No Regrets Road Trip: Ep. 5 – Richmond, Maymont Historical Home

No Regrets Road Trip: Ep. 5 – Richmond, Maymont Historical Home

Hi guys, I’m Chris Laxamana and this next stop on our trip brings us to Richmond, Virginia. This is Erie Insurance the Summer of No Regrets Road Trip. After stuffing my face in Carytown, I had the opportunity to visit the historic Maymont Estate. Now homeowners insurance is great for protecting your valuables but we all know homes are more than just stuff. They’re full of memories, stories and history. And there’s no better example of this than Maymont. We are looking at a Gilded Age estate that was owned by Major and Mrs. James Henry Dooley. They moved in in 1893 and lived here until their deaths in the 1920s. How many acres is this? 100 acres, what’s funny is I have really no concept of how big an acre is. What did Mr. Dooley do that they had so much money? He invested in railroads, as the south was being rebuilt after the Civil War. We have about 500,000 people that come every year to visit Maymont. One thing we encourage them to do is to go through the mansion to see the way that Major and Mrs. Dooley lived. I feel like I’m in Downton Abbey. You just get a sense of their personalities. How many rooms are in this place? There are 33 rooms. 4 floors. For two people? Yes and lots of guests and lots of family. This is Major Dooley’s library, it has a very masculine feel to it. It’s like a turn-of-the-century man cave. The lion bird combo is my favorite. And this is Mrs. Dooley’s swan bedroom. Wow, they definitely went above and beyond. It’s almost excessive. She was a fan of the swans. She was definitely a fan of swans, look around the room. See them on chairs and the artwork. Let me ask you a question, when like nobody’s around, you ever just lay in their bed, walk into the library and hang out Mr. Dooley’s chair? We are museum professionals, we don’t do that. No, of course not, that would be unprofessional. After touring the mansion, we took a brief tour of the various gardens around the estate. Absolutely gorgeous. Have you ever seen Game of Thrones? I haven’t no. A little reminiscent of Westeros (Oh) I would say. The estate also has wildlife habitats. There are bald eagles here! There’s a little bit of something for everybody here. I understand admission is free? Admission is free. Yes we run on donations and we appreciate everything. The next time you’re in Richmond, make sure to check out Maymont. Contact your local Erie Agent for more information on homeowners insurance


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