The Bachelor: John’s Journey

The Bachelor: John’s Journey

Last crush John was left crying at the altar. Now he’s back with another chance to find love. Will he? Let’s find out on the most dramatic season yet of Sig Ep Crush I’m here for the right reasons Um.. I know the legal issues that you could get into if you aren’t here for the right reasons because in fact when I was in law school, almost I learned so much more about that than everyone here. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here for John, and John only. I was really looking forward to getting some like, one on one time with John but then like Josie just cut in in the middle of it and I just think it’s kind of bull**** I just really love working with– [Josie]: Hey! John do you mind if I steal you for a sec? [John]: Uh, yeah, that’s fine. [Meghan]: What?! [Lauren]: Oh my god, Meg! [Meg]: What happened? [Lauren]: John just like doesn’t like me at all And I don’t know like why! It’s just so sad this always happens to me, like I didn’t even come here for the fame and it’s still happening to me! [Meg]: I’m sorry I had like the best conversation with him though like, I just really think like it’s gonna go somewhere It’s just like so frustrating because I always put myself out there and it never works out, even when I’m in it for the right reasons [Laura S., Drug Dealer]: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh my god someone call 911! *ambulance wailing* I don’t get it Like I’ve been here the whole night and I haven’t even gotten a chance to talk to John like all these other girls have and I- I’m just waiting for my time. I don’t Everyone has gotten a time with John and I haven’t and I just don’t get it, like I I think I like made a good first impression [Liza]: I think you did too, he’s just being an ***hole Some men these days! What does he see in her?? I don’t get it! Well John, it’s time for you to give away the first impression rose. Who did you like tonight? You know, I’m really conflicted, you know, I liked a lot of the girls. There’s definitely a couple that rose above the pack I’m really excited to give out this rose tonight, and I think I’ve made my decision. Well I encourage you to listen to your heart. Thank you. I just know for a fact, I’ve heard from multiple people that Josie is not here for the right reasons she has a boyfriend back at home and she’s only here for the fame. I think Josie’s one of the most genuine, honest girls that I’ve ever met. I think I’m gonna go talk to her. [John]: Hey uh, Josie can I talk to you for a sec? [Josie]: Yeah! {John]: Thank you. So I have to give away this rose here, will you accept my rose? [Josie]: Of course I will, thank you so much. That’s ridiculous I have no idea why Josie was selected over like anyone who had like an actual connection with him like my conversation was so much- I’m just All I’m gonna say is that the person who ends up with the first impression rose usually ends up with the bachelor at the end, so… [Isabel D., Unemployed]: Honestly now I’m just here for the LinkedIn connections. Can we go swimming why is nobody getting in the pool right now, oh my god The cocktail hour is canceled. I’ve made my decision let’s go to the rose ceremony. So John, have you made your decision? You know, Chris, it’s been a long day I’ve really thought about it a lot, I’ve talked to a lot of people but I think I have, I think I’ve reached my decision. Let’s go to the rose ceremony Ladies, John, this is the final rose this evening. John. Whenever you’re ready. Laura. [Laura]: Thank you. I will accept your rose. Ladies if you did not receive a rose, please take this time to say your goodbyes. *crying* John: Hey can we talk? Lauren: About what? John: Just, hey, it’s okay. Lauren: It’s not though. *sniffling* [Lauren]: I just like, didn’t know that I thought I’d be here for more than one night, like I just, I didn’t expect this But all the girls they hugged me, you know that felt good. That felt nice. I just can’t. Will John find love? What will happen with Josie? And will Laura Schultz ever get caught for being a drug dealer? tune in next week on The Bachelor [John]: Emma, you’re the one. [Emma]: I just, I just, it’s so hard cuz I don’t think I’m there yet. No, John! John! John! No! He just jumped the f***ing fence.


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    Ben Schultz

    Can’t wait for next week! I’m totally team Meghan. She never got any time with the bachelor, but they would have a real connection!

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