Salmon Trolling in the summer

Salmon Trolling in the summer

Do we have auto focus on this one? Yeah Just like always when I’m about to film. Everything under control. What’s going on today Ludde? We’re about to do something totally new for us. Maybe you’ve done this before? But we’re going trolling for migrating salmon. With a living legend. Ronny Andén! The Sheriff! Brothers! All well? Of course! Can we squeeze the car in? So many rods. Are we really bringing all the rods? What’s going on? I’m equipping the rods with the secret spoons. Not that secret though. This one is called Inverted Popcorn.
It’s caught a few. This is Swedish Popcorn. And this is Yellow Flash. Really good! Öhneruds spanking with a red butt.
Sticklback. So many goodies for them silver torpedoes out there. I just got a scolding for touching one of the lures. After having a snus. That’s the level we’re at today. How many rods are we fishing today? Twelve. Twelve rods! Sometimes I fish 13-14 too. But it’s rarely more effective. We’ve never done this before.
What should we do when we get a bite? Just grab the rod and let it run.
When it stops you can start working it. I usually use loose drag. And I’ll get the rest of the rods up. And the down riggers. Let’s see where we’re at. Get the down riggers and the other rods out of the way. What speed are we going now? We’ll be fishing 2-2,5 knots.
And that’s the speed we’re going right now. Between 2,6 and 2,8 knots is perfect. But that is without currents. Yeah, so that’s speed over ground.
Not the speed included water movement. We’ll soon have all the rods out. This is so cool! If we get a bite on starboard side, I’ll have that fish. And the man here, port side. I’m Mr Babian. Today! All I want to see today is one salmon. I would’ve liked to set one rod in the sea,
but Ronny don’t trust me to do it the right way. I wouldn’t trust you either. – I’d say this is for the best.
– You’re probably right. Maybe we’ve deserved a cup of coffee. Yeah, a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.
We’ve deserved that after an hour of sitting on our ass. Can you explain what we’re doing? Well, all our twelve rods are out now. And now we’re just waiting for that classic reel scream. When the salmon strike. We’ve had a great season.
Had fish almost every day for two and a half weeks. Only missed two days.
Feels good. Best day three, a few days two. And only two days have been too windy. Feeling great. Ludde has done his deed already. You done baiting? Look at that!
It’s big! Take it easy now.
I have to clear the boat. I need to keep the tension. Yeah nice! This is so cool! Let me make a way point. This is so neat Ludde! Wonderful! I saw it in the surface over there. It seems to be a big one? Yeah it’s a big one. For real? Ronny says it’s over ten! You didn’t see it Oskar? No I didn’t see the fish. I just saw the splash.
Looked like a freakin Jetski come flying. But now you can see it! You’ve got it right there! It’s just like having a mink running around you. He’s clever and fast. Keep the rod down! I just thought it was a bit slow. Yeah, he was a bit too kind to you. And he’s even got a paravane to drag around too. Get it towards me now. Get it here. Take it out of gear. Want me to put it in neutral? There we go! Put it in gear again! It’s so damn huge! This is a nice contribution to the midsummer feast. What an experience. And what a fish! Without doubt… the biggest salmon I’ve ever caught. It’s like a dream coming true. We just said before the take.
If we can catch a ten kilo fish today, it’ll be the perfect day. And yeah. It is. What a beauty. Give us a quick update on what’s going on Ronny! This is incredible.
We just had a salmon in our boat. At 10,2-10,3.
A fish you fought very well Oskar. Well fought, really good! And shortly after, Peter Thörnqvist.
A buddy of mine… lost two, and then caught one at eight kilo. And just after that they catch another fish at 15 kilo. And my other buddy Kim caught one first thing this morning. Just beside our boat. And then he followed that up with a triple take. A small one got away. And got two at about 15 kilo. Beautiful fish, small but rowdy! Lets get it back! A great day! Fish on again! Kim’s got one again!
Insanity! Just as I told you about him,
and now he’s got one again. Kim is out there somewhere. Ludde, how will you motivate you spending a million on a trolling boat for your fiancee? Right now I don’t know. But you know how I work. You’re a go getter. I’ll leave these pretty fish for you. But I’m out for them jewel fish. That are very rare. Just give me four to five more hours. And I’ll give you a smile like you’ve never seen before. Ludde, what’s going on? One of the reels finally took off! I don’t wanna be bragging here. But I just asked for “One huge salmon please!” And after that it didn’t take more than two seconds. Yeah I promise, maximum five seconds. What a screaming take! On the same colored lure!
Swedish Popcorn. It’s been out all day. I wouldn’t say this is a small fish,
but you’ll never know. Salmon professor Ronny just said
there’s no chance this is a small fish. Feeling good about that. We should be in the clear then. How’s your arms Ludde? I’m not used to a right sided winch. I wonder what goes trough the mind of the salmon. He’s just going out there. I just wanna start to fight this fish now. You’ll be really eager to start now. You feel any weight on the other side?
It’s just you and the salmon now. Oh yeah. Don’t know how much pressure I should put there.
It’s just prowling around. It’s just going! So insane! Feels like this fish can potentially be really big. – How much left?
– 200 feet. Don’t run away now you son of a b**ch. He turned around, or did it come loose? Nah I lost it. Unreal. For real? God dammit.
I’ve been running so good. He made a last run for it. Let’s go again. What a let down.
First one to get away. I didn’t even see it. That fish had some big fish aura around it. Yeah, it dug down deep. One more hour. That’s all you get Ludde. And then you’ll have to wait three more years until you get another chance. Yeah that’s the thing. Are you giving up Ludde? No not giving up.
But it’s sinking in now. Maybe there won’t be a next one. And that’s sad.
Really sad. We’ve started to troll our way back. I’m feeling down. Gimme one last pep talk. Within 44 minutes, I’ll be here again with a happy face. We’ll have news by then.
Bye! That didn’t go according to plan. Of course Ludde forgot to turn on the microphone.
So no one heard anything. Nah, that’s my bad.
I’ll take the blame. It has happened before, and it will again.
Promise. Big thumbs up for watching.
Always fun to get out there, especially with Ludde. It’s not a common sight. I hope you’ll watch next week as well.
We’ll upload a V-log you don’t wanna miss. The boys are out competing.
They’re fishing the 24h Pike. And Ludde caught a pike of 32 kilo. Don’t miss that! 32 kilo you say. That’s a good thumbnail. But in reality I caught nothing. Get out of my sight. If you are still here, still sitting there watching. I’m still here too. Let’s do this again. Buy these jackets.
We need to get rid of them. They’re still available in all sizes.
Unfortunately. Get over to hour website and
you’ll find the link to the shop. We’ve got caps just like the one Ludde is wearing. We’ve got coffee that just came here. Mackan is making jigs again. Will be available soon on the shop! There’s T-shirts and beanies. You can buy whatever you need for the Nobel Prize ceremony that is coming up. Toodles!


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    Anton Lönn

    Bra film, som vanligt! 🙂
    Men måste fråga, vad är grejen med trolling? Du lägger i beten, åker runt och väntar…? Vart är charmen i det?

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