Saving salmon in Stavanger, Norway | Jan’s World Tour

Hello everyone! Jan here again, continuing my travels around the world, where I’m training and helping our customers. Today, I’ve reached Norway. I’m here in Stavanger. And here, today, I’m on a fishing farm where they have salmon. To keep the salmon fresh and healthy, do we have here a system with two containers where we have our APP 78 and iSave 70. We are producing 1600 cubic meters of water per day. Of each container. I’m out here ensuring that the system is performing as it should be. Checking up on that our customer’s customer is happy with it, and ensuring again that everything is running as it should be. And again, you can see out here that the salmon are happy and they are springing out of the water and showing that fresh fish from Norway, you always can get. Jan. Thank you for this time, and hope I see you next time somewhere else in the world.

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