The 10 Most INSANE RIDES in the World!

– Hey welcome back! You look well. So theme parks around the world are visited by millions of
people every single year. And one of their biggest draws,
of course, are the rides. Love them or hate them, roller coasters and other
adrenaline-inducing experiences, are created with the intent
to thrill the riders. But some places have created
rides that push the limits of extreme into straight up insanity. Theme parks around the world
are constantly looking for new and ridiculous ways to raise the stakes. While of course ensuring
that nobody dies horribly in a terrible crash. But the safety of these
things are a little debatable as some of these rides are so extreme that they are straight up dangerous. So today I’m going to show you these rides and trust me it’ll be hard to
believe that they even exist. So without further ado, here are the 10 most
insane rides in the world. Number one is the Formula Rossa. The Formula Rossa,
located in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is quite simply the fastest roller coaster in the world right now. Launched on November 4th of 2010, Formula Rossa aims to give
riders a speed experience that’s comparable to a Formula 1 race car. Once you’re secured by
the usual safety lap bars that lock you into place, you’re required to wear
protective eye glasses that are provided on the ride. And you know, those are just
to make sure any small insects or airborne debris
don’t destroy your eyes, because of the high speeds. “Hey Ma this is fun! Ahh I lost an eye.” The ride starts off with
a two second acceleration that immediately gets to
100 kilometers an hour! Which will basically turn your
face into a floppy pancake. Throughout the rest of the
2.2 kilometer long track, riders will reach a
top speed, of get this, 239 kilometers per hour
and up to 4.8 g’s of force. Which is of course enough to out anyone that’s trying to hide their baldness. Imma be just fine on that ride! Number two is Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit at Hershey Park
in Hersey, Pennsylvania, is a one minute, 25 second
ride that does a great job at making everybody feel like screaming for exactly, well, one minute, 25 seconds. When Fahrenheit opened on May 24th, 2008, it set the record for the steepest roller coaster in the world. The ride starts off calmly
with a 37 meter climb straight up to the top, which is basically heart attack inducing, and then a 97 degree drop facedown. “This is going really fast!” Once the super steep drop is complete, the car races immediately into an inverted 32 meter tall loop and around several corkscrews,
banks, and other loops. Which basically will make you (gags). The ride has six different
inversions in total, which doesn’t beat every
other ride on this list, but combined with it’s steep drop, is enough of a package
to definitely, you know, make you lose your lunch. You won’t be seeing me on this ride, A, because I’m afraid of heights, and B because well, quite frankly I don’t feel like spewing
knowledge whale guts everywhere. What was that three puke
jokes in this subtopic? Oh man, high-brow entertainment. Number three is Insanity. Located atop the
Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Insanity is an appropriately
named ride for this list, for the sheer fact that it hangs you over the side of the tower
and spins you around. Yeah that’s right! As if being on top of a
skyscraper wasn’t enough, it actually lifts up the seats
and moves them off the edge 270 meters off the streets. The seats then spin around
reaching 64 kilometers per hour, with the arms extending to tilt the seats at a 70 degree angle. Just so you can see a nice view of Vegas, or to have flashbacks of all the things that happened in your life
as you prepare to die. While the ride certainly
lives up to its title, it has a bit of a scarier history. After the ride opened in 2005, it malfunctioned during one of its runs and left passengers sitting
over the edge of the tower with nowhere to go for more than an hour. Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit! Pass out and then lawsuit! Number four is the Banshee. Opened to the public on April 18th, 2014 at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, Banshee is the world’s longest
inverted roller coaster. Which is to say it’s the
longest roller coaster that involves your feet whipping majestically through the air, with nothing beneath them at speeds reaching 109
kilometers per hour. With 1,257 meters of track in
a total of seven inversions, including twists, rolls, and loops, it may render your legs
a little less usable immediately following the ride. “They feel like Jell-O.” Performing these loops at
such high speeds gives riders a zero gravity experience, where they feel weightless for a moment before reverting back to
the dropping sensation and pure terror. As if that wasn’t enough, it also includes some jarring (screeches) Banshee screaming audio during
the first 46 meter drop. And just to make you poop
your pants a little bit more, when it gets dark out the
ride turns on the lights and the fog machines just to
make the ride look extra cool. Number 5 is Sky Scream. Germany’s Holiday Park
houses the famous Sky Scream. Which is of course German
for “screaming in the sky.” Don’t quote me, my
German is a little rusty. Opened on April 12th, 2014, the Sky Scream has a unique and
interestingly bizarre design for a roller coaster. This coaster offers an
unnervingly strange launch as riders are sent straight
out from the loading bay into a vertical track. But they only reach a
quarter of the way up before losing speed
and then it gets worse. They then fly backwards
down through the loading bay and halfway up the vertical
track that was behind them, that they didn’t even know was there. Once they’re there and
properly freaked out, they then fall down the track, back through the bay and all
the way up the first side, through a vertical barrel roll and then all the way up to the top. Did you catch all that? It’s basically a nightmare on tracks. But it doesn’t even end there, because the first part was pretty strange, but once the ride reaches its peak height and takes you around a horizontal twist, weird stuff happens. From there you experience
several inversions and then fly right back down again. If you ever go on this super
tight and twisty coaster, you’re going to feel that at any moment your face could be wiped away
by a big metal support beam or the edge of the bay roof that keeps whizzing by your face. “Ahh I’m gonna die! Oh man I made it”. “Ohh I’m gonna die! Oh
God when does this end?” Number six is the X2. The X2 located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, is the world’s first 4th
Dimension roller coaster. What sets this coaster
apart from the rest, is that the seats are positioned on either side of the track, each one with their own separate ability to rotate around 360 degrees. This means that the track will be diving and flipping around the track, and your seating position will be spinning around on its own. The seat rotation causes a lot of face first drops towards the ground, as your feet dangle
helplessly over the edge. But before that riders are
treated to a slow climb up the first hill, backwards. Once you go down the first drop it’s hard to tell which way you are going to be facing
for the rest of the trip. Which is part of why
people like this so much and why it’s so joyously nerve racking. But possibly the most amazing thing is that the ride cost $46 million to make and was fitted with a sound system and pyrotechnic displays
during a $10 million upgrade to make it the X2. Who made the X1 and was like, “you know what? Let’s make people “straight up poop their pants.” “We’ll just call it the Poopy Ride.” And someone was like,
“lets just call it the X2.” And their like, “okay let’s just do it.” Number seven is Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, Zumanjaro is a drop tower ride built onto the structure of a roller coaster that’s actually on this list. But that’s coming up in a minute. Opened in July of 2014, the Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom
is currently the world’s tallest drop tower standing
at 126 meters tall. Riders are slowly raised up
to the very top of the tower in floor-less gondolas, while they consider their decisions that they’ve made in their lives. Once they reach the top the ride then pauses for a brief moment, while every comes to
terms with the regrets that they’ve had in their life. Once they’ve come to terms with everything that they’ve done in their life, the ride then begins to descend. After they’re initially dropped the gondolas reach a top speed of 144 kilometers per hour
for six seconds total. Which is enough time to make the butterflies in your
stomach have seizures. If you like to enjoy good scenery, you can catch a beautiful view
of Philadelphia at the top. That is before you subsequently
experience the terror of falling towards the ground, while locked in a large metal contraption. Ehh, no I’m good. Number eight, is The Smiler. The Smiler. The Smiler is a polite
name for the roller coaster with the world record for
having the most inversions. Situated at Alton Towers
in Staffordshire, England, The Smiler was opened on May 31st, 2013 at a cost of $22 million dollars. The ride starts off with
an early preview roll, while still indoors and then slows down for the first ascension. Once you go over the hill the car goes through six inversions. Mostly involving upside
down loops, (gags), then it stops and starts the second ascension straight
upwards at a 90 degree angle until the next drop. After the second drop the car then goes through
another seven inversions. Which is probably enough
to leave you feeling like you’ve had enough
of flipping upside down for the rest of your life. There are a total of 14 inversions across just a three minute ride, which basically treats your
stomach like a drink shaker at a busy bar. “He’s not gonna make it (laughs).” Number nine is Kingda Ka. Kingda Ka located at Six
Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, is the world’s tallest and second fastest roller coaster. Opened on May 25th, 2005, it’s conveniently located
right next to Zumanjaro, which we just spoke about. Which is built off of its frame. Yeah that’s what I want
when I ride dangerous rides! I want them to all be
connected so if one goes down, they all go down, that sounds safe. Once riders are locked into
their safety harnesses, which believe me are needed
if they have any chance of staying on the ride, they are then rocketed forward
on a long stretch of track at 206 kilometers per hour. At this speed they’re
propelled straight up the 90 degree track and speed right over the top of the hump, right into the tallest
roller coaster drop on Earth. They go straight down into a
barrel roll towards the ground, which is enough to make anybody
wee themselves a little bit. The entire ride lasts only 30 seconds, but gives you enough of a high
to last the rest of the day. Or the rest of your life, depends on how much you pee yourself. And number 10 is Takabisha. Located at Fuji-Q Highland
in Fujiyoshida, Japan, the Takabisha holds the record for the steepest roller
coaster in the world. Launched in 2011, this
incredibly intimidating coaster starts riders off in the
dark with a surprise drop and inversion in complete darkness. Nope. Then they’re propelled
upwards through a tunnel at 100 kilometers an hour
outside on a huge loop. After a few loops and corkscrews, which kind of seem like the
relaxing part of the ride, the carts come to a halt and move slowly around
the sharp turns towards the most horrifying part. The carts slowly climb at
a 90 degree angle 43 meters straight up into the sky before
dangling them over a hump, which leads into a drop
at a 120 degree angle. Yeah that’s not straight down, that’s slightly upside down while your face is hurdling
towards the ground. Insane! So those were the 10 most
insane rides in the world. I won’t be going on any of them. If you guys are aware
of any other crazy rides that exist in this world, leave it in the comments
because I kinda want to know, but I kinda don’t. Doesn’t matter, I’m not going on them. But as always, thank you
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