Team Ingebrigtsen – Episode 4 Season 3 (English Subtitle) HD

Team Ingebrigtsen – Episode 4 Season 3 (English Subtitle) HD

Team Ingebrigtsen is in full swing
with the 2019 season. It’s going incredibly fast! New Norwegian record! In spite of injuries
In the run-up, Henrik sets – New Norwegian record of 3000 meters
during the Bislett Games. Jacob has ended three years in the future
going and finally running full time. The world record holder becomes
passed by Jakob Ingebrigtsen! In the Diamond League he proves
that he belongs in the world top. I follow my big brothers. In Rome, Philip runs to the next best
Norwegian time at 5000 meters ever. The family record has been deleted.
Jacob and Henrik have to go to work. Very good so early. Team Ingredients Her
A summer ahead of him – with contests
and really hard training. And one big common goal: Three brothers
at the start of the Doha World Cup. It is a special season.
The most important thing is simply to run fast. Team Ingebrigtsen has established a base
at the height of St. Moritz, Switzerland – as they always do
When the season is underway. This year they spend a lot of time here. VM i>
doesn’t start until late September. We have two stays here this summer.
Four weeks now. Then we go home – – and attends events
at home with NM at Hamar. Then it’s back here in the middle
of August, for a month’s time. Ingrid is at altitude training
for the second time, – for two weeks with exercise friend Bjørg. They should prepare for
The host youth in Gothenburg. We need a lot of clothes
to be here for so many days. But we have a washing machine here,
so dad takes that job. -Where do you put your sneakers and stuff?
-Well here somewhere. Henrik, Philip and Jacob have each other
when exercising, are at rallies and such. I haven’t had any until now.
Now I have Bjørg. I’ve never been outside before, alone. -It’s the first time?
-Yes. Do we have to have stuff like that today? I do not know
what dad is going to do today. There we have the teddy bear. I think it is a great project to experience
the life of Henry, Philip and Jacob. I’m trying to see
how they feel and do it. That’s how my life will be later. Ingrid is up here in some training camp mode. The most important thing is to practice
a circadian rhythm one has at a training camp. She’s got a training plan,
just like the boys. I am concerned that she is doing what she is going to do
within the framework she has been given. But real training camp is coming
as she gets older. This season I have a goal
Finding other ways to run. Try to find out where the boundaries go
when it comes to getting stiff and stuff. If you do the same thing over and over again,
don’t you really know – – what you’re good at in a race. It’s a bit fun to try things out
you are not entirely sure. – Hi, Steffen.
-Hi. Ready for an ellipse? The Norwegian record at 3,000 meters below
Bislett Games cost Henrik dearly. Five days after Bislett Games I have
still haven’t started exercising normally. The worst thing is at the airport the next day
since I can hardly walk or sit. We’re going to have an ellipse today.
Don’t you want to be there? -Talk.
-Good bye. I wasn’t physically ready
to run so fast. But when I almost haven’t done a shit
and set the Norwegian record at 3000 meters, – – may be the best thing for me
no training at all. It looks reasonable, so far. Another day in paradise – People are happy when they’re out and about.
– The difference between us and exercise is – – that the exercisers are holding on
To daue of joy and happiness. They are going out and exercising and are so happy. While top athletes hate life.
They just want to go in again. He is one of them
who smile when they are exercising. -Henrik smiles as he leaps.
– Is it a pity for him who is not there? Don’t think he thinks it’s fun to have
so bad that he can hardly walk. – Don’t know how long I wanted to make it.
-You had stopped two years ago. Yes, I had it. He has so much
hurts and does not get trained at all. He ran five days ago.
Now he can hardly walk. Surely he couldn’t go before the race either. A hard life. Must be happy
that one has not hurt and can run. Although a little tiring
To go out in the morning. Steffen is one of the physiotherapists with
longest running time at Team Ingebrigtsen – – and has become a good friend of the family 50 minutes of … hell. -No.
– Damn, maybe? Either way. That is ok so far. We say. Since we came here on Friday,
Philip and Jacob have had – – five interval sessions and ran every day. I’ve been jogging once for 20 minutes,
run an aqua jog and went on an ellipse. If you were to do this
twice daily – – and you knew
that you became a better runner of it … – Then I would have had a different motivation.
– But then you would. I know this is …
It’s nothing, after all. -Sysselsetting?
-Yes, a little like that. Yes. It’s like when you are unemployed
and goes to NAV on a job course. Surely learning nothing,
but have something to do. This is my entertainment.
It’s more boring to me than to you. -How long has it been?
-50 seconds. One and a half minutes. Soon only 48 minutes left.
Lord man! Ten more seconds, it’s 48 minutes.
48 minutes. Time flies. It doesn’t change much
whether I like it or not. I just have to make the most of it. I think I have a lot of potential,
and that’s what really drives me. That I get off to a good run without having to
prepared me properly, shows me – – I have that potential
which I think I have. Dad, is breakfast ready?
– No, Ingrid. No one’s back yet. But is there anything special left in the room, then? We shall not count goods until we are
sure to get rid of the madness. With the internet and telephone, Gjert can – – in addition to being a trainer
Do their regular logistics job – Fuck, so! Hell!
-What is it? I’m getting relaxed
of the damned system all the time. Must start again for the millionth time.
Satan, it annoys me! – Do you have control over the food?
-Yes. -Don’t look like that.
-Everything is ready. – He feels much better today.
-How do you know that? I talk to the practitioner.
He could start jogging tomorrow. If he knows what he knows now.
After all, it depends on the subjective feeling. If it’s just stiff, it’s good that he does
jogging. For this becomes a little demotivating. -Things should be nice when you are on tour.
-No, it’s important that we make sense. We should not have it nice. It’s terrible
To be back in St. Moritz. The first few weeks are the body if possible
even more stressful than at home. When I don’t know when you’re coming, Philip,
it’s hard to have your food ready. Now we eat, come on! The boys probably think so
that I make way too much of it. But you need to have food routines in place
and appointments with the gyms. So when I have a regular work day
and all that aside, it will be long days. When it is ten o’clock,
I am a cake and have to lie down. – Did you get clean and nice?
-Very. – Was it a good studio?
-Yes, I liked it. Except for the floor. It was so smooth
that when we ran, the mills slipped – – from up to the windows to the back of the wall
on the other side of the gym. Then it turned out that you had been
so rude to her on the phone, – – that it was rude of us to say
that they had to buy mats for the mills. That’s the worst I’ve heard.
Now you’re just kidding. Philip was annoyed when he had to complain
on your behalf between each sentence. My name pops up
between each sentence? She was almost …
I don’t want to cry, – – but she was wearing an irritated, sour cry. – Are you serious?
-Because you were so rude. -Get some yourself, Gjert.
-Yes, I might have to take a trip up there. I think it’s best to stay calm
and don’t talk to her anymore. I don’t mind having that piss. With that setting
I think it solves. – But it was a fine studio?
-Very good. Damn nice view. – Father has called.
-Oh yes. -Hello.
-Do you need treatment? Yes. – Did you run this morning?
-Yes. Around the water. An important part of life
as a top athlete. – is physical therapy between workouts. Are they the new ones?
I feel it. They are very good. -Have you been up and training before?
-No. Now Gjert had to get up and arrange
with the lady he was yelling at. – How does it feel?
-Totally fine. First time you got pins?
Were you scared? No. As you start to run faster,
the muscle develops. – Now you start gaining muscle.
-Is there a difference from last year to this year? -Kjempeforskjell.
– So I didn’t really have any muscles? Last year you could be
any girl. This year is the sign of
that you are engaged in something active. I know when I’ve been on a track, – – that I can run a lot faster
without giving as much power as before. -How’s it going to be at training camp?
-I think it’s great fun. There’s a lot to do here.
Mini golf, visit some mountains and … And water park. Me and Henrik were
in the slide yesterday. This is not what Gjert knows. Yes it … We are not allowed to do that. Do I divide now? An hour’s drive down into the lowlands.
and across the border to Italy. – Get the gang ready
to tonight’s interval session. What are you wondering about? Have you not been instructed
what are you going to do? Then you do. Do not stand still. Then it is
movement, drill, climb. -How many will they have?
-12 and 10. One more session. Anyone with studded shoes? Why did you say
we should bring interval shoes? You should always bring them along. Which way
does it look blue? Then you start over there. All ten should go on 35. What are you going to cross the grass with?
spike shoes? You have to go that way! Not some crossing of the field
Go that way there. 35-ish. True? -What does “ish” mean?
-35’s. Ingrid is still very young. I don’t want to talk too much
about what can happen in the future. It is a maturation
process over many years. Find a good rhythm, use your arms well. I’m afraid of
that you make too much of it. If you go to training camp at an age
of 12-13 years and train very hard – – you associate it with something negative. And it was on? Not any oing.
It should not go faster and faster. True? Stick to it
you were told! But do you enjoy the rhythm of training camp,
it will be something you look forward to. The training camp should be
something positive, fun-loving. – And it went on?
-35.8. Gas hourly! Very fine. -Yes!
– Focus, right? Follow the hour. Look at Jacob’s thighs!
The fact, massive thighs. -The legs won’t hold back.
– It’s not going to go fast. But it does.
And then you get mad. Not just mad. I have to keep
a thunderstorm before they start. -It is Friday morning that is important.
-Does it help? Now they smile a little in excess a lot here.
We must try to get rid of that. I fear it’s going to go to health.
So you just have to slow down. -I can’t slow them down.
-What are the levers for? I don’t know how fast I ride a bike. Gjert is nervous now.
He’s not hard to fire. – Just stick to the form.
-65? Yes, but 65 is wrong. 64 for emergency. This is really heating
to Friday. Friday will be very hard. -This is also really hard, it’s worse.
– Stay on schedule, please. Every session is carefully planned
terms. recovery and molding – – toward important
rallies and championships. If the boys run too fast,
It can spoil Gert’s scheme. What was it about? 62.
Philip, can’t you be okay with me? It is a special season. We really don’t think about the World Cup,
because it is so unbelievably far ahead. We are a bit like this now.
What is a little important now is Monaco. Diamond League and Monaco are 1500-
the meter race everyone wants to join. Only 12-14 pieces can join,
and you want to run fast there. -It went faster than 62. What was it?
-61.5. Don’t bluff. 60 blank? -What did he say?
-61.5. -Yes, that was it.
– Why do you agree? -What do you mean?
-It’s going too fast, Jacob. They get tired in the muscles.
We are going to have surplus muscle. After all, it looks like they’re jogging.
Really scary, that is. They float around
at a world record pace of 5000 meters. There comes Henrik, yes, good for an hour. -I have 1.15 left.
-What do you say? You, Henrik! Hello!
You run and limp. Halter, yes.
Damage to the hip. Did you hurt in the hip?
When did you get it? I have a pain
like a week ago. You said you didn’t mark the hip,
when you finished at Bislett. Yes, but … I get hurt in the hamstring.
It is a symptom of the hip. You should stop running
when you get hurt. Right? Can’t I run anything, then? Yes, but when you cheat,
may it have consequences for other things. True? That’s the way it was. It has not
some miracle happened last week. Well, now you can’t run straight ahead. -But nothing has changed.
-Yes. You got an extreme bang
after Bislett on Thursday. But now we are where we were the week before Bislett. Then you ran straight ahead. Now you can’t
jog straight ahead for 12 km an hour. But that’s just the way it has been.
Nothing has changed. -Will you go and sit down a little in the river?
-No, it’s the worst thing that doesn’t work. If it continues to emerge
conditions that are so severe – – that he can’t move,
exercise or something, – – you can’t keep it going.
Pain cannot be fought. That’s the body’s way of saying
that something is not good. We must respect that. Gjert allows a small brightly projected detachment
from the otherwise predictable existence – – before returning to the altitude. I should have it! See how many people enjoy themselves. What do you think when you see what we’re doing?
with, exercising twice a day and …? I think it’s great St. Moritz. -Can you think about keeping it?
-Yes, I could. But when you see Henrik being slightly hurt,
and the things there? I’ve seen you have to struggle a little
to get to the top. Yes, because that’s a big part of it.
Then it’s not that fun. But you went on many slots
before you got really good. How did you do it?
It was a downturn after all. Yes, but deep down I knew
that I was good, – even though I didn’t get it out
in competitions and was injured. It’s part of the game. Have you considered quitting
when things have gone bad? Yes, many times. If you don’t get what you do,
and it does not provide mastery or anything, – – it is clear that you are evaluating
Keeping up with other things. But luckily I didn’t. It is good. It’s impressive, after all
that you are already so determined to – – what you want to keep up with. You see how much work we put in.
Still, you want to do the same. -Don’t you think you miss things?
-Yes. When you see your girlfriends are on vacation.
Not everyone is … I like what I do here.
After exercising, you have time for nice things. But it is important
that what you do on exercise is fun too. You have to take all the intervals,
do the down jog, everything. It’s for your own part.
And then you have to enjoy it. I see that you three have reached the top. Then I have a pretty good chance
to reach the top, I did. Not sure girl-Ingebrigtsen
runs as fast as the boy Ingebrigtsen. -No girl-Ingebrigtsen has tried.
-Then I try, so we can see. Yes, we get to see. I have the faith, i. As a runner, I’m pretty much like Philip.
He wasn’t so good when he was little. He was good,
but it came more as he got older. But he has been very patient.
He never gave up. He has been on many lows, though
still wanted. You have to want a lot. Most would give up right away.
But he wants to, so he has made it clear. After all, Ingrid has a pressure
with her name being Ingebrigtsen. Everyone expects her to win or
run fast because she’s our sister. I also felt that pressure
when Henrik set the age record and all that. You noticed that everyone was observant
on you and followed extra. Steffen, take your phone and take a picture of Filip
like piss, then I have to drink it here. That Ingrid has us as a yardstick,
is not necessarily that good. But she has us as role models – – and draws inspiration from us,
think i can be very good. Three, two, one. She probably says she feels it is
her choice, but it’s not. It’s added up
that she should run. Then it ends up being so good
that she can’t leave. But for Ingrid, I think the most important thing is – – To get through these years
and still be motivated. Ingrid goes
more or less to covered tables. If she comes through youth
The years with Gjert as father and coach, – – nothing can flip her off the stick. What she’s going through now is enough – – the toughest she ever had
going to go through. I keep the motivation up – – when I look at races around the world
with Henry, Philip and Jacob. When I see them win,
I might run even faster. When I’ve seen them win
and 1500 meters. In the world top. A week before the Diamond League in Monaco.
Jacob and Philip are invited – – to run 1500 meters in Lausanne. When the organizer offers VIP transport
across the Alps, they can’t say no. *had to mute music due to copyright, sorry.* Good evening and welcome
to lovely Lausanne. We should see James and Philip
Run 1500 meters tonight. And when it’s Monaco in a week,
where it should run really fast, – – it’s time to show
that the shape is approaching, – – because they haven’t quite
clearly showing us so far this year. It’s a strong field
They’ll care about here. European Champion Jacob Ingebrigtsen.
Norwegian record holder Filip Ingebrigtsen. Timothy Cheruiyot is the big one,
won almost everything in the last few months. Then they get going. Lying far behind, may not be wise
being on the run for the first 150. But Cheruiyot is
in front of the hair. Philip is offensive, goes after this. I like the technical. Filip has got on
place the track in the last two or three weeks. He probably feels good.
When he grabs hold of the back group – and try to seal the hatch. Look at the clock! 800 meters at 1.49.04 Down to the personal
The record for the Norwegian guys. Jacob is on his way.
But Cheruiyot is lonely in the lead – Look at Jacob!
– Get a tough sissy here. Coming in the back of Philip.
They are on the offensive. Jacob is going very well,
goes out and brings Philip. It’s a long way to Cheruiyot,
but the rest is possible to take. Philip and Jacob side by side
into the last turn. 150 meters again, they’re number four and five. Jacob goes past Philip, hard in the corner
in search of 2nd place. Cheruiyot is heavy. Jacob goes
past one by one and is in 2nd place. Look at the clock! How fast is it going?
with Jacob and with Cheruiyot? It’s huge! 3.28 i>
We have a Norwegian near 3.30. He hardly runs to the line.
even! And unofficially 3.30.2! We can have a time
only tenths of the Norwegian record. He almost didn’t run to the line.
He could have gone down. You world! And Monaco’s not in a week’s time Is that possible? We have an 18-year-old
which runs 3.30.16 at 1500 meters! Have taken the patch so far, Webbjorn!
He could have run faster then! It’s totally wild. Jacob, what happened? It’s totally sick.
So cool to run such a race. Sick fast, and extremely delicious
Just picking people towards the end. I can bring out even more than this. When I’ve really taken off, I’m lying
and asks. Jakob also. So we have a little going on. It shows that it pays off
To fly a helicopter. Think you’re taking a long sleeve,
a T-shirt and studded shoes. Ingrid has left St. Moritz
and is in Gothenburg With William and Tone For the second time, she will attend
at the World Youth Games. – Are you coming, triggers?
-Then we lock and go. In Gert’s absence, Tone will have to.
be an assistant coach. Do you have any feeling
what the legs are saying today? Do you know if they are heavy,
or is it a little early? I want to be
Ingrid’s main supporter, – – but haven’t felt
that she feels I am. Are your legs heavy, or is it a little early? Is it early in the warm-up,
or do you know …? She’s like this: Mom,
you know nothing, you yours, and you fell. But even though she pushes me away,
then I’m there anyway. – Then we’ll take a little drill.
-Yes, then we do. -If you are negative before we start …
-No negative. I need peace. I do not accept a no, still support,
then she gets what she needs. At Ullevi Arena gather
more than 8,000 practitioners from different nations. This is where the brothers also started.
Ingebrigtsen’s running careers. Today, Ingrid is going to run favorite
its distance, which is 1500 meters. There, “Girls 13”. Just try to see
what times people have. Everyone has better times.
Very many. There were many good times. Pressure on Ingrid as a result of what
the brothers have performed are quite high. We can see that when we are at a rally. But it’s something she has to live with,
that we should try to help her with. So she doesn’t feel it
too much load, simply. -Name?
-Ingrid Ingebrigtsen. An Ingebrigtsen to?
How many are there? -Seven.
-Is it Norway’s biggest family? Almost. So good. Then I imagine
that it is middle distance? I think Ingrid is tough
who really want to bet on this, – – despite her looks
what the others have to go through – – what it takes to be so good.
We’ve tried to tell her: “Even if your name is Ingebrigtsen,
Then you don’t have to. “But she will. When I’m on the starting line,
I think I must do well. There’s a lot going on in your head,
that you should do everything right and such. Then they’re up, round 3, and round. Come on, Ingrid! See if anyone has a specific plan.
They squeeze together pretty much. Come on, Ingrid! There we have Ingebrigtsen … I think they have another round left. – Now Ingrid is really sharpening himself.
– Come on, Ingrid! – Look now! Does she have a spurt?
– Come on, Ingrid! It was very good, the last 300. I feel I ran really well. The ending was very good.
You picked more along the way. Hello. Ingrid has got a spike in her leg. -Yes.
-First time. What number was she? – It was maybe 9, do you think so?
-9? Didn’t you take the time?
She has a press of 5.05. I clocked her in on 5.11.
So I don’t think she has any pers. I got a lot of headwinds,
and it is very hot … It’s freezing cold. Was she behind on the entire long side?
-No, maybe in the middle. Not so happy with the times, but I found
a very good way to run. How I can run 1500 meters
in my own way, which I solve best. I had a very good ending.
I am very pleased with that. The more races you run, the safer you become
on yourself, and how to fix a race. It was a great experience
and a very good ending. I’m only 13 years old.
I am fine if I am not so good now. It should come. I will make it. On the occasion of the Diamond League
In Monaco, Tone and Gjert have invited Sons Martin and Kristoffer
with boyfriends and kids. – On a family vacation to the French Riviera. You don’t look much like Dad
when it comes to bathing. Dad doesn’t like bathing,
but you bathe like a fish all the time. Initially, Gjert said he should
be with us on holiday for 3-4 days. But I’ve learned to take it with a pinch
salt and see how it works. So unfortunately it was
only a day and a half this year. Most of our agreements are long-term. I think you know you have a vacation
when you feel that you know it. But it is no use calling a holiday
and pretend it is. This I fucking give.
Someone else has to take care of it. I’m on medicine immediately
effect. My lungs are so bad – – that is the number for asthma. That’s it.
Have you seen that wrong? Let’s go to the beach. Looks like I’m made for beach life. What? I think it’s the first time
I’ve owned a thing like this. And it will probably be the last one.
We don’t go very well together. Without lungs it becomes
not much air mattress. Where’s Martin, a volunteer with lungs? Gjert is unable to take a holiday at all. He sits mostly at the front desk
and holding on to the PC. Talking about exercise.
So he is not really involved. Where I have been? In the reception.
Talked to the ladies a couple of times. I’ve talked to Nordea,
with Jacob, Philip, Harald … Don’t give me the phone,
so I can look after it? It is firmly in my hand,
so I can’t … – Try to relax a little, for five minutes.
-This is when I come. Don’t smear me! Damn, so! I’m so tired of the teasing
when you get sunburnt. I hate sunscreen! Don’t take any more!
I won’t be here long enough. -It’s not a problem.
-Yes, that’s it. I have three hours left
on the beach throughout 2019. And then you should
on death and life sunblock me. -Don’t go up. I haven’t smeared there.
– That was a bit of a point. Now the air comes out of the mattress again,
so now I’m on the rocks. Who made holes in the mattress? -Why can’t you take a proper vacation?
-I need to prioritize the job. The job? As if it was one? What is
the longest you have managed to vacation? -Three days? Two?
-One week. One week? He does not know
what vacation is for something. Holidays and summer can never be relaxation.
That race has been run many years ago. Be somewhere else and do other things
is the closest you come. But relaxation is not.
You just eat pizza somewhere else. Now I blew out all my medicine. You are just well off
Exercise a little on those lungs. Families Ingebrigtsen
has moved to Monaco, – where Philip and Jacob.
will run 1500 meters. I think those who have
these boats, own a small land. – Now we get to my boat.
-The little one you could have had. It was not small. -Do you think it’s a jacuzzi there?
-Yeah sure. Oh my God! Kristoffer and Martin were also
talented in sports when they were younger, – but gave up before the venture
The family started in earnest Maybe we should have gone in there
and taken a little … champagne. I’ve often thought about it being stupid – – I didn’t choose to run
as much as they did. It would have been nice to see
how far one had managed to get. -Have to win today!
– Goodbye, yes. Knock on wood. We got forest in this one. But when I stand outside and look in,
it looks very stressful. They are mostly gone
from family and friends. They do not experience such
“normal things” that we others do. So I’m happy
with the direction I’ve taken. It was dead in it. Then you have to take over
the role of grandma and screaming heath, heath. But it’s so stressful to sing … shout:
Heia Philip, heia Jacob. – And Jacob and Philip.
– And Henrik. – If he had been with: Heia, heia …
-He’s not even looking. – Don’t be allowed.
– He has to train. Exercise, Exercise. I could probably become relatively good – – but had not been able to
To live a hundred percent with it. At least not with Gjert controlling everything.
Keep him on the phone all day. Every time I come in somewhere,
I say hola. But that’s the wrong country. The advantage of not investing in running
is that you can live life. Fully. Travel where you want, do what you want,
Eat and drink whatever you want. Yes. Freedom. -A shot? A little shot?
– A small shot. Get lots of snaps by Martin and Kristoffer.
They peel rosé wine, mojito and the whole package. And located on the beach. Then we sit here
and eat banana. It is luxury life, that is. Last year in Monaco became the family records.
at 1500 meters turned their head. Philip beat Henry’s Norwegian record
for almost a second and a half. Jacob moved up
in second place among the brothers. What are they expecting today? You must set
new world record? Is it on NRK? seven hours ago:
“His body amazes everyone.” Was it me?
Have I got such a nice body now? – “Never seen the husband.”
– “His body amazes.” There is something about your body. I think
there is the lack of beard growth. You’re approaching 20
and does not have one strand of hair in the face. It’s two years until I’m 20. – “Gold guys,” Jacob.
– Are we golden guys too? It’s the caption: “Gold guys.” “Jacob and Philip have made the move
two and a half months before the Doha World Cup. ” -Now we’re gold candidates, Jacob.
– Are we, yes? Will be a little disappointed if I don’t persevere, – – but there is no self-evident
To run faster than 3.30.01. But I think I have the opportunity. I set a European record,
should i run from here. If I do, I’ll join,
but don’t run. You are so thin that you cut holes
in the water at zero point nothing. Hennie, dad take a picture of you.
Send picture to grandma. Hennie! It was good. No, can we approach the stadium? Do you think the family record is breaking today?
It must be well done, it is good. But should it move somewhere,
it’s probably in Monaco. – Christoffer, what time is it?
– Quarter of seven. Now mom is starting to recognize
that the pulse begins to rise. Min rises when they are on the starting line. It’s not life to do.
They have already runed fast. This is just fun. We can buy
when we enter the stadium. Today it is 3.29. Yes, we hope so. – We’re cheering you on!
-It is good. Is it you and your mobile
who can’t find the way? Hey, buddy!
Have you got such a short pile? -Jakob!
-Hello! Are you ready? Yes. Have you got a cool cap, Willy?
HÃ|? It was fun. -Are you ready? Running fast?
-Yes. Now we will soon warm up. -How long before do you tend to warm up?
– One hour and five minutes before the start. -We’ll be in the call room 20 minutes before.
– Don’t you get stiff and stuff like that, then? No, then we’ll just change.
Then we drive some moves on the course. Jakob, you must …
I hope you come first. Do you hope so? I hope so. Are you in first place, then?
Or others, or third? I do not know. Hope first and foremost
To run fast. So we get to see. But I have to go back.
We have to start warming up. Good bye. -Good bye! Good luck!
-Thanks. Are there many from Kenya there?
Is it Kenya? Or Ethiopia.
They are pretty good, they. Don’t waste any time! get under the so-called
Dream limit of 1500 meters – – is a goal that hangs high
for all the Ingebrigtsen brothers. Within all sports
are the magic boundaries. At 1500 in Norway it was a long time
a record of 3.37.4. But since we started running 1500,
it has been closer to 3.30. A round, nice number. It has been
a natural boundary that we are working towards. Which not very many had thought
that some Norwegians could break. In a larger perspective, it is not that accurate
whether you skip 3.30.01 or 3.29.99. But here and now it means a lot. This year I have set new pers with 3.30.16. I’m legal near the magic border,
but still have to break it. Very few people in the world have done that. It’s a 3.29 club
that you would like to join, – – where the members say they are
historical and legendary. To be a part of it
had been extremely large. To get under 3.30 mins
Jacob and Philip depend on pacing aid – from the Kenyan runner Cheruiyot,
which is great at a distance. But Gjert has heard rumors that the trainer
not want that high speed in the evening. I understand that the practitioners
usually do what they are told. But if Africans defy
their bosses and runs – – in the same way as in Lausanne,
it can be a very nice evening. But it remains to be seen. But I’m glad Henrik has
a very good session in Chiavenna. It is very good. The big family is in place among the audience Many Norwegians have spent their holidays
about Monaco to see the brothers in action. Here Philip and Jacob Ingebrigtsen are going
out on a new record hunt of 1500 meters. The record is 3.30.01,
set by Filip here in Monaco last year. Webber Rodal, what are you waiting for?
of the brothers tonight? They have left behind
a good training winter, – – largely damage-free,
many miles at high speed. In Lausanne it was planned
great opening, not as big today. What does it mean for the Norwegian? Cheruiyot,
the toughest challenger, seemed – – it went well
the first 800 meters in Lausanne. They have ordered two seconds slower
Today. A little uncertain if that is wise. 32 people ran under 3.30.
Is number 33 going to be a Norwegian? Here’s Jacob Ingebrigtsen, who was
16 centuries away from that border, – and brother Philip,
which ran 3.30.01 here a year ago. That’s the Norwegian record. Here stands Cheruiyot, the world’s best
1500-rushes. Run a cannon run Lausanne Philip and Jacob get off to a good start.
Philip has promised to be offensive. The hare is Bram Som, the most experienced
the hare found at this level. James and Philip on the outside, in the middle of the field Cheruiyot after the hair, a little dissatisfied
not following Bram Som. Cheruiyot takes over! Bram Running in the Speed ​​He Goes
But Cheruiyot doesn’t think it’s fast enough It must be a deal
between the two Kenyans A little jerk and pacifier, not quite ideal. But James and Philip have run smoothly
and will run well by the list here. But is it too quiet? I fear it
And then Cheruiyot pulls off Jacob’s watching. He’s up
Cheruiyot and can challenge him. Jacob had the fastest lap
in Lausanne a week ago! He goes up the side of
the world’s best 1500 meter runner And leader, with one round left
He runs just as fast on the last lap. – like a week ago,
He goes under 3.30 Jacob! Filip! It’s good to take the initiative
when he feels as good as now. Only opportunity to go under 3.30
Cheruiyot didn’t have those plans Cheruiyot takes over
Now it will be the last 100. Philip’s not quite coming.
Jacob is in a great position! Come on, Jacob! Out to the side! Out! -Jakob!
-Filip! And at … 25.
Cheruiyot wins again Come on, Jacob! Take him! How fast is it going? 29! I>It’s on the wrong side for Jacob.
3.29.96 is the winning time. Jacob becomes No. 2 at 3.30.5
His second best race ever! Maybe a little too much jerk and tug in the lead.
for him to go down, – but it’s not allowed to be disappointed
when an 18-year-old runs 3.30.5. He is second best in the world right now. Unfortunately, Philip didn’t quite succeed Do you know what the location was like
on the others and …? I think he turned five or six. Filip Ingebrigtsen, it was a little jerky
and pacifier, says Webmaster Rodal. I was hoping for a little better. That is good,
but there are small margins at that level. You do 3.30 for the second time in two weeks,
but just on the wrong side. What do you say? Insane.
Last year I had one run of 3.31.2. Now I have two races under 3.30.5
on the rap. Very proud of it. It promises well for the next races,
not least an important championship. You are in the world elite. Can not
expect to be towed at 3.28. It was so right to just go up in the lead.
You have to drag Cheruiyot to 3.28. -I also want a cuddle.
– Oh, cousin. – It was a little too broken.
– But shit anyway. – It got a little jerky.
-Yes, we saw it. Jacob … So good you are. Very good. Should only have had
with Philip right up there. Had it gone faster,
I would run much faster. Next time. -Sometimes it is.
-It’s been some hard weeks, but … A hard program. Suddenly you have a heavy day,
but preferably not now. It was a bit of a pity for Philip.
He came in almost third. But he came a little further behind.
But it was a very good race. – Are you happy, Gjert?
– No, not quite. Now you have to quit. You were scared
it didn’t go so well once. After all, it went to hell so it sang after.
The other hare wasn’t there, after all. And then Timothy ran past the first
the hare, he slack off on the move. They were very pleased that he won.
But it was a supplementary race. Shall we pull down towards the restaurant? – Are you ready, Gjert?
-It’s in about an hour’s time. No, not so long! Yes. Come on!
Those who want to be here come! I was a little surprised
when you walked up in front of Bram Som. So you continued. But then you set
on the brakes, and Jacob passed. It was weird. The first hare drove on.
The other fell off. -The other was the problem.
– I tried to pass him. -So he was a little slow?
-Yes, he fell off. Jacob did well.
He was born to this. Good work. Safe trip home!
So maybe we’ll see you in Paris? -Yes maybe.
– Maybe, maybe. The brothers are doing a fantastic job.
They are good for running. Very happy guys. I like them. Since I got to know
with them, we have become good friends. I’m glad to have won today.
I ran below 3.30, so I’m happy. Jacob becomes number 2 again,
so it’s great to see – – that he has taken another step this year
to stabilize at the high level. Filip may have to work a bit with the foundation. But maybe it was just that
a bad day at work. It wasn’t bad either, by all means. For Henrik, the road to the World Cup is very hard. I have a radical suggestion for you. Still feel like the test bunny to
Gjert. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Gjert goes into hard training
before the championship Glad I only have four trips left.
Not to die in Doha. Had been clipped. For Team Ingebrigtsen it will be
A World Cup with ups and downs. We have three brothers from Sandnes
in a World Cup final! All of a sudden these went
the pictures above the screen. -We are told that he is a disc.
-Do you get it? And then he pushes to the Ethiopian! -Why that kill?
-That’s a damn fool, Filip!


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