North Sikkim | Road trip to Lachung, Yumthang Valley | North East Trip | Vlog Part 2

North Sikkim | Road trip to Lachung, Yumthang Valley | North East Trip | Vlog Part 2

Hey guys! Welcome to part two of my vlog
in Sikkim I’m Tanya Khanijow and in this video I’m traveling to the north of
Sikkim. In the first part of this video I was in a place called Gangtok which is
actually the capital city of the state of Sikkim. If you haven’t watched that
part yet, make sure you do I’ve linked it in the description box below. So in
today’s video I am traveling from Gangtok to Lachung and from there to a
place called Yumthang valley. The total distance between Gangtok and Yumthang valley
is 140 kilometres and the road journey is quite long. I’m traveling in a shared
cab which is really economical and is a form of a packaged tour offered by
travel agents in Sikkim. So let’s go. Now I’m at north Sikkim taxi stand. This is
the point from where you get shared cabs and taxis in general for heading towards
the north of Sikkim and what you see over there behind me that’s Mount
Kanchenjunga. That’s such an excellent view right! So today I think I’m gonna
spend most of my time just travelling in a cab but I’ve heard that the way is
really excellent so even though I’ll be spending most of my time in the cab I’m
really excited about seeing the way and how beautiful it looks and maybe we’ll
have a dozen pit stops too- so I’ll take a dozen photos along with that I’m on my way and this is the shared cab
that I took to come to North Sikkim and we’ve just talked en-route at a
place called Seven Sisters lake. It’s a very beautiful and massive waterfall I am
just gonna walk towards it. so I’ve stopped at pit stop number one
which is on the way to Lachung and this place is meant for eating lunch and it’s
inclusive of the package you take when you take a shared cab
on a side note they provide three meals lunch dinner and next day’s breakfast and
the food is fairly average although they provide both veg and non-veg options. So all the travellers travelling along with me just ate at this restaurant. And the entire food is actually a part of the package! So after a few more Kilometers A few more mountainous roads, some waterfalls a few more pit stops, and some more waterfalls we finally reached Chungthang (small town on the way) This is a pretty long
journey there’s still another hour for us to reach Lachung! We’re on our way and
we have stoped somewhere for other people to just refresh themselves and that’s the
gaadi (vehicle) behind me. possibly the last pit So yeah, it’s still going to take another hour So this is possibly the last pit stop before we reach Lachung and the Sun has already set. It’s just 5 p.m. and it doesn’t feel like 5pm because it’s starting to get a little dark and and it’s also very chilly! But these
waterfalls, are so gorgeous So I reached Lachung at 7:30 and this is a local pop shop and I also
met other travelers here so let me introduce you! This is Harry and this is
Shikhir. I’m just gonna have one sip (Harry: It’s good it’s good!) Trust me, I’m not have more than one sip! this is a local beverage called Tongba and yes I had more than one sip! **Laughs** Hmmm…Nice! Did this come in the video? (Hindi: Ye cheez video me aa raha hai na?) That’s good! (Hindi: Sahi hai!) **Laughs** So what is it made up of? You can just tell me at least if you don’t want to come in the video Harry: So it is made up of some type of millets. Tanya: It’s made up of millets! hey guys good morning it’s day three of
my trip to Sikkim and I’m currently in Lachung
I reached late in the night yesterday so I couldn’t vlog any further than what
where I was and I think last night I was trying that very queer beverage which
is a local delicacy here I’m right now all ready. It’s 5:30 in the morning and we
are leaving for a a place called Yumthang valley ahead of Lachung
So… everybody’s all packed and dressed up the gaadi (vehicle) he is waiting downstairs There’s also a very mesmerizing sunrise in the background. But it’s a real challenge staying warm right now because it is extremely cold Also to mention the place that we were staying
at was actually provided with the shared cab facility and the blanket was
really paper-thin so if you’re coming to this place you might want to make sure
that you come very well dressed and have your warm clothes with you the roads in this area are not the best
because of frequent snowfall the low temperatures and of course the altitude.
It’s generally hard to maintain roads here but I’m honestly really proud of
all the defense personnel who stay at the borders in such conditions I mean
seriously So, Yumthang valley was not very far away from Lachung. I think we took us about an hour or a little over an hour to reach here. we’ve
stopped here for breakfast right now and this hut I just entered where we are
eating breakfast a few minutes before shooting this video. And it’s a really cute
little hut. Although it’s freezing and I need some respite from the cold. So this is
what Yumthang Valley looks like. There are shops on both sides and little pop shops for serving
food and chai and maggi, wai-wai whatever you would like to have… I think this place is
mildly disappointing because I wasn’t expecting so much settlement.. I was
expecting something more pristine where I could take nice scenic photos. But, I think I’m
gonna walk ahead to the end of the road here and see if I can find some place
for shooting Am I right? Let’s go! Let’s go find something. and don’t question my choice of beverage right now! I know I should ideally be having tea and not coconut water! Because this is supposed
to be colder than chai, but then I’m weird that way I just like having cold things
at cold places! Have you ever had that feeling that you wanna have an ice cream
and it’s really cold so remember how I mentioned a few minutes back while I was in Yumthang that little inhabited spot in Yumthang Valley that I’m a little
disappointed by the place because it’s so crowded and I wasn’t expecting that
out of a remote location and much less a place for which I’ve travelled all this
distance it nearly took me what I think seven hours yesterday to Lachung and
one or today to Yumthang Valley from Lachung!
But now that I’m here I want to really enjoy the place and soak in all the
beauty so I’m trekking down a little hill to a river that is right in front
of me I’m gonna shot it share it briefly with you guys in a few seconds but the
rest of the guys who were in my cab they just left for zero point and I
decided to stay back with a few other guys with me right now because we intend
to explore Yumthang Valley and it’s so gorgeous from where I’m standing
oh my god let me show you look at that those mountains behind me this is not a
disappointment anymore because I am practically in heaven we can change anything and make it better
together now we’re strong don’t question it but the truth will break your chains we
have the key So Guys! That is all for my Sikkim trip because now I’m heading back My gaadi (vehicle) is here And I’m going to go back the same way, that I came All the way back to Gangtok, and from Gangtok And from Gangtok I’ll take a fight back to Delhi So I think since most of that is already
covered I’m not gonna cover that again but I hope you guys enjoyed the video
and if your did do not forget to subscribe to my channel firstly because
I produce one video every week and you’ve got to watch my complete Sikkim series! Also like this video And let me know in comments what you think about it. ok? bye-bye!


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    Ekta Singh

    Seeing your vlog… My memories are refreshed of visiting gangtok-lachung- yunthan.. And guess what you are wearing the same color jacket.. That i borrowed there in lachung as it was very very cold

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    sravan ch

    Hi Tanya..nice video.. hw r the roads in Sikkim as I am planning for a trip next month and worried about the roads

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    Angel George

    Please tanya tell me is yak and yethi a reliable travel agency for sikkim tour… They have quoted a really cheap fare for 2 persons .please review some good travel agency.. I am planning to go this june

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    Basavaraj Teli

    Tanya!! Why can't u have ur own vehicle for travelling?? Though it's tough for u to ride alone but r u not a rider freak??

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    Bhavin Shah

    Hi Tanya, I like your Sikkim trip video very much & I must say that you have explore so much about the city. I am sorry to say that I saw this video lately but 6 months back I have traveled to Sikkim & it was a amazing memory of my life. I am still memorising the things like River Rafting, Paragliding, Changu lake, Meggie & much more… I ❤️ Sikkim 🙏🙏🙏

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    Pradyut debbarma

    Hi I'm from Tripura n i really like you videos i think you can also visit our tripura n explore our culture and so many beautiful places ..please make a video for our tripura also. thanks

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    Mriganka phukan

    Hi Tanya loved your videos..Very basic and simple.. Soothing to watch..I watch every night before going to sleep..Very beautiful videos😊

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    Traveller snehasis

    Visited North sikkim last year

    Best part of sikkim
    Must visit gurudongmer lake

    Thank you

    Keep traveling

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    Rtj Rocker

    U missed zero point its such a amazing place to visit and the way toward zero point is neither less than heaven its wonderously beautiful

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    Kaushal Ojha vlogs

    Guys Gangtok jana h than this a must watch video . Just 5000 Rs 😱

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    Asit Tapte

    I remembered my trip watching your video, it was one of the best trips I had. The video is beautifully made..wish you many more happy journeys. 🙂

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    M.A Everything

    Ur Voice Is So Sweet 😍 & Nd U Explain So Clearly About Ur Vlog☺️…
    Secenery Was So Beautiful 🏞️

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    Shiyona Sukumaran

    Great video , made me very nostalgic
    I had a trip to Sikkim for ten day and those were one of the best vacays I took. My favorite place was gurudongmar lake ….

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    Hi Tanya I am glad you strolled a little ahead because they do stop near the shops but just a few more steps ahead is the most beautiful scenery

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    Deepika Bharti

    Yet again,a lovely vedio. By the way what was the season/month of your travel? Curious seeing you all packed up.

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    syed shaju

    Hi Tania your love for nature is really good even I love nature forest hills but the problem is u show yourself more then the surrounding so pls show the views I am really sorry to say this I hope u understand once again sorry

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    Debashis Choudhury

    Should have visited, Tomosogo Change, Baba Mandir, and China border, Nathula. It would have been different experience. It is a day trip.

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    kd l

    You should have gone to Zero point or did you? Its beautiful, especially the journey from Yumthang to Zero point. That's what I felt. You started little late from Lachung in the morning I guess otherwise you could have covered both exploring Yumthang as well as visiting Zero point.
    And yes, we are all dissapointed with overcrowding and settlements of people in places like Yumthang. Although it caters to tourists with foods & beverages after travelling so long and provides livelihood to shopkeepers there but still, it takes away the pristinity & sanctity of such places, degrades the place environmentally too. One day, we will lose everything.
    I feel Yumthang was heaven years ago. Now, it is ruining day by day.

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    Harshit Karan

    @tanyakhanijow much does this trip of your cost you???…..if considering only gangtok part.

    I am planning to go solo. Please let me Know the rough overall budget.

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    amit maddiwar

    Hi Tanya,
    आपके सभी vlog मस्त है।पर ये नही
    आपने जीरो पॉइंट,नाथुला पास,चंगु लेक ये तीनो पॉइंट कवर नही किये जो इस ट्रिप को सबसे अलग करते हैं
    मेरी भूटान ट्रिप के लिए सबके बहोत से वीडियो देखें लेकिन आपकी सबसे मस्त थी। but सॉरी 3 month पहले सिक्किम ट्रिप की थी जो आपके वीडियो से या हमारे उम्मीद से कही बढ़कर थी। सॉरी फ़ॉर नेगेटिव reviw

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    Sahem Rai

    I m very glad that yu are always happy ……stay blessed always nd thankyou for visiting my state….hope you made a good memory there.

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    Prajakta Athalye

    Hello, I travelled North Sikkim by bike from Mumbai at the age 16. and it was really a good experience the trip was about 15 days.

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    intellectual craziest

    Hi, I really Happy and fresh after watching your videos ..I love it enjoy our local drink tungba from Sikkim ….cheer up ….

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    To Say Something

    Feeling so proud on those 2 friends u got…they took care of u just like two brothers…
    thats the way we all need to respond to a girl unless the girl expecting more from you…

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    Shezil Faraz

    Watching this after my trip to North Sikkim. Initially i felt the same for Yumthang , but zero point was awesome, most worth mentioning is the Jilebi and Samosa by Soldiers . Overall North Sikkim is heaven. 🙂

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    ali raza

    There is a Hot water Place near yumthang.
    I think you missed that.
    You should have gone for gurudongmar lake.
    And the best part is the journey going to gurudongmar lake😍

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    Harshith Ajila

    Just been a week since am back from my bike trip to Sikkim…Yumtang was empty for the obvious reason as its not spring; although i feel you should hav headed to Zero Point, that place is amazing. We were lucky and could ride further few kms from zero point after taking permission from Army. Jus 3 of us bikers and few construction workers, view that we got was breathtaking and the altitude was 4956 metres where we stopped.

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    Yeskay Durai

    Hi nicely done , thank you for your video ,

    We are planning for 10 days trip to Sikkim in october .

    Would you recommend taking shared Cab or do we need to have our own vehicle booked?

    Travel agency is charging 70k for 2 people, which includeds exclusive CAB & Accomodation ,is it worth it ?

    kindly recommend will be of a great help.

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