SURPRISE TRIP: The Crown Reunites Sisters Living 8000 Miles Apart | Netflix

SURPRISE TRIP: The Crown Reunites Sisters Living 8000 Miles Apart | Netflix

Hi, girls. How you doing? What did we ever
do to deserve this? Yes, you too. You are beautiful. Both of you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Oh, my God. This is a dream come true. Just two girls taking
a trip together for the first time in our lives. I don’t think anything
else can top that. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m very excited to
be an older sister. It’s like having a best
friend for a lifetime. You get to share
everything and you get to do silly things together. Jasmine and I have lived
apart for a while now. So we have had to find
different ways to connect. She always suggests me
movies and everything. And I do the same. She will always be my little
connecting point to India, to home. So we’re going to talk
about The Crown first. Are you doing your queen wave? I’ll turn it around so
she can see you guys. Yeah. Sure. Hi. There’s a whole crew of us. There’s a whole–
everybody is here. Table scene, take two. Mark. [MUSIC PLAYING] I really wanted to leave
the country and move abroad. My dad refused to let me
move away from them away, from the country. She would just sit there
with me and let me cry, and just let me vent to her. I just knew that
it was her dream. She always wanted to. So I encouraged her. I was like, you
should go for it. Just those little
words eventually pushed me to make the big move. And I will just always be
thankful to her for that. Yeah, life gets busy. And she’s a busy person. I can’t complain. It just kept going on and
the years kept passing. You are trying to make
this life of your own all by yourself in a
whole other country. And you’re just
slowly disconnecting from your culture, your
family, your people. [CRYING] She’s happy. All I ever wanted
was her to be happy. I was never there. And I think we lost
our connection. [MUSIC PLAYING] My sister watched it. And then she called
me and she’s like, do you want to watch
the show on Netflix? I’m like, what’s it about? And once I started I was like,
no, I need to know everything. We in India love the scandals. How can you like Philip? I don’t know. I like him. He is so controlling. We have always been one
of those families that would watch the royal family. And we want to know what’s
happening romantically, and politically, and everything. Spill the tea, sis. We started gossiping
again about random things. And that’s when I was like, I’m
getting everything back again. Like, I can feel that
sisterly bond again. That’s how it got better. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]. Do you like Margaret’s
style or Elizabeth’s style? Margaret. [LAUGHING] I would like to
say that I’m more like Queen Elizabeth and my
sister is more like Margaret. It’s because our personalities
are kind of similar. It’s also because of
how we act in situations and relationships. And we feel close to them. She just told me like you
are Margaret to my Elizabeth. And I’m like, yeah,
you’re so sweet. So you think I should
wear the crown? This is for you and your sister. Look. Requesting the honor
of your company in celebration of
your sisterly bond and deep appreciation
of The Crown you both have been summoned
to the United Kingdom. [SCREAMING] Bon voyage, Netflix. I’m going to be so
happy to see you. Me, too. And we can walk around together. Oh, my gosh. This is very exciting, guys. Thank you so much. Just make sure you’re not busy. I’m not busy! I’m not. What? It’s our first
sisters trip together. So it’s going to
be in every way, shape, or form the
greatest, grandest thing that has ever happened. So I’m finally here. I made it. She doesn’t know know
that I have arrived. So I’m really excited. Wait. She’s here. She’s already here. Do you want to go get her? Yes. Absolutely. Let’s do it. Oh. [LAUGHING] Oh, my God. Hi. Hi. I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much. You smell good. Yeah, because duh. [LAUGHTER] I’m so excited to have
some tea with you. Welcome to the Langham
London, ladies. So fancy. I love it. Cheers. I feel like the queen would
not eat anything with hands. [CHATTER] Yes. Like, keep them coming. That’s what I’m here for. Mel and Jasmine, welcome. That’s your
transportation for today. [LAUGHTER] Oh, my God. We’re going to be on a bus. The whole but just for you. We’re so excited. Divine. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] She asked us if we ate,
because that’s a big thing. So we both were like,
yes, of course, we ate. Oh, my gosh. There’s a Crown costume exhibit. Look. It was worn by Olivia
Colman in episode one Season three. It symbolizes the
queen’s sovereign power. This is amazing. Wait. Is that the palace? There are 775 rooms in there. Oh, my God. This is exactly how
it looks on the show. Hello, welcome to
the house of Garrard. This is our high
jewelry garland tiara. Oh, my goodness. Oh. Are you ready to be part
of London’s skyline? Woo. [LAUGHING] Cheers to day one. We’re going to The Crown set. No, we are not. Yep. I am definitely not dressed
appropriately for The Crown set. OK, ladies. Thank you. Enjoy the day. Production. Oh, this is all green screen. Look at all the details, though. The costume department. The costumes. This is where everything’s made. [CHATTER] That’s amazing. I think the lighting
changed like 10 times while it was happy. And she’s just so funny. She’s just like,
oh, I don’t care. Hello. Jasmine? Yes. Mel? Hi. Very nice to meet you. Lovely to meet you. Were you listening in on that? Yes. So sorry. I do swear quite a lot. I normally get forewarned. Sorry. That was fantastic. Oh. It was great. Oh, good. It was amazing. Oh, thank you. And you are– I could do with you
after every scene. That would be
really encouraging. Nice to meet you, girls. She is such a sweetheart. I felt like I was standing
in front of the real queen. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Oh my gosh. That’s her red box. So it feels like
you’ve had a great day. And probably the only thing
that we could possibly do to make it maybe
a smidge better is to invite you to
our premiere tomorrow. [LAUGHING] Yes. Yes. Yes. I am just– I am just thrilled. Yes. Yeah? We’ll have that glam squad
there to get you all ready. I need to wash my hair tonight. [LAUGHING] Oh, you look like
Margaret from the trailer. Please– Please enjoy for your outing
to The Crown premiere tonight. Sincerely, house of Garrard. Oh, my God. Oh, wow. Oh, this is beautiful. [MUSIC PLAYING] It was a grand experience. So here’s Helena. Which is Jasmine? I’m Jasmine. Hi, Jasmine. What did we ever
do to deserve this. You know, I read the story– your story. You have? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I read it today on a podcast. Oh, nice to see you. You are beautiful. Both of you. Thank you. Thank you so much. We have gained so
much from this trip. It’s memories that’s going
to last us a lifetime. Hi, girls. How you doing? You look– And it’s hard to
express in words. Just two girls
growing up far away. Taking a trip together for
the first time in our lives? I don’t think anything
else can top that. We’ll see each other soon. We will. I love you so much.


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    Kate Luxor

    I got such a warm feeling inside while watching this video. Mel and Jasmine, you are so amazing. Much love from Houston, Texas!

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    That was so nice, beautiful story. Hope the sisters meet up soon. Well done to Netflix. I personally enjoyed watching the crown also. Once again well done.

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    Vedanti Sharma

    ❤❤❤ This is so cute. My mother and I connect with the show in a similar way, it's lovely how it makes it talk more than usual. We had a huge binge party and finished season 3 today. Amazing.

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    Debbie Jones

    I’m sobbing!!! What an amazing story!! Netflix, you did good!! Ladies, you need to reunite more often. So beautiful. A trip of a lifetime! The Crown is a spectacular show and I can’t believe you got to go to the premiere!! Totally jealous but extremely happy for you both!!

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    valeria ruiz

    Hello, I know that what I am going to write is not about the series or movie BUT I WOULD LIKE TO CREATE PART 3 OF THE DARK WORLD OF SABRINA FOR THE MOMENT IS THE BEST SERIES I HAVE SEEN 😍😅👑

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    Man I found out about this I forgot but it was a Subway ad and I'm not a kid anymore but I kinda want to watch this and well possible get the kids meal… XD

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    I wouldn't mind if every year this became a thing where family members were reunited for every Crown season premiere.

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