Seol-Su-Dae, “Summer in Jeonju is way too hot!!!” [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.06]

– Come here. / – I want to ride a horse. – What? A foot? / – A horse. – A zebra. Go like this. / – What? – A zebra. / – My right foot? – What is it, then? / – A zebra. – You want to go on his shoulder? / – My shoulders? (Seola translates Sian’s speech.) Come here. (Dangling) (That looks fun.) – Dad, come sit down. / – Okay, okay. I want to hang from your arm, too. Isn’t it sticky for you guys? In one, two, three. (This is so tiring.) Okay, let’s stop now. That’s enough. – Why? / – Why? (Sighing) – Let’s go again. / – No. It’s too sticky, isn’t it? It’s so hot. – It’s nice. / – It’s nice? Fine, let’s keep hugging each other like this. Gosh, it’s hot. Let’s hug each other. (Everyone’s tired.) It’s hot, isn’t it? Come here, Sian. Let’s cool ourselves down. (They gather in front of the air conditioner.) Make it go stronger. Make it cooler. What’s wrong with this? It’s not cool. (It’s so hot.) (The current temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.) The air conditioner should blow out cool air. It’s so hot. Hug me. The air conditioner must be broken. What will they do in this heat? Why isn’t it getting cool? We should turn it off. No, don’t turn it off! No, it’s broken right now. It’s because we never turned it on. I should make a call. (He calls the service center.) We touch people with technology. This is the service center. You are calling outside of business hours. They’re not going to pick up because it’s Sunday. What should we do? (We can’t use the air conditioner today?) Heatwave warnings have been issued in five cities today. People fan themselves in the shade and try to block the sun with a parasol. However, it’s not enough to fight the heat. (Temperature Rises Up to 34 degrees Celsius) The summer in Jeonju is extremely hot. It was like this every year. Jeonju and Daegu are known to have very hot summers every year. But it was a very bad timing because the air conditioner broke on the day of our shoot. (The indoor temperature is up to 31 degrees Celsius.) Give me that. Let me use it, too. (Seola and Sua have taken over the two fans.) (Let me use it, too.) What will you do? They took everything. (She has no intentions of giving it to him.) (I’ll fan you instead.) – Gosh, it’s hot. / – I want to use it. (I won’t give it to you.) (The heat is making him whine.) What’s wrong? Let’s do rock-paper-scissors. Okay. You need to use your head for rock-paper-scissors. You need to know how to predict the other person. What do you think I’ll go for? – Rock. / – Okay. I’m going for rock. Rock-paper-scissors. (Then I’ll just have to go for paper.) Rock-paper-scissors. (Sian loses.) – Dad, hug me. / – Here you go. (You said you were going for rock.) Sian, you can’t believe everything you hear. You have to fan me ten times. – One, two… / – It needs to be cool. – One, two… / – Use both hands. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. (Donggook is making him whine again.) Okay. Are you confident you can win this time? I’m going for rock this time. Okay? Rock-paper-scissors. (Sian calculates what he should go for.) Rock-paper-scissors. Sian doesn’t make the same mistake. You know how to do that? (Satisfied) You fooled me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. (I’m cooled down now.) Sian, do you know everything? Go and fan the cameramen. Do it 10 times. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Count in Chinese this time. That uncle over there is Chinese. He’s Chinese, so count in Chinese. One, two, three, four… (Sian counts to 10 in Chinese.) Thank you. Thank you. How many languages do you speak? Then count in English this time. Let’s go. Three, four, five, seven, nine. You speak three languages. At that moment, Seola heads to the kitchen. Is she going there for a cup of cold water? – Dad. / – Yes? (She stops in front of the refrigerator.) (Struggling) (She already knows that) (the refrigerator is cool.) Dad, the refrigerator helps you cool down! You shouldn’t do that. Close the door. (Seola and Sua have something in their hands.) Wait, that looks like frozen meat. (She puts the frozen meat on her forehead.) (I can’t believe this.) Seola, your posture is unbelievable. (Sian follows his sister.) (All three of them are using meat to cool down.) Let’s put it back in. This is food. (What am I going to do about this heat?) (Donggook suddenly brings something over.) – Move over. / – Donggook brings a huge red bucket. It looks really heavy. What’s in it? (It’s filled with ice!) (30minutes ago) Hello? – Hi. Is this the market? / – Yes. Hi, I’m currently calling from my house. Do you guys sell ice cubes? You’re talking about ordinary ice cubes, right? – Yes. / – Okay. Do you have bigger ice? Yes, but not many people use that at home. I thought I could use ice to make the house become cooler. I also thought the kids could have fun with ice at home. So, I decided to order big chunks of ice. – Me, too. / – Take a plastic bag each. Then put some ice inside. – Look at you sweating. / – Dad, this one. Yes. Cool yourself down with this. – Thank you. / – No problem. (Here’s one for you, too.) – Put it on your face. / – Thank you. Let’s try going on top of this. – Who’s going to hold me? / – I will. Okay, hold me tight. – There we go. 1, 2, 3, 4, / – 2, 3, 4, – 5, 6, 7… / – 5, 6, 7, 8… (Isn’t it too cold?) It’s cool. – I want to try. / – Tell me when you want to come down. Just tell me that you want to come down. Here we go. Let’s do this. Don’t cry, okay? – One, two, three, four… / – Two, three, four… – Seven, eight… / – I want to go down! (He desperately wants to come back down.) 9, 10. Okay, you were there for 10 seconds. (I almost died.) – It’s cold. / – It’s cold, right? Who wants to try lying down here? Sian, take off your shirt. (I don’t want to try.) Gosh, it’s hot. Isn’t it hot? (Seola suddenly flies in like the wind.) It’s hot, right? (I’ll volunteer.) Look at you. You even have tattoos. (You’re a cool kid if you have sticker tattoos.) Look at your tattoos. Seola, you can do it! – I can do it! / – Raise your arms. Raise your arms. Hold her hands, Sua. One, two, three, four… (It’s as if she’s riding a sleigh on her back.) (I can’t bear to watch.) Gosh, it must be cold. It’s not cold. (It’s not cold?) Really? – I want to try. / – Sian, come here and try. My gosh, you also have tattoos. (Both Sian and Seola have sticker tattoos.) Sian, tell me if you don’t like it, okay? – You can do it! / – I can do it. Go away, heat. Go away, heat! Ready, go. (Sian is getting an ice massage.) (He doesn’t know where to put his hands.) (Grabbing) (I’ll hold you.) It stings. It’s cold. I’m cold. You’re not hot anymore, right? – No. / – Right? (Are you still hot?) Wear your clothes now. Put them on. Sian, hold on. Did you pee on yourself? Come here. Let me see. You pooped. Look. You pooped. (He puts in two ice cubes.) Do you wear hand-me-down underwear? How are your underwear all red? I didn’t poo. You didn’t? Let me see. Come here. (Fumbling) What is it? What is it? It’s ice. – Ice? Did ice get in? / – Yes. (Seola takes out the ice.) Really? Doesn’t it feel cool? No, it’s not cool. Stop it! Okay. (I’ll pay him back for you, Sian.) (He gets ice in his pants.) That’s cold. Sua. Who was that? Who put it in? Hey, that’s cold. It’s cool for me. Put this in your mouth. Eat one. (Biting) That one was in my pants. (That was in my pants.) (Gross) That was in my pants. Your pants? That’s dirty. (Spitting) (He wants to erase his memory.) Isn’t the ice cream good? Right, Sian? Look. What are they wearing on their heads? The cabbage will help you cool down. Hurry up. (Where are they going?) It feels cool. (Are they) (at a bank?) There is a friend. Do you know where we are? It’s a bank. We can withdraw money. It’s always cool here. But we can’t stay here for too long. People find money here. What is that? This? These men… These men are bad people. The police have to catch them. These are bad people. They’re bad. What’s that? Guys, come here. It’s a mantis. It’s a mantis. A mantis. The mantis must be hot, too. What is the mantis doing right now? – It’s going like this. / – Like this. Is it going like this? (Like this.) How scary. Look at them. How scary. The mantis… Let’s take him outside. Bye, mantis. Let’s go, let’s go. Dad, where are we going? To my secret place. We can spend the summer there. (Where are we going?) It’s hot out, right? – Yes. / – We can rest here. Why are we at someone else’s house? No, this is a place where many people share. This is a heatwave shelter. We were walking outside and it got too hot. – Is that why you came? / – Good thing you came. – It’s nice and cool here. / – Yes. Our air conditioner at home broke down. You can rest here. Guys, isn’t it nice and cool here? Yes. (It’s so nice.) It feels so cool. We should come here for summer vacation. (Sian is drying his sweat.) Are you drying your hair? I’m sweating. May I try this? Of course. Go ahead. Sian, let’s try this. Do you remember this? (A massage chair?) (Sian fell in love with a massage chair.) I’ll massage your feet. It was hard walking so much, right? Right? Foot massage. (He’s letting the chair massage him.) Doesn’t it hurt? You’re such an old man. (That hits the spot.) (Sian fell asleep right away.) (An elderly lady places a blanket on him.) They look like their dad. I bought some cool drinks for you to have. We’re resting here thanks to you. I’m so happy I got to meet such a star. Not at all. (Are the kids sleeping?) (The ladies are playing cards.) She got the right card. (End of their summer story)

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