SYNC 3 Sirius XM Traffic and Travel Link | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

SYNC 3 Sirius XM Traffic and Travel Link | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know there is an available
in-vehicle navigation system with an information service that can help
you locate the best gas prices and so much more? It’s called SiriusXM Traffic and
Travel Link. And it works in part with your vehicle’s
available navigation system under apps. It’s a service that can seamlessly
integrate information into your vehicle’s navigation system
all while you’re on the road. Let me tell you about it. For up to the minute notifications of any
traffic delays that may interfere with your travels, you can simply touch the
Traffic List title, traffic incidents and construction delays will be shown
alphabetically by street name. To show the closest traffic delays, touch
the Sort By button and choose Distance. If you’ve not set a route, Sync 3 will
automatically default to potential delays near your vehicle’s current location. If you’ve set a destination, it will default to traffic incidences
en route to your final destination. And display them on the navigation map. To see traffic delays near your current
location, just touch the Nearby button. WIth Sirius XM Travel Link,
you can receive in-vehicle information for helpful services while on the road. Touching the Fuel Prices tile gives you
fuel prices at stations close to your vehicle’s location. See fuel types,
lowest price, distances and then get directions to
the station of your choice. Touch the Movie Listings tile for
detailed local movie theater listings, including start times,
synopsis, and ratings. Touching the Weather tile gives you
current weather conditions near you or wherever you’re heading to, as well as
the 5-day forecast for your chosen area. Just select Sports Info and
you get end game and final scores, plus weekly
schedules all at your fingertips. The score automatically refreshes
when a game is in progress. And touching the tune button next to
the game you want to hear will take you to the live SXM play by play broadcast. You can also save up to ten
favorite teams for easier access. And when you’re ready to hit the slopes,
touch Ski Conditions to view weather, current snowfall totals, snow depths, and
other conditions for a specific area. One more thing. For more information and a list of
all available Sirius XM programming, refer to the Sirius XM brochure
located in your glovebox. Or visit Any questions, go to [MUSIC]


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