The Ending Of The Strangers: Prey At Night Explained

The Ending Of The Strangers: Prey At Night Explained

2008’s The Strangers was a simple story of
a random home invasion that resonated with audiences worldwide. While its box office performance warranted
a sequel, no one thought it would take nearly ten years to happen. But now the Strangers have returned, and though
they may be in a new setting with a new cast, the threat the invaders present remains the
same. The Strangers: Prey at Night follows a family
of four: parents Cindy and Mike, their son Luke, and their daughter Kinsey. When they set off to visit relatives in a
countryside trailer park, their vacation turns to terror when a trio of masked invaders descends
on the family with murder on their minds. Now that we’re all safe at home, let’s break
down the ending of The Strangers: Prey at Night. Spoilers ahead. The pool is closed
The climax of the movie kicks into high gear once the parents are out of the picture, as
Kinsey and Luke set off to flee the trailer park. But after a nasty encounter with Dollface,
Luke tells Kinsey to lay in hiding while he sprints for help alone. He doesn’t get very far. When he makes it to the trailer park’s pool,
he comes face-to-face with the axe-wielding Man in the Mask. Luke puts up a struggle, taking the fight
into the water, but he’s overpowered, cut up, and left to drown. It seems like things are over until two hands
burst into the water and pull him up — it’s Kinsey, back on her feet, there to save her
brother in the nick of time. With his wounds much more severe than hers,
the siblings switch places, as Luke hides away while Kinsey makes a break for it, stumbling
into the street to a passing police officer, who shows up so out of nowhere that Kinsey
can barely believe her eyes. As Kinsey falls into the arms of the officer,
neither of them notices the killer Dollface approaching from behind. By the time that Kinsey sees her, it’s too
late to do anything but watch the officer get murdered. One shot, one kill In one of the movie’s most harrowing moments,
Kinsey tries to commandeer the police car while Dollface overpowers her, pushing her
into the passenger seat as she stabs at her over and over. But just when you think it’s all over, Kinsey
gets tactical. Where is she? A police car, and this one has a shotgun. The movie’s most hopeless scene pivots to
its most triumphant moment as Kinsey grabs the shotgun and executes Dollface with one
brutal blast to the head. I think we’re alone now After surviving another scrape, Kinsey tries
to start up the police car, while a truck pulls up alongside Kinsey — it’s the Man
in the Mask, of course. Both Strangers movies are notable for showcasing
the playful sadism of the killers. Often, they get a chance to execute their
victims and just don’t, preferring to terrify and taunt their prey. “There’s no reason why that’s what’s so horrible
about it.” “They found people that are awake, and they
thought it would be a fun thing to do. To torment them.” In the sequel, it’s a tactic that works against
them, allowing their victims just enough chances to get lucky, get away, or get revenge. This time, the Man in the Mask’s taunt of
choice involves cranking the volume on Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now”. It’s an on-the-nose choice. “The music is great because you’re screaming
you’re crying and you’ve got this beautiful music that like my mom grew up with and used
to be happy and pool parties and like summer vacations playing over and over it.” Twisted metal The Man in the Mask backs up and smashes into
Kinsey’s car until both vehicles explode into flames. Here, the ultimate stranger begins to appear
to be unkillable, surviving the explosion to chase down Kinsey in his flaming truck
while she flees on foot. By then, the fire has burned off the man’s
mask, but it’s also burned away the flesh of his face, with the killer remaining anonymous
right down to the bone. This moment, as well as an earlier instance
where Kinsey declines an opportunity to remove Dollface’s mask, is sort of the whole point
of both films: They’re monster movies that don’t have any monsters in them. The killers aren’t Freddy Krueger — they’re
just people, and they could be anybody. In the original, the killers removed their
masks off camera, making the point that their true identities don’t matter. That’s what makes them all so scary. If you survived an encounter like this, how
could you ever trust a stranger again? “The thing that I love is I don’t know who
the strangers are and I think they have absolutely no reason to do it and that’s what’s scary.” The hitchhiker Kinsey sticks to the road as she runs, pursued
on foot by the Man in the Mask, as a pickup truck approaches. Just as you start to think the encounter is
only going to up the killer’s body count, luck turns Kinsey’s way again. She leaps into the back of the truck, screaming
as the burnt-up axeman grabs and swings at her. The truck builds up speed, the killer loses
his grip… and Kinsey escapes. The ending is highly reminiscent of the conclusion
of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and just as open-ended. While Texas Chainsaw cuts to credits at that
point, The Strangers: Prey at Night continues — and that’s when things get ambiguous. The bittersweet end The movie ends on the reveal that Kinsey’s
escape led to Luke’s rescue, with the newly-orphaned siblings reunited and alive in a dark hospital
room. Save for the machines, the room is silent
— until there’s a knock at the door. Kinsey doesn’t panic, but she’s paralyzed. Someone’s outside the door — a stranger. But is it really a killer? “You lock him out?” “Mm-mmm.” The truth doesn’t really matter. The ending is a metaphor for trauma, and the
lasting effects that a horrifying experience can have on a person’s psyche. What did her family do to deserve this torment? Nothing — and nothing they could have done
would have prevented it. “Why are you doing this to us?” “Because you were home”
The fate of her family was tied to the whims of three strangers — and at least one of
them could still be out there. The knock at the door is probably a nurse,
a doctor, a family friend. But after this experience, no matter what,
Kinsey can never put her trust in the kindness of strangers again. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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    Maria Bonilla

    Me: Why are you doing this to us?

    Murderer: Because You Were Home…

    Me: Wait So This Was your house? Is that what Your saying?

    Murderer: No…You Were Home…

    Me: I dont Get It…Your saying Im Home?

    Murderer: Yes… -_-

    Me: Sorry…but im not a House There Is a house over there…


    ME: Closes Dur

    Murderer: ….

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    dorothydreams oftornadoes

    What the hell?This ending didn't need an explanation nor is this an explanation to the ending. You should really just call it a synopsis of the ending if anything.

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    Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    What a pile of shit this was, they could have done so much with it but instead they stuck with shitty instant scares instead of having that suspense that was in the first one that made you feel like you were experiencing it with them…… so much sad 🙁

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    the man in the mask did nothing not play i think we’re alone now. that was only in the trailer. he did not see the movie obviously.

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    Kywaun Jackson

    Oh I get it now, the ending was a like a cliffhanger. This was so traumatizing that now every time she hears a knock it would scare her. I remember something like this happen at the ending of the slasher movie “Scream” when the door opened by itself in Sydney house making her scared but turns out it was the wind. I noticed cliffhangers happens a lot in slasher movies.

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    Paris Gul

    I don't think he saw the movie. He probably just read the ending on wiki . Kinsey never shot dollface in the face she shot her in the stomach. also the man in the mask did not play I think we're alone now .

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    James B.

    I wonder who was at the door knocking toward the end?! Doctor, nurse, or Stranger????!!!! People say it's PTSD, but if what it wasn't, and it's really a new Stranger who's tracked her down posing as a nurse ! 🙂 6/10 C for Strangers 2, and 7/10 B for Strangers Pt.1 (2008).

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    The first strangers was stupid and laughable… except the very ending. This was 10000% better. Still had issues like —like pretty boring at times.. the 2nd half was great though. It was intense and I just wanted those 3 psychos to die!! Lol the ending confused me a bit…will there be a part 3?? Or does she just have ptsd

  20. Post

    I hate that this channel has ending explained videos to movies who’s endings don’t need explaining. I could maybe see this one a little bit since it’s a bit open to interpretation, but so many other videos of movies with solid, understandable endings and in the videos it just explains the movie. So stupid.

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    Jonny Lee

    i thought the parents in this film were idiots ! Let me break it down for you. 1. As parents you would tell them to put there phones away so you could have some family time. You wouldn't bother to beg with them. 2. As parents, should you really resort to boarding school so quickly? 3. Why is it the father didn't know what a "quif" is and why did he not tell his son to show more respect to his sister (and mother for that matter). 4. The fathers first idea when his daughter goes to boarding school is to have sex on he sofa. Furthermore, as if you would send your wife and daughter back to the trailer by themselves to call the police. They established they believed the kids, so why did he need to be shown the bodies. Why not all go back, call the popos and get the hell out of dodge.

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    Peepshow Menagerie

    The writing of this video was lazier than the writing in the film. First off, boy, I'm glad they explained the pool was closed. No wonder why…it has no relevance at all, really, maybe.

    Ok then, it was TWO shots one kill as she got outside the truck to shoot the stranger with the shotgun the second time after a quick chat – which is understandable because being shot just once with a shotgun will barely take the wind out of you in most cases.

    The song being played in the car was Air Supply's "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All", not "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany, but that's an easy mistake as they sound nothing alike. So I'll have to give you that one. No, wait…

    Also, did the writer for this narrator not notice that the costume for Baghead was super clean at the end – as if he was never burned in a fire – and thus implying that there are likely many of them out there? (It is possible that this was a scene meant for earlier in the film and then cut into the ending though). Didn't notice? No? Did he or she (the writer of this) even see the film? Maybe they were just reading a script that had been changed later on?

    No donut for you, Looper.

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    ishaq yousuf

    The stranger pisses me off. I wish there were time when these three get the taste of their own medicine.

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    Doge Dog

    kinsey actually didnt shot dollface in the head in the first shot she shot her in the stomach and when kinsey or dollface pulled out dollfaces mask thats the shot where kinsey shot her in the head and on the knock on the ending maybe its the axe man and the other girl bc the axe man was burned but survived and had a glass shard in its stomach but survived and kinsey baseball bated axe man and axe man maybe knocked out or fainted and when luke stabs the other girl in the stomach maybe the girl survived bc its just in the stomach maybe she died or she just pretended to be dead so luke wont stab her again and maybe its like u said its maybe a doctor family relateds or friends or a nurse and maybe the two that survived thats all my theory leave ur theories in the comments below bye 🙂

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    rickandmorty fan

    Did no one hear the jack in the box before the knock at the end besides me, the same jack in the box making the same noise before dollface came from behind the bed?

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    It’s Liv

    The family had NO common sense!!! The movie didn’t make since either!! Like when the mans truck was completely on fire but he still almost killed The daughter,like??? It was SO over dramatic and it’s not even based on true events…. well I mean except the knocking on door part 🙄 This movie was ridiculous and 100% terrible!!

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    Elodia Beltran

    The end was where the man in the mask was knocking on the door at the hospital where the girl and her brother was there and then the girl got freaked out and dropped her water ending explained by the way the mom ,dad, pin up girl and dollface died

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    Sergio Beas

    I already watched that movie kenzie kills the blonde girl and the guy and the guy killed the brother killed the other girl

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  34. Post

    I’ll admit this movie wasn’t the best but interesting…. it has more cons than pros🤷🏽‍♀️💯however I give it a “7” because the ending had that Texas chainsaw feeling; of course the swimming pool scene but I give it to the sister because she was smart to fight back but I felt that Luke could of popped Dollface🤦🏽‍♀️instead of running which we see again cutting up Kensie. I’m saying…

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    Richard WILSON

    So this is a remake of The Strangers 2008, cause they are wearing the same mask and same plot… it’s just a copy paste…

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  39. Post

    She didn't shoot her in the head with the shotgun. She hit her in the stomach area then de-masked her and asked why they were doing this and she said why not and then she shot her again killing her.

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    Sunny Valentine

    Haven’t seen this one yet. I use to own it the first one on DVD…then one day I met a handsome stranger named Robert (and he was a Gemini too) and when I had him come in my home for a bit of conversation, he noticed my movie collection and said he liked that movie out of all the movies I had…we both agreed “The Strangers,” was really scary. I gave it to him to take with him…and that was the last time I saw Robert the stranger. True Story.

  41. Post

    Looper, if you don't want to actually watch a movie before you review it, then just don't review the movie please

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    Josh Bleezy

    I waited far too long for this and it was terrible unfortunately, the first one blows this shit away. It was like watching a horror video game, I liked it still and own it but damn, they made the characters so dumb 😢

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    The chick that got away looked like Joey from Dawson’s Creek and I bet the guy with the axe was James Van Der Beek.

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    alice abalo

    You didn't even explain the ending… and you got some things wrong, seriously ridiculous waste of time

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    SinCity Sinner

    I'm not sure this guy actually watched the movie before he did this video because there are a couple of things he gets wrong. Like the part of the video at the pool when he says the brother is cut off and confronted by an axe wielding sack head, but completely neglects to mention that the brother had just stabbed pin up girl to death which is why sack head was swinging the axe around like crazy instead of slowly stalking him like he usually would, showing the audience that sack head was kind of shook at the fact that pin up girl actually died. Then there's the part in the cops jeep. Kenzie doesn't just shoot baby doll just once in the head. She shoots her in the chest and causes her to fly out of the truck, then she gets out and takes baby dolls mask off, showing one of the killers faces for the first time and asks her why they are doing this, then she blows her fucking head off, lol. All 3 of the Strangers got straight up murdered in this one, so the knock at the end can't possibly be any of them. Some might say that pin up and sackhead could still be alive, but I doubt it. Pin up for cracked upside her head with a bat and then stabbed repeatedly in her chest, and sack head got blown up, burned, and smashed in the head with a bat, falling out of the back of a speeding pick up truck, so if he is somehow still alive he's in the trauma/burn ward and definitely isn't wandering around a hospital and knocking on their door, lol.

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    Alexis Garcia

    It should have been made with a slower pace like the first one and that ending was ridiculous haha but it was good overall

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  52. Post

    lmao did you even see the movie? she lights the car on fire by the gas dripping from under it it doesn't just explode

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    EAT, DRINK & BE!

    Before the knock at the door there's a faint sound of screaming…i dont think it's just a random somebody

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    Betty May

    Watched the movie last night and LOVED it , you feel like you're in it..20000% (if thats even possible lol) recommend, i want a 3rd one ASAP

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    Voice of REASON

    Much better than first one! Kinda like Annabelle Creation was better. Doesn't happen often but this one was great!

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  68. Post

    I loved this movie, I’m not saying that is better than the first one. They are completely different, the first one had more suspense and it was more slowly, the killers were patient and smarter. There wasn’t a lot of blood and deaths.
    Now this sequel was totally differently, even in the first scene we have our fist victim, the killers were more aggressive and impulsive. The movie was "short" because of the action. But the family were kind of stupid, they had a lot of options to survive and being smarter then the killers. The movie could be longer with more suspense and the strangers could be more likely the first one. I like that they added their "music" on the scenes, is kind of funny and crazy. I really loved this movie in huge part because of the promotion. It wasn’t too much, so i didn’t went with high spectating and by consequent I didn’t have desilutions.
    3.5/5 stars.

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    Jennifer Manix

    Was I the only one that thought there were two men or at least two people with sacks on their head. The same time that Dad was stuck in the Van with one sack guy, Kenzie was be hunted down by a sack guy in a truck, unless these timelines were off, I thought there were four killers this time.

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    Im_ CJ

    Actually……….. there was more. In the end the door opened showing the smiley face and the lights turning off and you could hear an axe being dragged across the ground. Then the screen goes black and you hear Kinsey (or Kenzie idk) scream.

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    Alberto Einstein

    I stay strap with a 40 on me even when I’m taking a shit can’t be caught slipping after this damn movies

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    Eric Riley

    all your doing is telling us what we already no an you can't even do that right she shot doll face twice not once in the head

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    Virtualstylez LTD

    Bad video. ban it he never watched the movie lol.

    On other hasnd not a bad film, IF you haven't seen the first one that is lolz.

  89. Post

    It's a prequel. The baghead doesn't have bad lungs as in the original. He surived from being burned alive. Dollface and Pinup are killed and replaced by other girls. The music, the cellphones, the cars, all from the 80's.

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    Bravo Mokeyy

    the knock on the door wasnt bag head, how would he sneak through a populated hospital with a mask on or with an axe

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    Kalapati ni Nikola Tesla

    I really lost it when the Parents died first without fighting back like a champ. They look like a really strong opponents for the Strangers and would give us some worthy moments to watch not just those teens running around screaming like pigs.

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    dorothydreams oftornadoes

    Don't do another horror movie breakdown.
    Horrible explanation and so many things were incorrect.
    Whoever wrote this script didn't give a shit.

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