SUB) [Thailand diary] A three-day family trip to Thailand Ra Young!๐Ÿ˜˜ (marriot hotel)|Day1

Yuyeon! Bye~ happy just saying goodbye It’s cold in the mart. stubborn in the cold You look really pretty in this chilly Do you want me to put this on a yoni? Yoni You’re so pretty Okay Let’s go now Let’s eat before we hit the road Yuyeon eats the rice that I brought. Yum ate quickly and went to see Pororo… Don’t touch!!!!!!!!!! she keep trying to touch fish😭 Do you want to sit here? fish contact offender🤣 mommy yes? mommy yee mommy ye mommyyyy yeeeees daddy!!!!!!!!!! nope! Now we’re really going Thailand has a driver’s seat on the right Pinkfong Marriot Hotel in La Yong daddy YuYu enjoying the thrill Let’s come down 앙때 Mom scared instead of Yuyeon Do you want me to hold you? Who can not just walk past the playground I don’t think he’s gonna make it there No, I can pass And then it breaks Dad’s gonna get down and makes a detour Daddy’s here Daddy’s already out why are you there? Daddy’s already out You can’t go ahead galloping toward the sunset This is the beach swimming pool, but there is a typhoon Finally, we’re off to the sea feat.sound of insects If Yuyu is about 12 years old, 12years? too old would go to the hotel swimming pool alone if she was that old. that’s right then but it’s too dangerous No, me! not her a sad husband who dreams of freedom YuYu! moon! a picturesque moon in a cloud I don’t care about the moon. Let’s go! splash You wanted to do this, right? More? run to the edge of the earth Look at your mom Yuyu needs to change her clothes and go eat. an ecstasy😘 There’s something shiny over there Should we go there? There’s moon too Jump into the water😅 Mom’s sigh Yuyeon, Come tomorrow Time to sleep after washing up YuYu’s cup noodles~ Good night, everybody😘

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