[SUB] Fisrt time Indonesia Trip ! [Korean in indonesia vlog]

[SUB] Fisrt time Indonesia Trip ! [Korean in indonesia vlog]

Here is Incheon airport! And I’m going to go Indonesia! We need some check before go to indonesia. Do you have a cash? Cash! B : Sure! How much? B : $600 Cash~ We prepared dollars to exchange money for rupiah. And passport? B : Passport? This is a life Don’t be fooled. Always be careful of your wallet. Pickpockets happen anytime, anywhere. Be careful all the time. The criminal is always nearby closed? There are no restaurants around here. I staying a airport hotel But there are no restaurant in here First indonesian cup noodle Finally i arrived in indonesia!! and here is airport hotel! but there are no restaurant in here North korean? Tomorrow morning~ we are going to go Jogjakarta! B : Yogyakarta right? Jogjakarta, Yogyakarta! both fine. Yeah,.. shut… shut..the.. shut..the…f.. We are in airport hotel!
The air conditioner doesn’t work perfectly. I think… Airport hotel is not good.. I had to go downtown Anyway! Now I’m going to eat this cup noodle! Mie~~ Mie sedap cup..? B : Mi…Mi..Misi goreng? Mie goreng!! yeah this is a mie goreng! and i don’t know this pop mie!! but it’s different! One is red color, and other one is pink! And i think this looks delicious! B : it looks like Milk coffee Thai milk coffee! B : Yeah this is a milk coffee Soooo sweet!! so much sweet! B : i like sweet things! B : I like it! You drink.. Ok ! Let’s eat!! Oh! Fork!! and this is a powder Chili powder! and.. …………………? Chili is not good.. i don’t like spicy chili… first! this powder! B : 4 powder? This powder smell is so good! and chili a little bit ??? B : that smell is so good Chili.. a little.. B : looks like professional chef chili ! little ! Spicy food is not good for your health and~ water!! enough! Let’s prepare something else, too. So HOT!!!!!!! and also Hot food is not good for your health What is this? There are many sauces. mixed vegetables!! vegetables and this is a powder and what is this sauces??? Do I have to put everything in? B : that looks like Teriyaki sauce, and that looks like hot sauce… chili and… seasoning oil Do I have to put everything in? how to cut this? like this? oh like this?! so many sauces.. Is this the right way to cook? I think this is a fried noodle…i have no idea Just do it B : Try to do that chili~ and this is a….. AHHHH Right!! I made a mistake! AHHH This noodle is fried noodle! First, Hot water for just noodle,
and after noodle is soft i had to throw away the water.
and then i had to mixed a sauces! but.. now this is a swimming pool! What the….. i didn’t know that Because i think this looks like korean cup noodle Ok Let’s eat pop mie! B : 頂きます。(Japanese language) How do i say ‘Thank you for the meal.’ in indonesian? B : N…nama.. sa…ya.. I think so much water in here what? There’s something missing! It was somehow incomplete but this is not a spicy and sweet! So i like it not spicy You eat ! Look at screen Smell good! It feels like 튀김우동(One of korean cup noodles) It tastes like Korean fried udon. It tastes similar to udon in Korea. But it tastes lighter than udon.


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    Hanul [Korean Bro]

    * About subtitles !
    I'm so sorry I always use a google translator when i add a subtitles.
    So If you have some time please edit my subtitles
    You can add it ! 🙂


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    こんばんは‎(◡‿◡ฺ✿)お疲れ様ですとても嬉しいですあなたに逢えました動画とても良かったですお友達ステキな方ですねお二人の仲良しの姿見てとても心が癒やされましたあなたがとても元気で安心しました私にとって今日はいい日になりましたずーっと動画待ってましたありがとうございます感謝いたします‎( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ _ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )💖💖いっも心優しいあなた大好きですgoodボタン押しましたまた動画お待ちしてますねお体大事にしてくださいね優しさありがとうございます‎(*∩ω∩)

    あなたは私の光‎(  ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ _ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀  )

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