it’s really early, but I’ve bought some maternity clothes. Now at the end of
week nine it is the size of an olive, but this is a video on what the baby is looking
like this week. So as you can see it has fingers, toes. At the end of week nine when you begin
week 10, your baby goes from being an embryo to now, it’s officially a fetus. So, that’s
exciting. A new symptom this week is I’ve been quite
out of breath for no reason. I’ve not been running around before this video. But I sat
down now to talk to you and I’m … Hormones have been a bit crazy this week, my poor husband.
Another new symptom for me that is, oh my god so real, baby brain. I don’t know, just
doing really stupid things like forgetting my wallet. Every morning I’m also taking my
liquid iron supplement which is [inaudible 00:06:34] and I buy an apple flavor. I really
like the taste of it, but I have it every day because my iron levels are not very good. I think now it’s the size of a fig. Heart
is completely formed. I cannot believe that it already will have milk teeth in it even
now. Obviously they won’t pop up until my baby is 6 months old. New symptom for me this
week is when I’ve been rolling over in bed, if I do it quite quickly, I get a real stitch.
It hurts, it’s literally like, oh. But sometimes plain water on its own makes me feel a little
bit nauseous. I don’t know why. So what has really been helping with that is if I put
a tiny bit of lemon squash or actually fresh lemon, just squeeze it in. And now it is the size of a lime, which just,
I’ve got a lime and I was, that’s actually quite big, and it makes me feel a bit better
because I have got a little bit of a bump now, which I will show you my tummy. Other
exciting news is I had my booking appointment this week [inaudible 00:07:34] and tomorrow
I have my scan. So I can’t wait just to see it because kind of doesn’t feel real until
you’ve actually seen it and because my symptoms haven’t been that bad, I’m kind of, is there
a baby in … The most exciting thing that’s happened in
a 12-week is obviously we had our dating scan, which means we have really cute little pictures
of the baby now. This is one of them, which I think captures it’s profile so well. It’s
amazing how clear these scans are. It’s got its little leggy stretched It’s amazed looking
at it, how much it was just moving around and wriggling around considering I can’t feel
anything yet. It was literally having a party in there and it really does make it so real
when you physically see the baby, and you’ve had your scan, and you can come away and,
obviously, now we’ve told everyone. Also in the scan when they went over the baby’s
legs, I know it’s way too early to say or to know anything, but I swear I saw something
between his legs and I’m a mom of two boys. I kind of know what I’m looking for and I
was I saw it and I was convinced. I was like, I just saw it bits. I’m pretty sure it’s a
boy, and the woman was, oh no, no, no don’t be silly it’s far too early to know. And they
said that the baby is six and a bit centimeters and that is roughly the length of like a pea
pod. I have definitely felt less tired. I felt almost like lighter and a bit more of
a clear head. We told the boys. We did a pregnancy announcement
video of us surprising the boys with the fact that they’re going to have another sibling.
I also got an update on the down syndrome screening test that we had at our 12-week
scan. It says your actual risk is 1 in 17 and a half thousand. So the chance is extremely
low of them actually having sown syndrome. 5:00 a.m. most mornings, I wake up from a
nightmare, but I think it’s because I need to go to the loo. So I think it’s my body’s
way of waking me up to then go to the loo. It’s the major symptom that I felt this week
really is just feeling a bit low and, not depressed, just feeling a bit down about my
body and stuff. I don’t really look pregnant. But then I don’t
really look normal. I just look a little bit chubby around the middle. People always comment
on my bump and people always comment on my boobs, and I just think you would never ever
comment on somebody’s body or chest or something if they weren’t pregnant. I’m back with my
14 week update. Baby now is the size of a pear or roughly about 4 inches long, so it’s
really, really starting to grow now. And it can now sense light. In terms of symptoms this week, I’ve just
been feeling better and better really, lots more energy, again feeling brighter, feeling
clearer, being less sluggish, feeling less blah. I think that’s probably why the second
trimester is so many women’s favorite trimester because the first one is quite hard in terms
of symptoms and you feel sick. The second one, you’re not too big that it’s hard to
move around, and you start to get your energy back and feel better. So this is definitely
my favorite trimester. My skin is also been really good, no breakouts or anything like
that. So in terms of those pregnancy hormones, that is all really, really nice. In my 16th week now, and the baby is now the
size of either an avocado or a large orange and it’s even breathing in and out the amniotic
fluid, learning all of those kind of skills, and it can even suck its thumb now. Exciting
news, I’ve convinced my husband that is a good idea to have an early gender scan, and
we’re going tomorrow evening. I’m so excited, we’re going to a private clinic near where
we live, and they’re going to hopefully be able to see even at this early stage. I’ll
be nearly 17 weeks. We think that it probably is a boy. I feel so similar to the way that
I felt with both of the other pregnancies. I felt a little flutter in my stomach and
I thought that must be the baby. But I haven’t felt anything since. The most exciting news this week is that I’m
definitely feeling the baby move. It’s now 11 centimeters long and I have been feeling
it kind of flutter around. When I sit on the couch at night and I’m just relaxing I can
feel it then or if I concentrate on feeling the baby move, I do feel the baby move. But
for me, they actually feel like little bubbles popping in my tummy. So they’re just tiny
movements, my husband wouldn’t be able to feel them as well yet or anything. But I am
definitely feeling a little baby wriggle around which is just really nice. You forget what
it feels like between babies. And now when I feel it, I’m like, aw. Symptoms this week, I’ve still been feeling
really well, but the tiredness has come back. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve had the
Easter weekend and also we’re sort of pushing on with our build. We’re building an extension
and we’ve had to clear out the boy’s rooms. Haven’t been getting up in the night to go
to the loo anymore. It’s as if the baby’s moved off of my bladder now. Baby is now the
size of a large orange or a dragon fruit. We are having another boy we found out. I’m
going to be a mom of boys. I’m gonna have three sons, and I was so emotional when I
found out. I think anyone else who’s found that will probably know what I’m saying. But it just makes it so real to think, right,
there’s a boy in there, and he’s coming out and he’s gonna be my son, and I can now say
he and him, and I’ve been feeling so much movement lately. Yeah. It just all feels very
real, and I’ve done this twice before, and I’m nearly halfway, so I don’t know why I’m
feeling like, oh my gosh, but it’s just it’s just amazing. So at the moment, he’s about 14 centimeters
long, which is about the size of a grapefruit or mango, so getting quite large. At this
stage as well, his skin is starting to get color. So up until now it’s been translucent,
but now he’s now getting some color in his skin. He could even start growing some hair
now. In my midwife appointment this week as well, I got to hear the heartbeat, which was
really, really nice. This pregnancy has been my easiest and best one so far, which is great
because he’s my third. So I’ve only had a bit restlessness and a
little bit of dizziness lately, but apparently that can be hormones as well. My eldest son’s
reaction to having another boy has been so, so sweet. He’s obsessed with the name Leo.
I have no idea where he got it from, but he really, really wants to call the baby Leo
and we actually had a different name in mind. Today is my 20 week update and this week has
been quite exciting because I had my 20 weeks scan, which is always a really nice point
to get to because the scan is so in depth and it’s so reassuring because they’ve seen
everything now. They’ve seen the heart, kidneys, stomach,
[inaudible 00:14:21] everything. We’re even zoomed in on the face, and they could see
that his lips were good, there was no cleft lip or anything like that. Anyway, this is
him, and he’s looking so much chunkier. It is definitely a boy they zoomed in and I’ve
seen it for my own eyes. I am definitely feeling and looking pregnant now. I love when you
get to the stage and you have an actual bump. I’ll show you what it looks like. But yes,
I’m wearing all maternity clothes now. I can’t squeeze into any of my trousers or anything
like that unless they’re below my bump, and I’ve just ordered a pair of over the bump
leggings because it has definitely got to that stage, and they feel so good. I got them
on [inaudible 00:14:59]. I’ve used bio oil, cocoa butter, and just
coconut oil. So I’m going to use all of those things again. This baby loves lemon juice
for some reason. So the baby now weighs a whole pound. It’s about the size of a papaya.
Now 27 centimeters from head to toe. So my bum is really growing now as well. I have
definitely popped, and I’ve got a few bump touches now. If you bump comments, which as
you may know, I absolutely love, not. Oh my God, how big have you got? What a big bump.
Wow. Oh wow, your is really small and lots of people saying I’m glowing, or I’ve got
this pregnancy glow. So I do feel really, really well. So, that’s a really nice symptom
that I’ve got. But I’ve noticed that my wedding and engagement
ring is getting a tiny bit tight. So I think I’m gonna have to take them off. Another new
symptom is I’m definitely nesting I’ve been trying to organize things more, clean more.
Today I’m 25 weeks pregnant now, and I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going.
I’m six months pregnant now. He’s about the size of a papaya and weighing in at one and
a half ounces and he is moving so much. I’m feeling loads of movement. Sometimes the kind
of movement that kind of takes you off guard. If I’m just talking to someone, I’m like,
oo. My baby bump is definitely growing. I feel
like I’ve really popped and I feel like every time I see someone now they’re really like,
oh wow, or people automatically know that I’m pregnant. I’m definitely using my stretch
mark creams. One new craving this week and that has been bounties. I’m so tired. This
is going to my 26 week of pregnancy. My husband put his head to my tummy this week and he
could hear the baby’s heartbeat. Really started to experience heartburn, leg cramps. I’m really
getting out of breath as well now, and I just feel like my bump is really growing, and I’m
running out of space. I am having some Gaviscon now, only at night
if I feel like I’ve got heartburn. Caleb is asking loads of questions. He’s really interested.
He actually came home from school the other day and asked me how, when the baby is the
size of a watermelon because on my pregnancy app, the last fruit is watermelon. He asked
how was I going to get the watermelon out of my butt. I was really taken back. I was
like, what, is that what you think it’s coming out of, and he was, yeah, someone at school
told me that the baby is coming out of your butt. And I was like, he’s only five. Here
is 26 weeks from the front and 26 weeks from the side. I am officially in my third trimester now,
yay. Today I had a 2D, 3D, and 4D scan of our baby, just looked so much bigger compared
to the 20-week scan. He had his hands in front of his face, and then he had his feet in front
of his face, and then he just completely turned to face my back. So we couldn’t get any footage
of his face. I’ll insert some pictures here. They recorded the heartbeat of our baby and
put it into this toy. You could choose from loads of different teddies. And yeah, I just
thought it was like a really nice keepsake. So this is his heart. So a baby at 29 weeks should look something
like this. If he was to be born now, there is a good chance that he would survive. He’s
already head down so hopefully he won’t twist again and hopefully he’ll just stay head down
now for the duration. I think I am leaning towards a home birth. And I think it would
be a really lovely experience for my last baby. This is going to be my update for week
30 and 31. I think from this week, really I’ve started to have quite a lot of symptoms,
and I’m really starting to feel pregnant. Still getting out of breath a lot even though
my bump is really low and lots of people have said wow your bump has really dropped. So
I was thinking that that should help with how out of breath I am, but I’m still really
out of breath. So I think my lungs are still being a little bit squished. I think I might have a couple of new stretch
marks on the front of my tummy. Other exciting news this week is I have booked my home birth.
In my last update, I was really umming and ahhing about what to do. But I have decided
to just go for it and re-register. One other thing that we’ve done for the boys is we have
said to them that they can choose a present for the baby to bring them when the baby comes.
I told the boys that I’m going to tell the baby what they want from the baby and that
he is going to bring the presents with him. So they’re really excited about that and they’re
now acting like this baby is Santa Claus or something. Today I’m going to update you on how week
32 and 33 has gone. Spines are hardening, may have hair, his immune system is totally
developed now, so that’s good, and also from now on he is going to put on about half a
pound a week. So really getting nice and fat, hopefully. In terms of birth plans, I literally
have the exact same birth plan that I’ve had for both of my boys, and it’s the exact same
piece of paper as well. Every time we’ve had a baby, I’ve just put it in my top drawer,
and I’ve still got it. This is going to be my 36th week update. I’m
just starting my ninth month of pregnancy, which seems crazy. I feel like he’s so low.
I feel like he’s so ready. I’m still suffering from heartburn after I eat, so I’m finding
having smaller, more frequent meals has been helping. I’m now 38 weeks pregnant. Oh my
gosh, I’ve been spending most of the last week trying to get ready for this baby. We
had our midwife come over to talk about our home birth and tell us what we need. The boys
were here and they got to hear the heartbeat and they got to watch her check me and check
the baby, and they were really, really interested. It was so, so cute. I don’t feel like my bump has actually got
any bigger, but hopefully he is just getting fatter in there and putting on loads of weight.
Symptoms this week is swollen feet. I feel like my face is a bit swollen as well. My
hips have been really sore still, especially at night when I’m sleeping and I go to roll
over. It’s like I’m dislocating my hip when I roll over it. I’m so excited to see his
little face. I just cannot wait to look at his little face. Today day it’s gonna be my 39-week update.
He is the size of a watermelon now, he should be about six and a half pounds to seven pounds
and 20 inches. And in this last week or last two weeks, he is just literally building up
a layer of fat on his body to keep him nice and warm when he comes out. But he’s completely
formed and ready to go, basically. My midwife appointment, they also asked if I wanted to
book in for a sweep on my due date, but I said no because both of our boys previously
have been exactly six days late. I feel a bit like give him a chance. I’ve just been craving so much ice lollies.
I’m not even exaggerating when I say I probably eat about four or five ice lollies day. I
am now 40 weeks pregnant. I have made it to the end. So, yeah, really I’m just waiting
around for the baby. I’m really, really pleased that we have made it this far. This is our
changing table. This is my breastfeeding chair. This is the cot that all of our boys have
had. Doing some food prep and some meal prep. I’m going to make a big chili today that feeds
10, and I’m going to put it in a Ziploc bags. So that my husband and I will have like chili
for five nights in the freezer. I can’t believe I’m filming my 41 week pregnancy
update. I have never made it to 41 weeks before in my two other pregnancies. Only five percent
of women actually deliver on their due date. So, that makes me feel a little bit better.
So he should be looking like this now. I had my 41 week check with the midwives. So they
did all the normal checks, my blood pressure and that kind of thing. They check the baby’s
heart rate, and she said it sounds really happy in there and lovely. Then she asked
me if I wanted to have a stretch and sweep. She did it. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting
it to be. If I have to be induced to get this little
guy out then my main priority is that he’s happy, healthy, and here and not that oh,
I dreamed about having a home birth and all that stuff. We’ve done a walk. We’ve done
a bumpy car ride, we’ve done all the stuff that you can do to bring on a baby. We’ve
had pineapple, bouncing on my birthing ball, I’ve been doing that a lot in the last few
days. So I had acupuncture to try and bring the baby down. Is [inaudible 00:23:51] Yes.
Two shows now, quite big show, but not, no waters. [inaudible 00:24:01] the Midwife that’s come
in and she says she will be here in half an hour. The Midwife arrived and started doing
all of my antenatal checks. She would check his heartbeat during contractions and between
contractions. Really try to listen to the words relax and breathe and concentrate on
my hypnosis and try not to listen to anything else that was going on around me. Which is a pain relief, but it’s probably
helping you breathe and control your breathing. All right. Jackson. Hello. Can you hear him? Yeah, he’s
okay. [inaudible 00:24:41] Oh [inaudible 00:24:41] Oh. He’s pinking up nicely now. Yeah. Yay, well done. I didn’t know it was going to be that quick.
Doesn’t it look like it’s empty? Yeah. Does he look the same? Yeah. Oh, oh mister. Why did you poo in there? Do you wanna meet him? Yeah. Yeah, your little brother. Yeah. Yeah, go meet him. Hi baby. Oh, I’m so [inaudible 00:25:25] The baby come out. Yeah. The baby came out of my tummy. Caleb, Caleb. What’s his name? Jackson. Oh, is he big or small? Small. Is he cute? Jackson’s here. Is he cute? He’s your brother. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, happy birthday. Give him a little kiss on the head. [inaudible 00:26:01] sneezy, sneezing [inaudible
00:26:04] hello. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this delivery story and
I’m so glad that he’s here and I didn’t have to be induced. And yes, I’m just going to
go back to being in my baby bubble now, and thanks so much for watching. Bye.


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