Photography Tips – How To take better vacation photos – Kingston indieHACK EP 8

Photography Tips – How To take better vacation photos – Kingston indieHACK EP 8

this is literally a cold open hello tourists I’m Cal anonymous and
welcome to another episode of Kingston’s in behalf so you’re about to go on vacation and
you want to make your photo stand out well that’s what we’re here for to help
you get picture s photos like these with his minimal gear and costs as possible all right first let’s start with packing
what you need and what you don’t need you won’t need to pack everything so
like life your DSLR kit probably has a standard lens at 18 to 55 millimeter that’s really all you need to do to wait
in size plus you look a lot more enticing the thieves if you look like
you’re walking camera store and you pack some sunglasses you’ll be able to use
them as an indie heck and the polarizer for your iphone it’ll help your photos out alive you
won’t need to lug around a bulky tripod if you need to stabilize your shot use a
sweater or jacket or scarf to position the camera the way you want or you can
brace yourself against a wall to stabilize your shot in low light
settings and lastly do bring your mobile light wireless g 3 with all the photos
you’re taking it will always be good to back them up it also charges your phone at the same
time even thanks alright so here are some tips early
morning will be the best time for photos of monuments and streets you’ll find a
lot less people in your shot of the golden gate bridge looking like coors
photograph locals when visiting new countries but be considerate and asked
first it brings more energy and emotion and
authenticity to your quarters when checking into a hotel always ask
for a room with a view to get those awesome cityscapes a couple of extra
dollars and a few words can go along on way obey the rule of thirds technique
that way you’ll have a more interesting and dynamic frame imagine three lines
position your subject within those areas to get your ideal shot when using your
iphone use the HDR mode or high dynamic range HDR takes three different exposure
shots and combines them all and gives you a great look follow those rules and every single
person on the beach will want you to take their photos for them ah the burden of proper photography
skills I know them well now for help black there are many camera straps that can
hold your camera but hanging it from your neck and get tiring after a long
day the sling strap is more comfortable and
a quicker way of getting impromptu shots sling straps are cool but I’ll typically
run you about sixty dollars here’s how you make a ten-dollar sling strap you’ll need the following a camera strap
that came with your camera a snap ball keyring a quarter inch I bolt with nut a quick release or
secure carabiner and a sturdy 2-inch key ring now let’s easily with this thing
together number one connect both ends of the strap with the quick release screw
to take the key ring and add the clasp around the ring with the strap number
three add the eye bolts onto the camera for
attach the clasp to the eye bolt of the camera and finally number five where your hack with pride and with an
unsourced neck now let’s talk tips and tricks for the
camera in your pocket the iphone this one’s called pana – and
it’s pretty funny select panoramic on your camera settings
now have your subject start on the left side of the frame and once you start
recording and moving right have them run around you and appear on
the other end of the shot before you get to the end it look like there’s two or
three of you in the shot like you found your twin up far-off country or beach this one is called the pano drive by even when you’re in transit you can get
some unique shots like this one using the panoramic setting simply flip your
camera upside down and press start while the car is in motion it will give you an interesting shot
that you just don’t see every day the photo timer a lot of people don’t
realize there’s a camera timer setting already in your phone so you can take
group photos with everyone in the shot and avoid those squished together
selfies just enable the setting for your timer for about 10 seconds set the camera and hit the red button
and that’s it some simple tips and hacks to make your
photos better than all your facebook friends especially Cassandra so go out there and try them out and be
sure to subscribe to our channel for future indieHACK episodes Aloha or audio serve whatever language
it is where you’re going by yeah


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    Fred Reckling

    Whoa, I didn't know about the Mobile Lite. I've been thinking about getting something to charge my phone when I'm at cons, I'll check it out.

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