Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Paris | Episode 5

Start the episode! -When does it start?
-Yeah. Yeah. Okay, we just did press in Poland.
It was awesome. And now we’re going to get dinner, then we’re going to… France tomorrow. With baguettes, baby. We’re going to Paris. Take me through this outfit. So this is Top and the bottom. Come on, what did you think
you were gonna get with me? We’re good? There’s like maybe a good, like, 25 photos
that are on my phone that, like… that I still need to post from the set. I finally posted a video that
I’ve been waiting to post for a year now. Really? -I’ve been waiting to post it for so long.
-Which one? Two million views or something on…
on Twitter. -What?
-Posted it. The video. -Wow, that’s…
-It went viral. I just have perfect timing. This isn’t the real premiere.
Because it’s out. What’s up? We forgot. Oh, yeah, you wanted to clean the dirt
from under my fingernails? We’re not doing that! -We are!
-We’re good. No, there’s no way. -Dude. They’re not gonna see it.
-Yeah, they are. -Sorry, we forgot.
-Got anything for these? Thank you, Paris. God, I’m a doofus. Charlie, oh, my God! -We’re here for a marathon premiere.
-Yeah. It came out today and… It’s been a long wait. We’re happy to be here. They’re watching the whole thing. Right? The entire season tonight. -Yeah, you won’t leave your seat.
-Yeah. I love to stay
just to see everyone’s reaction. I never get to see anyone’s reaction. Start the episode! When does it start? Yeah. Yeah.

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