(gasps in shock) – Door’s closing.
– Door is closing, lights are on.
– All right, they must be doing something.
– Sharers, buckle up, get ready for this chase. We’re gonna follow and see where this McLaren person lives. Here they go.
(Grace exclaims excitedly) – [Grace] They’re moving, they’re moving. McLaren’s on the loose. John, careful, there could be cars coming. Just stay close.
– Look left, look right, look left.
– McLaren, is legit moving right now, blinker is on and everything, this person knows how to drive. Spy mission, we’re following them. Grace, get your listening device on. (beeping) – [John] Stephen, what do you see? – [Stephen] The masked person. – [John] Oh, I didn’t see them there. What are they doing? – They’re about to go through the woods, we gotta follow this person. So, Sharers, if you didn’t
see Grace’s last vlog, something happened when our
house was gonna get flooded. And as soon as we tried to hook it up, and prevent the house from being flooded, this masked person that’s
back in the woods right now, stole the information. Look they’re on their iPhone. Do you see it?
– They’re talking. Yeah, their head’s nodding. – This person stole some
important notes that we need. So we’re gonna go follow the person down. Get the notes back and figure
out who this person is. This is the same person that stole the $1 million from our house. What do you think?
– Yeah. – All right.
– I’m trying to keep an eye on him.
– We just gotta be careful ’cause we have workers here.
(bell dings) We got workers over there.
(bell dings) – [John] Wait, Stephen, this
one’s wearing a blue shirt. – I know, we gotta be quiet. – All right.
– Yeah, that’s not– – [John] Make sure they don’t see us. – Okay, let’s go, that person’s moving. – [John] All right, they’re
grabbing something, let’s go. – Oh, wait, what is that? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. (shushing) – We gotta get past all the workers. You ready? – And the blue workers are the bad ones. – [Stephen] Here we go. – [Grace] Okay, (shushing). (dramatic orchestra music) – One worker right there,
check it out, 11 o’ clock. Worker right there. Front yard, ready? Three, two, one, front yard. This way, go this way. We gotta get to the backyard quick before that person leaves. Let’s go this way, there’s
no workers in the front, they’re all working on the deck. – Yeah.
– Come on. – We can’t see them right now, so we gotta go fast. – [Stephen] Yeah, quietly
around here, here we go. Where is that person? Ah, there’s the person. – [John] They’re still there? – They’re still in the backyard. They’re calling someone on their iPhone. – [Grace] Who do you think
is on the other line? – [Stephen] I have no idea. – I gotta get closer.
Hold on, they’re walking the woods. We gotta follow, we gotta follow. Quick, go, go, go, this
way, come on, careful. Go across the dirt here. Quick, quick, come on, guys, let’s go. Come on, stay low, stay low, stay low. Grace, come on, come on. Go, John, careful, careful,
don’t get too close. The person’s right there. Come on.
(dramatic orchestra music) – That bastard, Stephen.
– What, what, what, what? – Spy.
– Where? – Monster.
– It’s a cat. (cat meows)
– We don’t have a cat. – [Stephen] I don’t know who’s
cat, it could be a spy cat. They could be working for that person. – Should I touch it? – No.
– I thought it was cougar. – We’re gonna lose the
lead, Grace, get back here. – [John] Come on. (shushing) – Okay, so the person
is right in the woods. The goa is to follow the
person, but not get too close. We’ve got to find out
where this person is going. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Okay, sound like a plan?
– Yeah, yeah. They’re leaving again.
– But don’t get too close. Just close enough.
– We need to move, I lost contact.
– Hold on. – Where are they?
– Keep going, keep going. – They’re going down in the woods. – You see them still?
– We can’t get too close. Okay, (shushing) not too close, just close enough so we
can keep a trail on them. – They’re going down into the creek. What’s down there? – [Stephen] I don’t know, I don’t know. – I wonder if they’re
hiding something back here? ‘Cause the masked man
flooding zone is right there, you just see the tip of the pipe. – [Stephen] Yeah, you’re right. John, quiet. Wait, (shushing) they’re
putting something on a tree. (dramatic orchestra music)
Down, down, down. – Can he see me? – [Stephen] No, you’re good. John, they’re putting something on a tree. I’m gonna get a closer look. – They’re holding something. – They put a note on a
tree, hang tight, Sharers. We gotta go get this note off the tree. – Wait, phone call, again. – [Stephen] Phone call. – [Grace] Oh, they look angry. – [John] They’re grabbing
something in their pocket. – [Stephen] See that note on the tree right there, the pink note? – Yeah.
– Oh, pink. – [Stephen] I’m gonna have
yo go get the note, okay. Grace and I will keep
an eye on the person, see where the person is going. – Okay.
– Okay. – Deal?
– Yeah. – [Stephen] Three, two,
one, go, just be quiet, careful, the leaves are crunchy. Careful, careful.
– Don’t let them see you. You can’t be caught.
– Stay low, stay low. Grace, we’re gonna go this way, this way. Ready?
– Yeah. – We’re splitting up, three,
two, one, this way, go. This way, this way,
Grace, come on, come on. John, what’s it say, what’s it say? – It’s the same color as the other note. (shushing) – Grace, be quiet.
– Quiet. – They’re right there. Instructions intercepted, check mark. So yes.
– Instructions. – [Stephen] Instructions,
maybe leave it, leave it. – Okay.
– Otherwise they’re gonna know that we’re after them.
– Just take a photo. – Leave no trace.
– Just take a photo. (camera clicks) – Okay, we’re good.
– Perfect, okay. – Bingo.
(bell dings) – They’re putting another note on a tree. – They’re doing the same thing. – Or, what are they doing? Yeah, yeah, it’s another note. – [Stephen] Okay, hang tight. – [Grace] They’re putting
notes up for someone. – [John] Here, hide behind this tree. – [Stephen] This way, quiet. – You definitely have to
know your way around here because it’s kind of crazy back here. – Yeah, this is definitely not
their first time back here. – No, where is that tree? – Let me check, let me go under here. – Does someone have an eye on them? – Wait, Stephen.
– What? – The note’s right there. I can see it.
– Green note. All right, John, you go get that note. Get it, get it, get it. (gasps in shock)
(dramatic orchestra music) John, they’re starting to run. – What are they doing? Come on, come on. – Okay, quick, Grace, go. Come on, they’re starting to run. John, what’s the note
say, what’s the note say? – It says, Operation Zero. – Operation Zero?
– Wait, that’s not a zero. – What is it?
– What is it? – That looks like a rain drop. – Like water?
(air whooshing) – Operation Rain. – [Stephen] Okay, I don’t know what, but that person’s getting
a good lead on us. – I know, I was trying to keep– – We’re gonna keep going.
– Them on my eye. – We might lose them.
– Where are they? I can’t see them anymore.
(shushing) – We gotta stay quiet, okay. This person’s trying to
take a lead on us, this way. Careful, careful, careful. Stay down, there they go. They’re going a little bit faster, guys. We gotta keep a strong lead on them. – Okay.
– Wait, it kinda looks like they’re searching for something. – Yeah, let’s just keep
going, a little faster, we don’t wanna lose them. It’s like they’re after
something, guys, come on. I don’t think they spotted
us, but we gotta go, quick. This way, come on,
careful, this way, come on. Grace, come on. (shushing) There they are, stay
low, they’re right there. They might’ve planted another note. – Okay.
– Look, they’re walking a trail,
they’ve been back here before. – I see them, where are they doing? Kinda looks like they’re
going to the street. – They’re walking a lot slower now. – [Stephen] They’re on their iPhone again. They’re calling someone, they’re
communicating with someone. All right, hang tight. Once they start moving
a little farther away, we’ll make a break for it. Sound good?
– Okay. – [Grace] They’re searching. – You ready for this?
– It’s like they’re about to meet up with someone. – Guys, they’re moving quick,
let’s make a move for it. You ready?
– Yeah. – Here we go, make a move in
three, two, one, let’s go. Now, now, now. Let’s go, come on, we
don’t wanna lose them. Come on, come on, stay low. Wait hold up, hold up, (exclaiming). Not too fast, not too fast. – We need to keep up.
– I know. But we can still see them from here. If we move too quick, too fast they’re gonna see us.
(Grace exclaims) Get down, get down,
Grace, get down, get down. It’s like, I think they’re
walking towards the road. They’re walking towards the road. – All right, we need to go back, all right we have to go find out. They’re pretty far ahead now. – Okay, ready, continue. Guys, three, two, one,
continue, continue, continue. Where did they go, where did they go? – Oh, right there.
– Oh, they’re right there. – Careful, careful. Let’s go, guys, come on. – Oh, guys, guys.
– What, what, what what, what? (leaves crunching) PCOR. (camera clicks) – Okay, we’re good.
– Let’s go. Where did take this person go? I don’t see him. Wait a second.
– What? – [Stephen] They’re crossing the street. – They’re going down the road. – [Grace] They’re going back– – Let’s go up this way.
– They’re backtracking. – [Stephen] Hold on, they
just crossed the road, they just crossed the road. – [John] Now they’re going the other way. – They’re walking back this way. – Wait they’re walking in
the neighborhood, hold on. Why are they just walking
in the neighborhood? That makes no sense. Why would someone walk
in the neighborhood? What, they’re waling in broad daylight? This makes no sense. – That car that passed didn’t
even look at them, like, they’re just a normal person.
– Wait a second. Look.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, what? – Whoa, that’s a super cool McLaren. – John, it’s the orange McLaren. That’s the same orange McLaren
that stole the $1 million. This is the person. – That’s the person?
– That’s the orange McLaren. We gotta go watch him. Quick, we gotta cross the road. – [Grace] What do we do,
we don’t have any spy gear? (shushing) – Stay quiet, look both ways. – [Grace] Left, right and then left. – Okay, guys, go, come on. They’re getting in the McLaren. Come on, quick, quick, quick. Stay low, stay low, they’re
about to get in the McLaren. – [Grace] Hide behind the guardrail. – [Stephen] They’re getting in. – The door is opening.
– The door is opening they’re getting in the McLaren, guys. They’re getting in the McLaren. John, we gotta come up
with a plan right now. Go get the truck, load it with spy gear. – Okay.
– Grace and I will stay here. We gotta follow this McLaren
and see where it’s going. – But we can’t let them see us. – You ready, John, can
you go get the truck? – I can.
– We’ll get one step closer. – All right, I’ll be right back. – All right, look both ways
before crossing the road. Thanks, John.
– Hurry. – Grace, let’s go, get
closer to the McLaren. Come on, jump the fence here. – The only problem, Stephen, is the McLaren is way
faster than the truck. – I know.
– We should get the Sharerghini. – No that’s too noticeable, we gotta stay undercover.
– Okay. Here, Stephen, throw me the binoculars. I gotta take a better look, I’m gonna spy and see what they’re doing. – [Stephen] Okay, what do you see? – [Grace] Okay, wait let me zoom in. It looks like they’re playing
with the control panel. Is there like a control panel inside? – Yeah. Okay, Grace, well, we better
hope the truck gets here before this McLaren pulls off. – Yeah, John better hurry. He better go fast but not speed. – John, come on, come on. Sharers, smash the like button for John. Let’s hope he gets here in time. John, is that you? Tell me that’s John, tell me that’s John. (Stephen exclaims)
– Oh, that’s the truck. – [Stephen] No, that’s not the truck. – Is this him? Black, it’s black.
– No, it’s not the truck. – Where is he?
– John, come on the, oh, the car just started.
– John, hurry. – The car definitely
started, the car is on. John, come on, come on, come on. – I hear a car coming. – It sounds like a cop car, wait, there’s John, there’s John.
– That’s him, that’s him. – What is he doing with the lights on? John!
(shushing) – [Grace] Wait, the blinking light is on. – John, John.
(sirens blaring) John. Turn the siren off, turn the
siren off, it’s way too loud. – Sorry.
– Turn it off. – Stephen, hop in, hop in.
– Hop in, hop in. Quick, hop in. The McLaren is about to pull away. John, just back up here, back up. Back up here, hide out,
we’re on a stakeout. That McLaren is about
to leave at any second. – Yeah, car is on. – When it pulls out, then
we’re gonna follow them, deal? – Okay.
– Sound good? – Okay. – Grace, maybe roll up your window, just in case, so they can’t see us. – Okay.
– What are they doing? They’ve been siting in the
McLaren for a long time. Door’s open. – What do we do?
– We’re just gonna wait. (dramatic orchestra music) (gasps in shock) Door’s closing. – Door is closing.
– All right, they must be doing something. – Sharers, buckle up,
get ready for this chase. We’re gonna follow and see
where this McLaren person lives, here they go.
(Grace exclaims) – [Grace] They’re moving,
they’re moving, they’re moving. – [Stephen] McLaren’s on the loose. John, careful, there could be cars coming. Just stay close.
– All right. – [Grace] Look left, look right, look left.
– McLaren is legit moving right now, blinker is on and everything, this person knows how to drive. Spy mission, we’re following them. Grace, get your listening device on. – [John] Spy gear should
be on the back seat. – [Stephen] There they go, I
can’t see in, I can’t see in. Who is in that McLaren? Oh, come on. All right, stay close, but not too close. Grace, turn your listening device on, shoot it to the center of the car. – Okay.
– Should be able to hear. – They’re going fast.
– They’re actually going pretty fast. Oh, my goodness, okay. John, just make sure you stay
in the speed limit, okay. – Okay. – [Stephen] Who is in that McLaren? Where are they going. – I’m getting some radio activity. – [Stephen] What’s it sound like? – They must have a hacker
in there or something. – What do mean?
– I can’t break in to the– – Wait, John, they’re
stopping at a stop sign. If we get–
– Oh. – [Stephen] And they’re
going again, nevermind. Oh no, come on, hurry
people, hurry, hurry. – Come on.
– Cross, cross, cross. We’re on a mission, John, honk
your horn, honk your horn. – I’m not gonna honk my horn. – John.
– We’re doing perfectly fine. – Oh, quick, hurry, okay, now we’re good. – Go, go, go, go.
– Go, go, go. The McLaren’s getting away. – It’s getting away.
– It’s going. Not too fast, John, the speed limit, speed limit, we can’t speed. – We won’t go over the speed limit. – [Stephen] Okay. – [John] They’re getting away, Stephen. – They’re getting away,
keep them in sight, okay, keep them in sight. – [Grace] Keep your eyes on them. – Who is in this McLaren? – [John] And they’re going really fast. – It’s a McLaren, that’s probably why. All right, John, catch
up the them a little bit. – [Grace] Yeah, catch up. – [Stephen] Come on, we gotta
see where they’re going. Where are they going?
– This hill, watch them over this hill. – Careful.
– Get closer. – John, we’re losing
’em, we’re losing ’em. Oh, come on, come on.
– I can’t see– – I can’t go any faster.
– I can’t see. – Go, go, go, go.
– I’m trying to get over the hill, there we
go, I see him, I see him. – There they are.
– There they are. They’re turning.
– John, keep up. Wait, wait, wait.
– Blinkers on, blinkers on. They’re turning, they’re turning. – Should I turn a well?
– Yeah. Just turn in, okay. Wait, they maybe live in
one of these apartments. (John and Grace exclaim) All right, turn in, just
don’t get too close. Don’t get too close. There they go.
– Yeah, don’t let them know that we’re following.
– There they go. Back there, yeah, keep
following, keep following. Go back here. Just stay kind of, slow down, slow down. They must live in one of these apartments. Stay close, or just stay
here, stay here, just stop. Let them go back there. Okay, bingo, guys, this is good because this apartment complex, it’s a dead end at the other end. That means they must live
in one of these buildings. – Yeah, they have to live here. – Okay, I say, we park the car, we get out and we go search.
– okay. – We gotta figure out where they are. Deal?
– Yeah. – Deal.
– Okay, park the car, let’s go. (door slams)
All right, you guys, be quiet. (shushing) Close the doors, softly, softly, softly. – Okay. – [Stephen] McLaren is right over there. You see it, it’s right at that house? – Here, come this way. – [Stephen] Come this way. We’re so close.
– Can’t tell which house it went to though, left or right? – [Stephen] Wait, hold on,
let’s get a little closer. Guys, come on, there it is, there it is. Right up there, you see it? – Oh, I see it.
– Okay, just go quietly. – They’re opening the door.
– Opening the door. Door’s opening, door’s opening. Hide, hide, hide, hide, hide. Hide, hide, hide, hide, hide, hide. Door’s opening. – Who is it?
– Is someone getting out? Wait.
– Yeah, yeah. – Did someone hop out?
– Yeah. – [Stephen] Oh yeah,
someone’s right there. – [Grace] Right there, green mask. – They’re closing it up.
– Something in their hand. – [Stephen] Green mask, something’s in there hand.
– Wait, wait, wait. Where are they going? – [Stephen] Let me get a little closer, I’m going to go behind
this Home Depot thing. They got something. Oh the black box, there’s the black box. It’s a black box, it’s a black box. – They’re going into that house. You think they live there?
– Which house? Wait they’re going, (gasps)
they just went into that house. – [Grace] They just went into that house. – [Stephen] They just
went into that house. – We gotta go in, we gotta go in. – You think?
– Yeah. – Guys, we gotta go in. – Are you serious?
– That’s the money. That’s our money that they stole. – Well, the good news is,
we found the $1 million. Bad news is, we gotta get inside. – Yeah, I got my vlog camera,
I’ll record it on my channel. We’re heading inside to get our money back and to figure out who is in that mask. Come on let’s go, I got my vlog recording. Come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – [Stephen] Subscribe and
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    Teresa Bona

    When you where exploring in the woods where the spy person and the orange car with miss Karen and you found a green note miss there was a pink note above it and miss Karen took it off and I also think that miss Karen is the mystery peraon

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    Heather Goff

    Remember that video you made whare you were going to by a orange Mclaren the person in the mask has that mclaren so the Person that was going to sell the mclaren to you is the masked person with the green and pink mask So check out that video

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    hi stephen i think miss karen is the person who stole the money because in the video before the video at the post office she took a pink sticky note off the tree were the green sticky note was and the post office women has the same colour hair and looks like miss karen

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    Jimmy Irwin

    It doesn't sucka
    😎a os!🐃🐁🐰🐓♌♐♌♌♌♌🚱🚱🚱🚱🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚮🚮🚮🔚🔚🔚🔜🔜

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    Corbin's vlogs wolfe

    Grace share was like you have to know the Way around these woods or it'll get lost when the 2' away from the back yard

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    Michele Dubois

    Stephen sharer my brothers absolutely love your channel they watch every time you upload. They found your channel 2 years ago a pond monster video so there birthday is coming up at first I didn't know what to get them but I finally decided on getting them your merch and it would really mean a lot to them if you would give them a shout out in one of you next vids there names are emerson and eisley. Please give them a shouout. They love you!!😄

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    Orion's ToyBox


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    Taylor Puckett

    Hi Stephen, grace, and John!!! Your the best youtubers ever and I love you all so much!! Also I DONT trust mrs.karen!! I don’t think you should trust mrs Karen either! Stay awesome and share the love peace whoo!!❤️❤️🤗🤗😁🤘🤘✌️

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    Evie liv music williscroft

    Stephen I have something to tell you the worker is the nabour when you was loading that came up to you and she went in the truck like below if you saw it and Stephen if I can't have you I will keep trying to

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    Mason Obryan

    Me and Mason we love you miss you so much we can't stop ❤️❤️❤️♥️and we love your car so much is there a keeney it's my favorite color Gris mine tooso I was wondering how old are you and your brother and Lizzy and Grace in the pond monster got them out yet

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    samantha aston

    If you are a fan of Stephen and you want to meet The share fan then leave a like👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️♥️♥️

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    Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddooooooooooooooppppppppooooooppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrttttypqwerttyuiopasdfghjlkzxcvbnm,……….,mrgdugolfbki chv huk. Fun cu,yes gnu,use,,urge,or etiology,dxrgixkugrdoiurexgi ourxgeor ugexo dxrgixkugrdoiurexgi luxe go urlui rebuild got I grew ohixregiu rg Elia. Ego ih g Mia

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    Abrianna Parker

    Stephen sharer do you have a Tik Tok account because I think I saw your Tik Tok account and you made a video

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