Stephen Sharer – SNOW DAY (Behind the Scenes)

what is going on Sharers in today’s vlog
we take you behind the scenes of the snow day music video we show you how we
did all the scenes we show you how much fun we have maybe this billing this
video and shares we want to tell you about this node a music video contest
that’s right we want you to create your own study music video and send it to us
for a chance to be featured in one of our vlogs all you have to do to enter
this contest is click the link in description below download this song
pick up my camera and start having fun making your own music video get some
swag from the swag store oh yeah check out these new snow day shirts you got me
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we can’t wait to see what you come up with shares now check out the behind the
scenes oh yeah what is going on shares welcome to behind the scenes of the snow
day music video shoot we are out here in Park City Utah it is absolutely freezing
cold so let’s get inside shares here it is to share the love snow cabin let’s go
inside see what everyone’s up to oh yeah we got our drones here we got a bunch of
camera equipment over here and of course we got our share the love merch all set
up and ready to go for the music video and we got the crew here you’re ready to show the share of some
awesome behind the scene footage for the snow day music video let’s go whoa we’re
in here filming Liz’s scene oh this is about to wake up you ready no I’m not
ready oh yeah Liz can’t fall asleep because she’s been up all night counting
sheep she’s so excited for today this is Liz’s setup Brian’s got the crane going
over top for a head like that then we have Linda over here making shwoo do you
make in making sheep sheep this is so cool shares you want to learn how to
make sheep just watch Lynne that we got what cut out of paper tons of glue
cotton balls and check out these googly eyes oh yeah whoa check this out this is
gonna be up on that counting sheep Carter how cool are these they’re little
sheep oh yeah step one was building the Sheep step two
is that what are we doing we’re trying to make it so that the Sheep can fly
across the background behind windows hey marshmallow no that’s not a marshmallow
is a cotton ball for the Sheep oh yeah we’re using shower curtain
holders and then fishing line will hold them in the background visible string
nice and lost the sheep float over top of your head yeah lucky tough for the
sheep scene we need chairs for the Sheep scene whoa oh I’m just cheap over there
they’re actually floating now this looks so magical it’s so cool oh you ready for
your scene yeah ready time for the next scene I’m gonna grab
my snowman slaughter and walking out this door
setting focus for Liz’s scene right now make sure it looks good on camera
how’s it looking Bryan amazing oh yeah Liz this is gonna be awesome
we good all right let’s do it oh yeah for making my share the love hot
chocolate there we go yeah load up with lots of whipped cream
perfect Oh looking good I’m just gonna add sprinkles we gotta make it look
excellent ex oh here we go what con you think Steven Oh share it’s
what kind of sprinkles Charice all those those ones either one yeah oh that looks
so awesome oh yeah about that it’s some good snow
Dave hot chocolate whoo oh yeah and sheriff’s we even have a burnt
marshmallow to go along on the top behind it see my hot chocolate see I’m
so ready to drink this and I’m over here making cookies cuz we’re doing a snack
scene later hmm check these out they look so good I just have to add
sprinkles to this one but these three are all done and I put chocolate on that
cuz I love chocolate okay Stephens about to go so much snow
on the ground sheriff beta came rolling around
let’s drink hot chocolate when there’s no there’s no stopping love let’s go
outside and share the love car you finally get to eat that yummy cookie
I know but waiting all day to eat this thing oh yeah let’s do your scene I got
my boots I got my snack snowball fight let’s attack just finish my scene when I
was eating a snack and head out the door and now we’re going out the door to go
do some more scenes and Liz I’ve got the props speaking of the sleds we’ve gotta
customize them before we go sledding so that’s exactly what we’re doing yeah
what’s the slope without a share the love sticker oh yeah and it’s also a
Carter shared love sticker is that right super rare look at that look at that
this quarter show right on it and they’re green which is awesome
let’s stick it right here yeah but right there oh yeah and of course you know what my coats
missing something car what’s it missing we as a lime green share the love logo
on their channel a quarter share I hope it’s six I don’t know if it’s gonna
stick nice blue one with the lime green shade love sticker hey mines over there
and it’s got the green on it two green ones yeah it’s awesome in every snow day
sure is you gotta get outside and play in the snow that’s why we’re going
sledding right now cause you have any awesome ideas of what we can do while
it’s ready that’s the coolest letter you can think
of well just came up with rocket-powered sleds they’ll be super cool shares what
can you think of Oh Hot Wheels ice track Oh build a Hot Wheels track like down
the snow make the little snow Tigers and stuff yeah that would be so cool wonder
if you’d go faster if it’s cold it’s all slippery
we are almost there we made it to bobsled Boulevard that’s so cool that
means you can go sledding on the silhouette oh yeah this one says grizzly
way and Bob said Boulevard and we have an awesome field just up here to go
sledding whoa because beauty is crazy goes on way
out there this is so cool it’s time to go slide it now okay look at this thing
this is so big I got an icicle and I got a snowball blitz versum copy right now
hashtag snowball or hashtag icicle who’s gonna win what do you think Steve
snowball yeah this thing is super sharp look at this we ready take a look at
this thing this is like razor-sharp icicle vs. snowball let’s do it
three two one oh not over one you comment – Nick snowball you were
wrecking this thing as a little damage but it’s totally good okay let’s go
sledding okay this is how you sled share the love
style making perfect shape snowballs well I’m
trying to here’s the technique you gotta like slap
it around like you’re clapping your hands and it’s gonna be perfectly round
it’s gonna be the world’s most perfect snowball cause if you think mine is
perfect okay or common hashtag quarter if you think this one that I’m making it
right now is gonna be the world’s most perfect snowball oh yeah this is coming
out so good Cera’s just watch ready this is about to
be so good oh I know check that out that’s amazing you really think about
this yeah well you’re just looking around – whoa you’re like so perfectly
round it’s crazy I want to bring it home we put it in the freezer so I can see
you’re not yeah I’m gonna put it my pocket no it’s not in my pocket
oh let’s go – snowman was getting so big and it’s making a trail and it’s lifting
all that snow out of the grass that’s so cool it’s so heavy
I suck the head on the snowman’s almost ready sure is you ready first I wanna
make some eyes oh yeah he’s starting to look good oh yeah eyes are done check
out the eyes we got a mouth there’s snowman’s lookin good drink hot
chocolate there’s no stoppin handcuffs miss Esther where you going let’s read hey guys I think I need it’s a wrap what
oh yeah sure we hope you love that music video it’s so epic
don’t forget to enter the contest email us your video links below we can’t wait
to see your snow day music videos oh yeah until next time Stay awesome and Share the love, peace! Go smash the
like button for this awesome film crew that we had right now I’ll make this LED
fly in there ready oh yeah special like button mash it ready okay you got it

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