The Durrells in Coru, Season 4: Margo’s Journey

The Durrells in Coru, Season 4: Margo’s Journey

(gentle guitar music) – So Margo heads to the UK because she suddenly realized
that she’s growing up and actually she needs
to define who she is as a young woman and a young person. – I think she begins feeling very trapped and she feels a bit like
she’s outgrown her family. Then she decides maybe I
should get away from them, and that first place she
thinks of is England. – My own son had turned 18 this year, and you don’t want your children to leave, but you have to set them free. – Prue and Geoffrey are very
classic British eccentrics. Geoff and Felicity play
them so funnily and so well. – They live in a small,
little Dorset village, their horizons are quite narrow. They’ve got a sort of routine which they don’t like to break. The house is very ordered,
into which Margo comes. She brings a sense of
the exotic to Dorset. – We didn’t, sadly, go to Dorset, we went to the Surrey Hills, to a charming village called Peaslake. – We had two location days
when we were in England, one of them was in a cinema, which was fine ’cause we were indoors. And the only day we had to film outside was pouring with rain. – If you get to play the
English stuffy relatives, then fortunately this is the territory, rain, hailstones, no
sunshine and no calamari. (gentle music)


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    Deep down, we all have a little Margo inside us–just trying to figure out where we fit in. Thanks Masterpiece PBS for bringing this delightful series to us.

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    Markus Arike

    Love Margo, she's funny, quirky, pretty and cool. Gonna miss The Durrells SO much, but happy to have gotten to know them.

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