Test Ride Yamaha New Vixion Lightning Tahun 2013

Welcome to the Mojho VB Channel okay this time the video I will test ride not the latest motorcycle though old motor output which can be considered a million motorbike yes 150cc naked sport class from Yamaha that is Yamaha Vixion okay this is Yamaha Vixion Lightning year 2013 this is the second version of This shape is bigger than the previous model and this is indeed a lot that has by the way it has a member Nevam New Vixion Arek Malang his name is Pras this is instagram here are some modifications the front mounted visor so this is a variation of the Yamaha Vixion Lightning then the glass is smoked then the paint is painted red the wheels are also repainted with gold, so they look like Marchesini then here is the mirror tomok here the same brake handle and clutch are also variations of the Motogp brand then exhaust, used the brand 3Tech Racing Evolution later I will upload the pure sound video in the next video then the fender is removed, replaced by undertail and the turn signal is here then from the tire, The tires are different brands, front and rear front tire uses Venom Swallow the size is 100 / 80-17 the back one wears Corsa size 150/60-17 Corsa Platinum yes modifnya simple, but still pleasing to the eye oh yeah this one is undercowl have a Honda CB150R Custom installed here that’s all then we see the dashboard well the key model is like this yes, it’s quite okay unique model already equipped with a shutter key so it’s quite safe for the handlebar button, normal, here is the engine kill switch, starting switch, the left one has a pass beam, lights near and far, turn signal, horn, and here there are shifters, for the 3tech muffler to set silent, street legal or racing modes the handlebar isn’t too wide either then we see what info is displayed in this speedometer panel well here it looks a combination of analog and digital here the rpm pointer is still analog then here are some indicators Remote, turn signal indicator, neutral, temperature indicator when overheating, and check engine and here there’s a pointer to the rest of the fuel, the speedometer, odometer, then trip 1, trip 2, Flip the odometer again yes that’s all simple anyway no hours, no info on average gasoline consumption but for the era okay okay i will try riding using this motorbike how does it feel to ride with this Yamaha Vixion Lightning? ok i am stater okay so the sound is like this This is using Rin’s exhaust This is the racing mode this is the silent mode like this okay i will try silnet mode first the clutch is quite short, same as my motorbike okay the first pull is responsive though pretty good too just right than the Suzuki GSX-S150 that I tried yesterday this is more attractive the suspension also seems more soft than the Yamaha Xabre or Suzuki GSX-S150 Now we try the legal street mode What is this mode? lighter, tastier especially in the upper pull for re front grip and quite comfortable the same as my Yamaha Xabre the rear brake doesn’t feel too much but it’s still okay okay I’ll try to pull again it’s quite subtle the pull of this motorbike and I will try racing mode how’s that is the pull different? okay if you use racing mode … feel more long breath huh let alone the pull on it doesn’t feel suddenly redline right when redline and change teeth, there is a pop but just once, it means it’s still okay still normal to use handling, let’s see The handling … because of the soft suspension, so it feels a little awkward especially when I turned earlier but because the rear tire has used Corsa, so it’s more stable but if you use standard tires, you don’t know maybe it will shake more there’s a pop to climb, the pull is also quite okay not too responsive nor too weak the handlebar is not too running around, it’s pretty quiet but the suspensions are too soft for me so for speeding, a little terrible though by the way this is the road to Jalibar if you know surely you are familiar with this road Run from Junrejo I hope my voice is clear because the exhaust is noisy so hopefully it sounds well we have entered the Jalibar region and here is Cafe Pine if you want some coffee the most delicious place there okay maybe that’s all there is a video test ride Yamaha New Vixion Lightning if you like this video don’t forget to like it if you have questions, criticisms or suggestions please comment below, also share to your social media if this video is useful, and don’t forget to subscribe to follow the latest videos from me and press the bell button to get the latest video notifications from me Also follow my Instagram on @ mojho_038 thank you for watching and see you in the next video

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