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Hey guys welcome back to another episode
of Makai’s world and Costa Cousins Adventures. During this series we’re
showing you the different entrances and beaches of Punta Uva, Costa Rica. If you did
not see the last episode, check it out here. And during that episode, we showed
you the first main entrance to the beaches of Punta Uva. And this week we’re
gonna show you the semi-secret back entrance on the Puerto Viejo side
of the Punta Uva cliff. So let’s check out. the second entrance on the Manzanillo
side. It’s really easy to get to… all you do is just go back to the main road,
make a left towards Manzanillo, go to the Arrecife side, and make another left. If
you’re walking or biking you can just go to the cliff and follow the little road
around until you reach the other side. You can also take the little road from
the Arrecife side like we did. And just another note, we’re doing this filming
and most of our other filming right now on a GoPro Hero 7. It’s what we’re using right
now because we’re a bunch of bloggers and we’re just trying to figure this
whole thing out and level up our equipment as we get it. So we’re gonna
put a link to that in the description below and also the new GoPro Hero 8
which I hear is great for vlogging. And at the end of this… actually at the end
of the series, not at the end of this, video we’re gonna give you some travel
tips on how to make your beach day more enjoyable. So stay tuned until the end of
this three-part Punta Uva series. So anyways, enough of the blah blah blah
here we go. Alright, so this is… Hey, what are you doing?
I dunno bruh. Is that one strong enough? He’s thinking about it. He’s like, “I don’t know
about that one.” is it? Is it? is it? Come on you got it. Yeah, there you go.
There you go. That WAS risky. So anyways, this is the back entrance to Punta Uva.
We end up at the front side here so anyways, enjoy… monkey. Another thing. Down here
there’s the big Punta Uva cliff. And I’ve actually never done it so I have to
do it on one of these other videos but you can actually go up this trail and go
see what’s going on. Pretty cool. Nice bathing suit bro. I’m gonna take my flip-flops off. Let’s go. Let’s gosseff Brossef. Maybe if you like put the net down
really fast. Well you probably should get your net for that. That’s right. The ball! Okay. So that was the middle entrance.
Looks pretty easy, right? Well, next week we’re going to show you
the Arricife side of the Punta Uva cliff. So make sure to subscribe.
Hit a notification bell. And that way you get notified when all of our other
new videos drop so thanks for watching and make sure to give us a thumbs up and
a comment on the video with any tips and questions that you have
so take care and we’ll see you next time on Makai’s World and Costa Cousins
Adventures. Pura Vida and Peace!

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