Power Trip

Power Trip

As a woman who’s worked since I was fifteen
years old, I’ve dealt with handsy customers, with harassment, and even assault from a boss. And as a lawyer, with a judge who made a crack
about my looks on my very first day in court. So when I became a judge myself, I made damn
sure everyone in my court room was treated with fairness and respect. I’m Mary Barzee Flores and I was honored when
President Obama nominated me for a federal judgeship. But even then, I wasn’t exempt from a guy
on a power trip. Marco Rubio says he blocked my nomination
because of my support for civil rights and a woman’s right to choose. Well Senator, you better believe I support
both. Now I’m running for Congress because those
rights and a whole lot more are under attack. The bullies have had their say. But if you join me in my campaign, they won’t
get the last word.


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