Previously : Researches to find Thomas the ancient deliverer. Let’s hope they’ll find him soon because Estelle is beginning to lose her mind! – I heard the english army is looking for you. And Genie becomes parnoiak. – I think we’re being followed. They took a frightening ghostwalk and spend a turbulent night. Estelle, are you ok? – Can you see me? – Of course I can see you? – That’s really me.. What’s the matter? – You don’t seem well. -…and that’s really you? Good! – Did you take sleeping pills again? You know it’s not a good idea for you. You should stop. You’re acting really weird. – When I woke up this morning my hand was outside the circle. I had a strange dream. My hand hurts ever since… and… I can’t explain this… – What! – Well, surely there is a logical explanation. You must be a hidden artist, we don’t know. So you have all the time of the trip to draw the same thing. And not another minute. And we will figure it out, everything will go back to normal. Let’s go! (Music) – Look Genie? – What is this horror? Is it your drawing?
– Yes! Here is Thomas with his helmet and package. I gave him a green pullover, this colour suits him very well and I love green! A princess… me! Royalty is my destiny! We are under a starry sky for romanticism. A red leaf tree because it’s autumn. And a car because we were inside the car and I had some time left. – That’s awful! It means that… god forgot us, that… we are lost sheeps. et that you have been possessed! You’ve been possessed by the devil! It’s terrible. Wait! No! Of course I’m mistaken! It’s god’s will! I can see it so clearly now! You need to find him! Code Berthe was accurate! It’s a sign ! You have been chosen! it’s a miracle! I love you ! It’s wonderful! Let’s commune with nature! It’s a miracle! Yes! Yes! – But… I’ve been possessed all the same! Genie I’ve been possessed! (MUSIC) Estelle in the role of her life : Legolas, Lord of the ring, take 1! – Water is red, blood has fled. – Wasn’t it supposed to be the sky is red? Genie in the role of her life : Pocahontas take 1 and action ! (Singing “just around the riverbed” ) – I will ask at the embassy if the know him!
– Ok. Hello ? It’s me. I am very happy you answered and I’m sorry I know I went too far… I miss you! – I miss you too! I wish you’d come back home so everything could go back to normal. – Me too! Why am I whispering? Wait, why are you whispering? – I’m at my mother’s house, she’s taking a nap. – That’s weird I can hear noises from the street on the phone. It’s almost like if you were here. – No, no, the window is open that’s all! – Ok! I’ll be back on the 8th. Take care of yourself and Pitch! – Don’t worry! He’s in good hands! (Creepy music) – It was the wrong course to follow… he’s not here.
– What a pity! – Are you ok? – Yeah, I talked to my boss on the phone. – It’s the first time I see you so happy to talk to her. – Everybody has the right for a second chance.
– Ok… lets go? (Music) – Marc (Music) – Genie! Genie! the one-eyed old lady on the reception…
– Ok… – … thinks she saw him. Apparently, he came 3 days ago with a backpack to camp. She pointed him a hike around here. It’s a 3 hours hike. He might still be here! – What are we waiting for?
– Let’s go! – Come on! (Music) -Well, as soon as you have a goal you stop complaining! – Don’t make me talk, I need to concentrate on my oxygen level. (Music) – Do you think he’s still there?
– Sure! – What if he was here? What if he didn’t want to see me? – Why wouldn’t he? – I was mean to him and I came by unannounced. Maybe he wants to be alone. – STOP. Enough! Have some faith and follow your destiny. It was meant to be. Go! – Wish me luck!
– Break a leg! – I am not so sure… It’s a bad idea.
– Hush ! I am going… Are you sure?
– Yes I am ! (Music) – He’s gone… I was too late!
– It will be ok. – Goodmorning and welcome to Loch Lomond. What is Loch Lomond? It’s in Scotland, right. But for the experts, I am sure you understood the reference to Tintin and the captain Haddock. Our dear Estelle will imitate the captain. Your turn! – Bachi- bazooks. MilleBillions of bilious blue blistering barnacles! – Well you need to imagine it with the right tone, but you get the idea! Why Loch Lomond? Why Tintin? Because in this place was born the captains’s favourite whisky. In fact, in the first edition of Tintin, It was not a this whisky but another brand because the distillery opened in 1946. What do you think about that Estelle? – Nothing matters anymore, he’s gone. – Cut!


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    Nicolas Untz

    Encore un beau voyage dans cet épisode plein d'émotions, mais qui nous apprends quand même au moins trois choses:
    1- confiez vos animaux a des personnes de confiance !
    2- le kilt c'est tout de suite classe
    3- le capitaine haddock avais quand mm super bon goût 🥃

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    Lancelot's words

    Un plaisir de vous suivre et de découvrir une belle partie de l'Ecosse.

    Sinon une possession qui te découvre un talent, c'est pas mal quand même. As-tu été choisi par la providence ? 🙂

    En espérant des retrouvailles avec Thomas.

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