Tesla Model 3 Road Trip [Up to 7700 Ft & Down to -10°C]

Tesla Model 3 Road Trip [Up to 7700 Ft & Down to -10°C]

whaaat.. Vegas! Now we’re here in Las Vegas and we’re
gonna pick up a Model 3 tomorrow the most exciting part of our US trip begins now absolutely and it’s an all wheal drive long-range model so I’m super excited to see if the
energy efficiency is even better than our Performance Model back home in
Germany exactly and we’ll do a road trip to show that an electric car is
absolutely not inconvenient and so actually with a Tesla you can do huge
road trips through national parks and everything without any inconvenience yes
as you can see on this map we will not only go to large cities like Los Angeles San
Francisco but also drive through Death Valley go to Yosemite drive to Grand Canyon so yeah I can’t wait me neither so tomorrow first thing in the morning
we pick it up right absolutely yeah let’s go okay so our Model 3 in white with aero-wheels and even sun shade amazing we’ll need it in Death Valley we’ll need it now in Death Valley so let’s get in so let’s get in do you drive first or what of course now we’re charging while you drive downhill we have -241 watt hours per mile isn’t that an energy efficiency Tatooine if that isn’t Tatooine I don’t
know what is Wow what a landscape so this is so awesome in an electric
car especially in the Model 3 this regenerative braking is an insane
amount of fun and you really recharge the car again when you drive down you regain all the kinetic energy that normally would be lost you know and that’s a nice
feeling isn’t it nice only gas guzzlers what’s going on in California where are all the electric cars we need more Teslas on the road we need more Teslas right still a long ways to go but the landscape it’s freaking crazy Star Trek in Yosemite The Next Generation Star Trek the Next Generation in Yosemite while we charge here at the supercharger right awesome I can’t believe it and we watch Darmok of course the famous episode of Darmok right beautiful downtown area now it looks beautiful on screen right yes but is it in reality also beautiful You should not look too close a few trash on the ground there is a bit of trash sometimes in San Francisco and you might see once or twice maybe a few homeless
not often you know only once or twice per minute per minute okay
San Francisco is a mixed bag okay Its’s the first time now we have to wait in line for charging that’s actually a good sign so that
means many people have Teslas I mean look at this shit here the Teslas are
waiting in line at Glendale the Glendale supercharger and everything is occupied
like every single one up until there in the background it’s crazy right such thing would never happen in Germany at least not in the next 3 years I assume yeah certainly not but I mean even
though we could not charge now we are absolutely happy to see that like this
we are happy to see that look at this it’s amazing that so many people have
already Teslas here right nice nice looks unreal it’s really some good graphics this so-called reality wow this is like in a freaking Western movie and it’s not even so hot isn’t that amazing in October it’s really relaxed so if you want to come to Joshua Tree National Park come in October it’s amazing we decided to make a small detour to
Sedona so here we are Wow so nice look at this I cannot
believe it wow those canyons have you ever seen such canyons before
no me neither we supercharged north of Phoenix I think
yeah north of Phoenix and we still have how many miles of range left
like 200 or something like this yeah so it’s absolutely no problem getting here no
with the model 3 it’s absolutely nice and it’s just breathtaking you know to
enjoy this view here wow you can charge near Phoenix and you go
north to Flagstaff it’s not far away anymore there are also plenty of
chargers so no worries yeah nice supercharger here where are we we are in Holbrook or something like that Holbrook that looks like it’s in the
middle of nowhere right look at this wonderful perfect food sitting at the
supercharger enjoying Netflix awesome so how do you like it so far it’s like an adventure it’s a freaking adventure isn’t it I didn’t expect it to be so awesome ha ha ha it’s truly awesome I mean this landscape here wow right nobody is here except for us nobody is here in October apparently no one wants to come here even though it’s freaking awesome right Currently we’re at the Grand Hotel in Tusayan near Grand Canyon and nothing is shown on the map no supercharger no
supercharger whatsoever so it’s near Grand Canyon directly south of Grand
Canyon Village very near to Grand Canyon and we were thinking wow why doesn’t
Tesla build a supercharged near Grand Canyon it would be perfect yes and what
happens we find this three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven
twelve stalls and quite a few destination charges on top the
supercharger is working but it’s not shown on any map it really works it’s
quite cold so the speed is not really high but it’s still okay because we’re over
half full already and we didn’t precondition the battery
no but yeah we were walking around right going for a walk and then like oh what
the hell is that and we find the supercharger which is
nowhere yes so this is a hidden gem for Grand Canyon if you want to come here
with a Tesla don’t have to worry three weeks ago we started our insane
road trip and now we’re back at the same spot so three weeks are over time flies
by it’s insane time flies and what like let’s take a
look at some stats right yeah so on the second day of our road trip we started
this calculation here so unfortunately we forgot the first day where we drove
from Vegas to Death Valley I assume it’s around maybe 200 miles yeah so all over
we’ve driven almost 3,700 miles mh-mh I’ve driven more here than in Germany that’s insane what’s our consumption it’s quite nice right mm-hmm 234 watt hours per mile that’s excellent 1.609 that corresponds to 145 watt
hours per kilometer are you kidding me that’s insane that car is brutally efficient
and it’s I have to say it but the consumption is quite a lot lower than our
car so our car is a performance model with 20-inch wheels without any wheel
covers so I think and we’ve driven it in Germany and I think it’s at least 10%
less efficient right yeah about 10% is the difference so in Germany you can
drive unlimited speed of course we’ve driven quite often 200 kilometers per
hour and more and here of course you can’t do that you know sure so we’ve not driven so fast but still the efficiency is quite amazing right yes and I mean we went through a
lot of cold weather so it’s also kind of decrease our efficiency so overall is
really impressive yeah and what can you say to the supercharging I mean was it
inconvenient in any way no absolutely not I mean first of all the density of
supercharger is quite amazing I mean we never had really difficulties to find
one and second I mean you have to go to the toilet every three hours maybe and
grab some food and just to relax a bit your legs so I mean after 20 minutes you
are like 80% full and you can continue yeah and for us with our lifestyle it fits
perfectly because we’re doing the one meal per day diet since quite a while
and we always in the evening when we go to eat somewhere we go to the
supercharger and just eat while we supercharge mostly it’s faster than
even while like it’s faster than the time it takes for us to eat basically
even so it’s super efficient and we never felt like it’s wasted time somehow
yeah absolutely and especially for us because we are from Germany so basically
now we are in a foreign country and if we have to tank normally gas and we
have to hustle around with the credit card we don’t know how it works maybe there
are some special cards for gas stations here and with the supercharger you just plug in and go yeah yeah and the road trip was absolutely epic we didn’t feel any
range anxiety did you feel range anxiety not at all none like none we went to every park you
know every the National Park to all the big national parks we did quite
amazing stuff went everywhere and we never felt any range anxiety not at all so we really hope you enjoyed this special video and if you have done any similar road trips please let us know and we’d like to hear your
experience yeah so see you in our next normal videos again that will be the
regular format as always about space mostly and also a bit of EV stuff and
clean energy of course of course so see you next video see you tshuess tschau auf awiedersehen


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    Solid Water

    California becomes more and more a third world shithole. Thats what happens if you vote for corrupt leftwing politicians who have an anti-western ideology.

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    Steve M

    Very glad you had a good time in America. You should have visited Alabama and interviewed Senator Shelby. (LOL). Great video, thanks for sharing with us all.

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    Jixuan & Sebastian

    Thanks a lot for watching such a long video 🤗 And we're super curious to know your experience with any Teslas! Have you ever had any difficulties with charging on a longer trip? And if you've never driven a Model 3 yet, would you consider buying or renting one for your next trip❓

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    Jim Myers

    That was fun to watch. You two are cute together. 🙂 I did a similar tour back in the seventies on a BMW R/90/6 and had the time of my life. Can't wait to see you guys do another one about the new Tesla Truck and then the motorcycle I'm still waiting for them to make. 🙂

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    Roger Van Brunt

    ha loved the harmonica!! For years we only and two leafs and could not travel now we have long range model 3 and have traveled from Santa Cruz to Eugene to see our daughter and it worked out perfect. So based on that we are ready to explore like you. Enjoyed this video

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