My trip to Thailand 🇹🇭 ชลนสรกลับไปเยี่ยมบ้าน (Part 1)

My trip to Thailand 🇹🇭 ชลนสรกลับไปเยี่ยมบ้าน (Part 1)

Hello! Right now we are heading to
Siam (Shopping center) with my mom. Mom: Hello guys~ Because I am having lunch with some of my friends
who went to KIS International School with me. But only 6 of us will be meeting today because
the rest of my friends are mostly studying abroad. And there are also friends who are busy
this week is their exams because this week
is the exam week for college students. That’s why some of my friends
are not able to join us today. S: Where are you going to do
after dropping me off? Mom: I’m going
to the bank. S: Guys, my mom
is going to the bank. Mom: And then I will come
back and pick you up after. S: I actually asked my mom what she was
planning to do after she drop me off. Because it’s been awhile since I’ve met all my friends
and I’m not sure how long it will take for us to hangout. So I asked her where she was
going to do while waiting for me. And my sister not to worry about her because she’s a person who always has something to do all the time. Yesterday we went to
‘Hua Moom Night Market’. Mom: NO! It’s called,
’Rod Fai Night Market’. S: Oh yes! ‘Rod Fai
Night Market’. Oh my, there is just so many markets in
Bangkok I really can’t remember all of them. (I’m here to do a little
bit of shopping.) (I’m not sure how much I
will be able to film today.) We went to the ‘Rod Fai Night Market’
and I couldn’t film anything at all. There weren’t a lot of people
before we went in. And then all of a sudden a big Chinese
tour group arrived at the same time as us. So there were LOADS
of people that night. And I didn’t felt like filming because
there were so many people there. And it’s going to affect me when I edit my video because it’s not polite to show faces of strangers in my videos. So that’s why I will have to blur everyone’s faces
and BLURRING will take me more time to edit. So I decided
to stop filming. I didn’t buy much
that day, though. Just a little bit of
this and that. We actually went to Platinum
(Shopping Mall) the day before. And I wasn’t able to film anything there because my eyes
were attached to all the clothes on both sides of me. So I couldn’t concentrate
on filming anything. Anyways, at the moment there
doesn’t seem to be a lot of traffic. Mom: Just a
little bit of traffic. S: Yes, just
a little bit. I’m meeting with
my friends at 12PM. We’ll have to see if we
can get there on time or not. And like every other day,
I don’t have my makeup on today. There are a lot of people who had
asked me about my make-up product. Since there’s a lot of traffic at the moment,
I guess I will be telling you guys a bit about
what I use for my make up while we’re in the car. Because I constantly keep getting questions about
my make-up both from Thai fans and
from International fans. And many of you were asking me
why my skin looks so clear and healthy. And to be honest my skin
isn’t that healthy at all. I have a lot of troubles and acne scars
and I’m getting red spots on my face too. I think it’s because of the yellow dust in
the air that I’ve encountered both in
Seoul and now in Bangkok too. As you all know Seoul is facing troubles with yellow dust right now, even worst than the dust here in Thailand. For those of you who are planning to go to Seoul,
I suggest you bring a face mask with you. Whenever it is in Korea, as a protection you should
really have a face mask with you at all times. Anyways, today I will be telling
you guys what I use for my face. Right now on my face I did not apply
any foundation or bb cream right now. But I did apply
a layer of this, The bottle is
kind of dirty. This is a product
from Innisfree. This is the daily UV protection
cream (no sebum) from Innisfree. I’m not sure what ‘no sebum’ means but
I believe that it gives the cream a dry
texture NOT oily when apply to face. This is a sun cream that
helps to brighten your face. Well, yes ALL sun cream is
supposed to brighten your face. But for this one… I’m not sure
what the exact word is… Mom: Doesn’t this make
your face look super light? S: No, it doesn’t. Does my skin look
THAT light right now? Mom: I mean your natural skin
tone has got so much brighter. S: NOOOO! My natural
skin tone isn’t that light. I mean when you apply this product onto
your face it will brighten your natural tone
but it doesn’t changes your face tone. This cream has no mixture of
any type of colour right here. I really want to show you all
the texture of this product. Can you see this? This is just a
normal sunscreen. Mom: There’s no
number right? S: Yes, this cream only
comes in one colour. The colour is just white but when you
apply it onto your face it will
automatically brighten your face. Mom: Don’t forget to buy
one for me next time. S: Yes, I will
get you one. I’m telling you all that this video
is not sponsored or anything, okay? Today is a very lucky day because
I actually brought all of the products
that I use everyday with me. I really recommend
this product too. This is a concealer crayon that was
recommended by our makeup artist. She was originally using
this product on our faces. And I asked her what it is and she
told me that it’s a pencil concealer. It comes in an easy way to
apply pencil type like this. Mom: What
brand is it from? This is from a makeup brand
called Courcelles Paris. I don’t know how to read
their brand name properly. Seems like my
camera is not focussing. The shade that
I am using is… Right when I was able to
check the colour this happens. The number
got scraped off. I can’t check the colour right now but
I think this is the darkest shade they have. I don’t use the bright shade because
my skin tone is not that light. I am not Elkie, I cannot use super
light shades for my face. (This video is NOT SPONSORED) For those of you who want it,
you can go check it out. I ordered mine
from the internet. I have a lot of dark spots
and scars on my face. So what I do is use this concealer
to cover up those spots. Mom: After using
the suncream? S: Yes, after
using this. Many of you were asking about my
lashes and why it’s always curled up. I actually don’t use anything
product in particular. I always had long lashes
since I was young. S: Are your
lashes long too? Mom: I use to trim your lashes
when you were a baby. S: Okay guys, now listen
to my mom’s tips. Mom: If you have a baby then I suggest
you trim their lashes when they are a baby. Mom: Applies to both
male and female. S: You can even do
it to baby boys. And I also heard that parents shave
their babies head when they are young
so that their hair can grow thicker, right? Mom: Yes, parents will shave their babies
head and apply the oil from pork
fat onto their head. Apply the oil all over the scalp of your baby
and massage it and if you do it frequently
enough, your baby hair will grow thicker. S: And that was a little
tip from my mom. I don’t think you do it though
if you are a grown up like me. But I really don’t suggest any of
you to try this at this age. Mom: This only works for
babies, not grown ups. S: Yes, apply this to your
child instead of yourself. Don’t watch my video and start
doing it because my mom said so. I once learn a tip from my
makeup artist and she said, To get really curled lashes it’s really up to
how you curl your lashes with the lash curler. Personally I’m currently not
using any special curler. But I heard that the lash curler
from Shiseido is the best. Anyone who is going to Japan
I suggest you buy it. It is also way
cheaper in Japan. Anyone who is going to Japan
I think it will be very worth it to buy one. When you curl it make
make sure to look down. And make sure that you get it as
closest to the stem of your lashes. But, make sure to not pinch
your own skin with this. For those of you who are bad at
it I suggest you use a small mirror. I guess it’s time to promote myself I got this from our
company again. Mom: She said that
there were only 1 left. Even I couldn’t get one. (Mom complaining again) S: I couldn’t get it for anyone
because there were only 1 left. When you curl your lashes make sure to look down
and you should hold your mirror down like
this so that you can see when you curl it. Next is the… Where was I again? What is eyebrow in Thai? Oh!
I got it! I use this product which the
container is kind of dirty. This is from Maybeline New York. This is sell in
every country. This is what I have
on right now. But there is also another product that our CLC
members and a lot of makeup artists uses
which is a pencil eyebrow from Shu. Shu… Shu…? What’s the
name again? I’m not sure but I think
you all know what it is. It’s a pencil eyebrow
from Shu Uemura. I used to have it too. SEUNGHEE and
SEUNGYEON also use it too. And also we use it at CLC’s
makeup shop too. For those who wants a good quality
eyebrow pencil, I really suggest this one. Now that we are done with
the eyebrow, the next one is… For my lip product I don’t
mind using anything. In the past after we finished our promotion
with ‘Hobgoblin’ I became really into
matte and dark shades of lipstick. I don’t know where I got the habit
of liking dark lipstick colour from. But I think it’s
from my mom. Mom: Me, of course! S: She really likes
super red lipstick. Mom: My grandson once ask me, ‘Grandma, we’re
just going to the convenience store near by,
why do you have to put on super red lips?’ S: Applying lip product is very
important to some girls. Because if we don’t, we will look super sick and people are going to ask if you’re sick or not when the problem is that you didn’t apply any lipstick on. That’s all -_- The only lip product I
am using right now is. This product EUNBIN brought and told
me that it is 1+1 and she was using it
and I found the packaging so cute. This is from
Holika Holika. The packaging is a
shape of a heart. The colour I use is ‘RD03 Cherry Rush’ which
is the colour I am using right now on my lips. It doesn’t have the matte texture
and I had bought 5 for myself. I was very greedy and brought
five of them at once. For those who likes cute packing for
beauty products I really recommend this. The next product is a product
that I’ve used since I was young. This is 3CE from Stylenanda
which was really popular before. It’s a cream blusher. Something like this… Mom: Is that the blusher? S: Yes, the blusher that you and everyone
in our house used. Remember? There are a lot of cream blusher
out in the market these days. But I am a lazy person and I am the type
who will just stick to just one product. I like it because it
doesn’t look too much. I don’t set my powder or foundation on
my face so this is what I have to use. What else do I have? Well, I guess that is all. If you ask me if this level of makeup is appropriate
for taking pictures or not, I will say NO.
You can look abit like a sick person. So whenever I see my fans like this I will
always ask them to use the filter camera
when they take selfies with me. I don’t use makeup because
I just want my skin to rest. And my skin is really sensitive. I get acne really easily. But those who really like my makeup style
right now I really recommend you buy this. It’s really good that I would
like to pass this on. And also this concealer that
I want you all to buy. I don’t know if they sell this
in other countries or not. And this is super long and think
about when your going to finish this? All you have to do is sharpen it and
just imagine how long it would take
until it reaches the end. You can use it until you have your baby and
the baby grows up and graduate from college
and you still wouldn’t be able to use all of it. And most importantly is to
take care of your skin. Before, I used to have
super tan skin. And my skin had gotten a lot brighter that people
are curious about what I did to my skin. My skin had gotten a lot brighter
because my mom has sent me.. Loads of collagen for me to mix with
water and drink it everyday. To be more specific, the collagen brand that
I am drinking is from ‘BOOM’ (Thai product). I also take vitamin C
together with the collagen. It can be any type of vitamin C,
doesn’t really matter. The most important thing
is that you take it together. I also saw many people reviewing this
on twitter about taking collagen. And vitamin C together to make
your skin healthier (and clear). I would like to officially confirm that
it actually works really well. No one is sponsoring me to say these
things and this video is not sponsored. So everything that I am right now
is all from my own experience. This is all from my experience because I used
to have super tan skin when was younger. The vitamin C that I take is not those vitamin C
candy that kids eat but those vitamin C
supplement people take that is 500mg. The size is quite big. I also take my collagen first thing in the morning.
I will just mix it with water and then
drink it after I drink from water. And I also take my vitamin C too. Normally vitamin C will only stay in your body for
7~8 hours if you buy really good quality ones. For those of you who have vitamin C
at home I suggest you eat it. Because it won’t cause
harm to you at all. I am someone who doesn’t like to eat
fruits at all that’s why I need to get my
extra vitamin C from these supplements. For those who likes to eat fruit,
it’s better to get your vitamin there. But if you add in a vitamin C supplement
plus collagen I can guarantee you that
your skin will show improvements in no time. And what else? Yeah, I think that’s it for my
little review for today. The battery is actually dying because
I’ve been talking too much. I will see you later, bye-bye! Okay, we are finally here with
my friends who I talked about earlier. Are you guys excited? Friend: Wow!!! You’re acting so
fake right now Sorn, lol. Friends: Hello~ Can you please introduce yourself. Wawa: I already have
my lipstick on ‘NO’~ Red lips ‘NO’~ This is my friend, Wawa. This is Nissa aka Ploy. You don’t have to
hide behind me. On that side we have
Aom, Phing, and Babe. Babe: Black Dress~ This is really all the friends
I could invite today. The rest is currently not living
in this country at the moment. And we also have 1 friend who is
reviewing for her test to become a doctor. Aom is actually leaving soon because
she doesn’t have money to buy her
own food today lol. She will get kick out of
this place soon lol. Babe also has to leave soon too. Babe: Gotta go soon! I’ve met her before in Korea. And also her too. Does she look Korean? Wawa: Annyeong? Does she look Korean? Ploy: 배고파 (I’m so hungry) They are so annoying lol Aom: I’m so sad. It looks like I am
here to steal my friend’s food. S: Why are you like this Aom!!
Do you need money? Aom: No one is giving me
money for the food>


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