Queer Eye’s Tan France on Men’s Summer 2018 Fashion: The Best and Worst | WWD

Queer Eye’s Tan France on Men’s Summer 2018 Fashion: The Best and Worst | WWD

So, we all know that summer is a really tough
time for men when it comes to fashion, so today we’re going to grade who’s looks are the best
and who’s looks are the worst. Something has happened to Jeff Goldblum.
He looks great. He looks better than ever.
You know I love a printed short sleeve shirt! It’s like my favorite thing.
He looks kind of like you, he dresses like you!
Do you think he watches Queer Eye? Yes! I’ve got white skinny jeans, I wear those
boots, that’s basically my shirt- Wow, my mind.
And my hair, ***** you ripped me off! Yes, and everything is perfect; the fit is
perfect, the shirt is perfect, the lengths are perfect, everything works.
Do you know what’s missing? You haven’t watched enough of season two to know this
but he’s missing a French tuck, but other than that, he looks pretty great.
He looks great. I’m going to give him an A+.
Yeah. I agree!
I’m going to say that one’s Childish Gambino, that one’s Donald Glover. He’s so stylish
when he wants to make an effort. This is casual, I love that he’s still rocking name brands.
I don’t love the bunny ears on the casual shoes, tuck them in and you’re good to go.
And I think he goes for things that a lot of other men would feel too shy to go for.
Both of these are not out there of looks, but a lot of men I think would feel that they
are and he looks amazing. And that more dressed up look I would wear
every week. I want that shirt.
I might wear it too. Look at the pants, look at the fit of those
pants. He looks incredible. The dressed-up look is an A+, hands down for me. And the
more casual look, a B. See I’m going to go A, because it’s casual
Don living his life in Silver Lake or maybe New York.
Casual Don, need we say more? I think like B+.
Yeah, take the cap off and it would be an A.
This, God. Here’s the thing: I work on a show called Queer Eye and we are very positive
and we like to encourage people to live their best lives-
Report Card is not that show. But John Mayer, stop living your best life,
live a better life, somebody else’s life. Those track pants hurt my eyes.
The drop crotch sweats you mean? It is not 2012, those shoes are hurting my
eyes also. I got Lasik recently and now I’m regretting it; I wish I didn’t have Lasik.
I think that’s a white puka shell necklace. Why the **** do we have a white puka shell
necklace on with active wear? Why don’t you use some product in your hair? I can’t even
look at it. I mean I have been seeing those puka shell
necklaces on the kids around, which doesn’t speak well for John Mayer in this instance
because he’s like 40. You’re making a mistake, hard pass. Stop!
Stop! I’m going to go fail.
I think we fail. 100%.
Oh, Michael. Michael, Michael. You don’t like it?
I mean I like it, but the glasses are kind of killing me.
It’s a little police detective off duty for me, or maybe on duty like a P.I. The grey
pant is not really my favorite thing and the kind of like, terra cotta shirt.
That’s what’s killing it for me is the terra cotta shirt. I think otherwise it actually
is pretty chic and modern especially for Michael Cera. But the shirt is kind of like, what?
I like it, and let me tell you why: if this were on the streets of London, which I actually
think it is by the double stripe, or in Europe, that would be chic AF. It is just because
he’s got that dodgy hair. If I had this on I think I’d be like OK this feels right! But
when it’s on Michael Cera I’m like, Michael Cera what are you doing? If we’re truly judging
it by the style and the clothes, I would give it a B. If you really break it down-
All the pieces are there, for sure and it’s working to a degree.
OK, so, Richard just released a collection with a brand. I think that he’s one to watch
for years and years to come. I love when a man really makes an effort and steps up every
day. Unfortunately, this was not that day. We all need a day off.
It’s not costume-y but it’s ridiculous. Yeah, it’s like you tried so hard to make
fetch happen. That’s the thing that gets me, is the try
hard-ness of this, even though he is giving a Daniel Day Lewis kind of thing which I like
a lot. C-, D, is D a thing?
D is a thing, yeah. I think we’re in D range. Yeah, I’m going to go C- because-
You think he’s hot. I do think he’s hot.
Isn’t that the worst? I’m so sorry everyone at home, we don’t encourage this on Queer
Eye. We don’t base our decisions on whether they’re attractive or not. She’s a terrible
person, she’s going to hell. There’s no editorial transparency right now.
This is Jeff Goldblum take two, in a look that is beloved by him and street style influencers.
OK, side-by-side, I think the 60-something-year-old looks way better than the, I’m assuming, 20-something-year-old.
Sometimes I think kids these days, god I sound like a grandpa, I’m 35, so be it. He’s too
try hard. This ugly movement, you know when they want to look, dress ugly, again I know
I’ve said it before, I’m going to say it a thousand times over: you’re going to regret
it in, not even, five years, two years. You’re going to ask yourself: why was I so supportive
of a trend that was called the ugly trend? He probably regrets it now.
Yeah, I’m sure he sees that picture and sees, Jeff Goldblum schooled me? The influencer,
he’s trying too hard, the pants are heinous, the shoes are heinous. Whereas Jeff Goldblum,
he just put it on, with some sensible jeans and a nice shirt. He let the statement shirt
have its moment. It’s a statement shirt, you don’t need to go HAM everywhere else! He looks
so slick. Do you feel influenced by the influencer? I do not. I feel much more influenced by Jeff
Goldblum. In many ways, I think-
Just kind of in life now lately. So, Jeff Goldblum wins.
What are you scoring him? Jeff Goldblum gets an A.
And the other person? I’m going to go C-.
I agree, actually completely; an A for Jeff a C for the other guy because the shirt is
awesome, that’s carrying the C. It’s literally, the shirt gets the C.
Now, I wanted us to talk about this because I want to talk about him. I don’t care care
about the clothes, David Gandy you can have nothing on, preferably, or even a potato sack,
you’re going to look gorgeous. This is a good look too.
It’s a really good look, a bit costume-y. It is but it’s like a Mad Men fantasy, on
somebody like this, not otherwise. I think I would roll my eyes if I saw another
guy wearing this. Exactly!
It would be like; you’re trying too much. Yeah, and then you’re saying hey broseph,
maybe chill out? This isn’t a TV set. Yes, and you’re not David Gandy.
So, what are we scoring him? A+, forget that he’s got clothes on, A+.
Oh, yeah, A+ too, across the board. I kind of love this.
I love it too, however you’ve got to have a lot of confidence to be able to pull that
off. I love a lot of leg but that’s a lot of leg. So, I love it almost.
Yeah, shorts are hard, I’ll say that. I do love a short short but how much hair
do we really want to see on a man? Do we really want to imagine what’s going on up there?
I don’t. There’s a lot, it’s a lot. But I do love the earring, shout out to the
earring. Gelled curls were a thing, I don’t think its
a look for all of you guys. Please don’t do it. I usually want to do whatever you think
is right, but that one, I promise you you’re going to look back in five years and be like,
what the heck was I thinking? So, this is a don’t try this at home kind
of situation. This might have happened in Milan, but we should not attempt.
He looks super stylish; he can get away with it, regular folk can’t. You’re not going to
be happy if you go to the grocery store looking like that. Chill out, chill out. B-.
OK, I’m going to go C+ because the shorts are just killing me.
I’m going to go B I think. Alright.
You like to see a lot of leg? A lot of leg-
Is what we’re going to call it, a lot of leg. It really keeps things fresh for me, yeah.
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    Nina Ho

    i cringed listening to how they agreed with him on cera's outfit like ???? y'all JUST said you didn't like the outfit lmao

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    short shorts for men!!! ain't nothing wrong with body hair. ladies/femme people, wear shorts even when you haven't shaved, masc people, wear shorts even if they're "too feminine", clothing has no gender and everything they taught you growing up is probably fake. wear what you like regardless of that foolish curse we know as the gender binary

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    Daniel Harthcock

    In defense of john mayer. Those shoes are 'Acronym Nike Prestos'. The shirt probably 'Visvim'. The pants were custom. The jacket is 'Nike ACG' Its high end streetwear. He has his own Hypebeast cover. He's a undercover streetwear legend.

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    I do really like the shorts but those shoes and socks tho? like you got a nice casual thing going on and then you have those sports shoes and socks??

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    It’s hardwork simultaneously deleting those two plastics from my brain as I’m watching and enjoying Tan’s commentary…

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    Vadim Romantic

    Those two women's outfits are bad. I don't get it, how are they talking about fashion with such bland outfits. Both their shoes look bad, especially the woman on the right. She looks like she dressed for some garden work

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    i feel like the two girls are scared to share their own opinion and only blindly follow what tan says.. seems like theyre scared to disagree

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    S Wid

    how can you wear THAT ill fitting of a blazer and a god damn skort as a 30 year old and have the authority to judge other peoples outfits?

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    Charis Aglaea

    Tan is so genuinely enthusiastic about fashion, without being snobby and I just appreciate that so much – what a sweetheart

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    Elliot Siegel

    Personally think that John Mayer has an incredibly forward-thinking approach to streetwear style that a lot of people weren't ready for until 2019

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    Elaine Helms

    Please give Tan France is own show. Love him, so cute and that accent 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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    I feel like Tan is where Stacey London was 10-15 years ago. I think he's going to be the one looking back and regretting being so strict on his and other's styles.

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    Maymuna Kabir

    Not impressed by the woman (?) in the skirt
    Just doesn't sound at all like she knows anything or is sure of anything

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    Maymuna Kabir

    The Milan Street style was literally just men in the 70s or 80s with awful short shorts.
    Not everyone can pull that off.

    Cera's outfit was a miss.

    Here's the thing, the trick to dressing well is not just to wear statement pieces, or fashion staples, or clothes in trend- you have to wear what looks good on YOU

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    Lethea Segel

    Tan shaming men for showing leg hair is so CRINGEY. It's 2019, let your thighs out!! Wear crop tops and set your happy trail free!

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    The Treacherous Leech

    But honestly did we expect anything other than perfect from the fashion Icon Jeff Goldblum?

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    Afifa Rashid

    Tan being so like a pakistani Desi auntie, breaking down everyone one piece of clothing at a time 😂

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    To be honest John Mayer has great style and that picture doesn’t do justice to his style and sometimes only he could pull it off!

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    Corinne Spencer

    I love Tan but all these outfits just made me feel nauseous. Errrgh… Men, please, no. Back to the drawing board… Like, way back….

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    Sarthak Sharma

    Tan is the definition of basic taste, he is good enough to make people feel good by elevating their jorts and NBs on Queer Eye but he doesn't give a shit about how streetwear works and the thing with french tuck is not even funny anymore.

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    Tawnee Rios

    @1:04 I'd to hear Tan's reasoning to why it's such a big thing for Childish Gambino to rock name brands. I don't see that as brave or anything new. It's really in now, I know, but it seems just like flexing your wealth or going with the crowd. Not trying to start any thing, I'm just wondering why the was something to comment on

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    I wanted to see a cool discussion about fashion with smart opinions but the two ladies just agreed to everything Tan said. It ruined the video a bit. Should have just been Tan. It would have been the same outcome.

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    Greg Dahlen

    at some point you should give some of the general principles that underlie your aesthetics so we could see where you're coming from and people could apply it to new outfits

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    Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01

    Why does Tan think the French Tuck is a good idea on anyone? It's dumb we all know Tan's trying to use it as his shit because his last name is France like lol

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