Packing for Disney World with carry on only when traveling with kids

Packing for Disney World with carry on only when traveling with kids

Hello dreamers! We are talking about
packing for Disney. Not just any packing – packing with a carry-on for one
adult, two kids in the husband’s stuff. It’s exciting!
Packing is fun and you’re going, awful when your there going back. I love
planing. I love planning for Disney. I’ve gotten pretty good at packing. I mean, I
have it down. The Disney bag is ready to go all year long. Maybe I’m crazy, I
don’t know. I know, I’m crazy… But how can you pack for Disney and fit everything you want
to bring inside a small carry-on. Now add children to the mix and that becomes
very challenging. The way we travel, we prefer not to check anything as we are
going there and we don’t want to be dealing with lost luggage or anything
like that. So the first thing I did I put all our clothes on the table and I put
all of the tops and the bottoms together so the bottoms go inside the tops. This
way I don’t need to figure out what I’m going to wear. I also packed some
flip-flops so we are not walking inside the room with, you know, bare feet, some
swimsuit, my purse, some toys, hats, more hats, some Mickey ears – those are really,
really cute. Yeah I started a collection there and also ponchos. Cannot forget
the ponchos. And this one here is something we hang on the stroller.
These are like little coolers that keep our waters nice and cold and we
carry one of those to the parks. Sometimes I put snacks. If I’m doing the dining
plan, probably I won’t use both of them. This one is going to be for us, the other
one is going to be for my husband. So one is for me and three kids – and two
kids! Good grief!!! Not three! Me and two kids, three people. When I get there I
move them, you know, the same way as packed, I move them into the drawer, easy.
Unpacking is easy when we get there. We like to put all of our socks and
underwear and toiletries inside those little bags. They are very handy. And I put
them on top of our clothes that were in there and the pajamas are under there
too. One important thing to bring to the parks are the ponchos. Can’t forget the
ponchos. So I don’t wait and buy those in Disney, they can get quite pricey. I go to
dollar store or the dollar spot at Target – in the camping area in Target.
And they have it for a hard dollar and change. Much better than, you know, ten plus
dollars for one. I mean they’re nice I have one from Disney, they’re very nice
quality but if you can save it’s better. So here are
the flip-flops that I put there in that front pocket. It fits nicely and now
you can see here that I zipped the bag – the suitcase and I did not use the extension.
The reason being, If you have your extension on your suitcase open they
will not let you bring that in the plane as a carry on. The Minnie ears – we had
quite a few ears and hats – those I put in bigger Ziploc bags and had a
little bit of air left in there because I didn’t want them to get squooshed, so
they’re gonna go in my big backpack. I call it the cherry backpack. This bag is
from a company called Ju Ju Be – which I LOVE! A lot of the stuff that I carry to
Disney is Ju Ju Be. I don’t think they make this bag anymore. It’s been a while… But it has lots of pockets it’s wonderful. It fits just about the kitchen thing in
there. And so I’m gonna put all of those hats and ears in there, toys
and then the computer is gonna go in there later. This is another Ju Ju Be bag,
actually all of them – the one on the outside and my bag that I carry in the
parks in the inside – with a little space left over for my makeup. And there it is!
The table is clear and all the stuff is packed. Don’t try to bring too
many extra things. We normally have one extra shirt or sort of outfit, now that the
kids are a little older. They don’t… you know… The are potty trained. They are 9 and 7.
He is gonna be 7 on this trip. They’d better be potty trained at this point, right? I started going to the parks with them when they were three and that was a little different. I
had to carry maybe an extra outfit or two. I want to know how you like to pack
for Disney or any other trip. Do you prefer to do carry on,
do you prefer to check your bags? A little bit of both? What do you bring to the parks? What’s you most is your most important item that you cannot live without
when you go? So please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to
subscribe! All right! Gettin’ ready… Gettin’ ready… hmm-hmm


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    Carrie Jardine

    So helpful! Traveling in December with my husband and 3 toddlers. This inspired me to try carry on only (ordering pull ups, wipes and swim diapers shipped to us, at our Disney resort)

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    I pack like you with the T-shirt and shorts together but my husband throws T-shirt’s and shorts into Publix bag and we are off 😂

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    that's how i travel. my plan is to only use half my suitcase when i'm packing for my trip. so that other half can be fun items

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    Ariana Martinez

    I was going to try doing carry-on only for my upcoming trip but found out that for the airline I'm flying with it's cheaper to check luggage! I'd never heard of such a thing before, but hey I guess I'll just have to check my bag and call it a day haha. Hopefully next time I'll be able to try carry-on only 🙂

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