Shopping for Food Online for 1 Month || Family of Five Experiment (2019)

Shopping for Food Online for 1 Month || Family of Five Experiment (2019)

we usually go to our local supermarket
for grocery shopping but we decided to shop for food online for a month and
we’re gonna share with you what we found including how much money we spent for a
family of five so stay tuned okay so we wanted to experiment right yeah because
we all know that grocery stores are set up in a certain way to make you spend
more money while you’re there for example I call the dairy products are in
the back of the store so you have to go through the store to get what you need
yeah and and then they have those like three for two offers to test your
resolve and how well you can stick to your grocery list and then you know like
while you’re checking out you have the older candies and the gum and stuff that
you pick up like at the last minute or that the kids like grocery stores no I
do like groceries you do yeah I don’t so much go around and get inspired and
taste tests and I like but I don’t like going there with three kids in tow where
do you do your grocery shopping have you tried online shopping and if so
which do you prefer let us know in the comments below so the name of science we
decided to try this for a month we’re gonna compare the money we spent
the time we spent and if there are any hidden benefits or disadvantage that we
didn’t think about yeah purely very scientific and during that time we’re
not gonna go grocery shopping in person physically ourselves to the grocery
store so online shopping only you had some concerns as well right I did
because I don’t trust other people picking out my produce I like smelling
with strawberries and checking the peaches I want to make sure that it’s
it’s fresh yeah this is a great bestowal of trust upon the person on the other
side of the internet it’s a machine yeah but this is a valid concern so we
decided to pick a place that was you know pretty well reviewed not you know
not the cheapest option that we had yeah but not that was expensive either
enough talk this is what we found so more talk yeah I usually go grocery
shopping once or twice a week and I spent about 45 minutes in the grocery
store every time is that including transportation it’s not include
transportation so I usually do it as I pick up the kids or drop them off
yeah so it’s not that much maybe 30 minutes extra for the whole month yeah
so 45 minutes every time one half times per week that’s about four and a half
hours plus 30 minutes so five hours a month grocery shopping yeah that’s not too bad well when we did online grocery shopping I spent 30 minutes
every week and I did it once per week so that I ended up being 2 hours per month
that’s a huge difference there is a difference of exactly 3 hours
yeah I was really shocked when I saw this number I was like man that’s huge
like I love going grocery shopping but is it worth 3 extra hours I don’t know think of
all the things you could do in 3 hours yep take a nap Take one 3-hour nap or 6 half an hour naps when it comes to money we spent five hundred and seventy-six
dollars on grocery shopping online this month compared to last month we spent
five hundred and eighty five dollars so that’s less than ten dollars less
shopping online that is I mean for all intents and purposes that’s basically
the same amount of money interesting compared to last year the same month we
spent five hundred and sixteen dollars but this time around we have a third
child and that third child is now eating solids and he probably eats more than
his five-year-old sister does we’re essentially spending the same amount of
money shopping online which you know item for item it is more expensive and
you have the delivery fee but I think that just means that we’re more
intentional about or you know what we actually buy it we’re doing less of this
like impulse shopping that we usually do at the grocery
but were we healthier yes okay I mean we meal plan we cook from scratch and so the
food that we eat for our meals is generally pretty healthy I think the
difference this time around was the fact that we didn’t have as many unhealthy
snacks lying around the house and therefore we did not eat those unhealthy
snacks because they were because they were still at the grocery store when you shop online you search for the
things that you want so you don’t walk down the candy aisle and pick up things
that you’re inspired by and also it’s more expensive online so you don’t pick
them up yeah so I think in general yes health however for those exact same
reasons we didn’t really add anything to our food storage this month because I
didn’t wander down the canned good aisle and see oh ten cans tomatoes for one so
that’s what we missed by not shopping at the store but it was really nice to be
able to do the shopping from the comfort of our own home when the kids were
occupied with something else or you know had already gone to bed so I think
that’s something that we took from it as well yeah plus have it delivered to your
front door gold now we love picking things apart like this so if you haven’t
already then head over to our website we put a link below and join our community
for insights that we don’t share anywhere else
I still love going to the grocery store but because nuts and canned goods and
stuff like that it’s a lot more expensive when you shop for put online
at least in Denmark yeah then we’re not gonna do it exclusively but because of
the convenience factor and just for the time that you save we are gonna shop for
food online most the time and then do one or two trips or grocery store a
month that make sense yeah at least for those cheaper items yeah so if you were
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not and handling the English word is shopping you ready
do look ready and then subscribe and hit that or forgiver Pacific


  1. Post
    Real Organized

    Where do you do your grocery shopping? Have you tried online shopping? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section!

  2. Post
    Small Changes

    What a great video! We do a mixture of click and collect and ALDI ❤️ I would love to see a grocery haul 😉 Were you happy with the produce they picked? I've had a few bad experiences with that, but they were always happy to give me a refund ❤️ xo

  3. Post
    Charity West

    I try to shop online when I'm organized enough. Too often I end up waiting too long and then I can't wait the extra day to get the groceries ordered. But I love that you get to skip so many steps – no loading everything into the cart just to unload it, then haul it out to the car, load it in, and then unload again at home. Just make your list, click buy, and go pick groceries up (I haven't tried delivery yet). I love online grocery shopping. I need to start doing that again.

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