Skype-a-Thon 2018 | The Journey

Skype-a-Thon 2018 | The Journey

>>Five, four, three, two.>>Hello.>>Hi.>>So firstly, we are going to
fold this square into half.>>Skype-a-Thon is a celebration of a power of connecting classrooms. Via tools like Skype, classrooms around the world
over a 48-hour period, share their thoughts, their ideas, their passions, their questions
with one another.>>I traveled 4,500
miles to the USA today.>>How old is Molly?>>Molly is six years old.>>My favorite Skype call
today was the flip grid, because they were really
funny with the minions, flamingos and all that.>>I’m planning a whole project
across the whole school, where we are trying to spell
the alphabet in all the calls. We’re trying to do 26 calls spelling
every letter of the alphabet. Then, with one of the classes and
we’re doing a Skype sleepover, to oversee connecting with parts of the world that are
a different time zone to us.>>I can take in all your questions
while I look for that.>>This year’s
Skype-a-Thon was focused on the UN sustainable
development goals. And giving students a voice to apply their education to how they can make a difference in
changing the world.>>We’ve helped 11 kids with
their education and I feel really good because we’re helping unfortunate
people to become fortunate, further education so they
can get a better job.>>We’re organizing
a book drive and we’re going to donate the books
to a local hospital.>>So, the most
surprising thing about Skype-a-Thon was
the motivation of my students. When they found out that the Skype was also to help other children, especially, the education, they were really motivated
to do the activity.>>I like very much Skype-a-Thon
because our questions about technology is answered by someone that is very
important on all the world.>>We learned how to
use motors and sensors.>>Our dream is to send
a robot along the Micro:Bit with the same program to
one of Jupiters moons.>>Just watching them and observing
them during the mystery Skype. I just get so excited when
I do see other students. They have a connection
as teenagers that they want to know as much as about
each other as possible.>>So this is
our traditional costume.>>What was your dream when
you were a student like us?>>I was most excited about meeting some new students and seeing
what they do in their class.>>Are you from Europe?>>Yes.>>Are we? Yes we are from Europe.>>What is the time?>>Say one word in your language.>>[FOREIGN].>>You are in Africa.>>Yes.>>I’m a Geography teacher. And an important part of Geography is
to show my students the world. This is a nice opportunity
to show them a volcano in El Salvador or a class in Tunisia.>>Are you from Tunisia?>>Yes.>>Mystery Skype and
other Skype sessions have enabled us to connect
with people all around the world and help us to realize that we are all
alike on the inside.>>Skype-a-Thon 2018 was
an incredible journey. And when you can continue with your classroom every day via
the power of Skype in the classroom. And I look forward to joining you all of you again in
next year’s Skype-a-Thon.>>Thank you.


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