The Family Road Trip Survival Guide | Consumer Reports

The Family Road Trip Survival Guide | Consumer Reports

[MUSIC PLAYING] The American family road trip. You’ve checked your tires,
the oil, and filled the tank. But how will you fill
the time without getting on each other’s nerves? [MUSIC PLAYING] Good morning, Honey. Oh, you’re up. The boys and I packed the
car a couple of hours ago. Oh, I always say vacation
is a time for relaxation. Don’t you think? We haven’t even left
the driveway yet. As you see with the early
birds, they mean no harm. They’re just so excited
to start the day. But Dad, his expectation was he
was going to relax and chill. This whole scenario would
have gone very differently if mom and dad had had a
conversation before they left on their vacation. What are your expectations? OK, let’s hit the road. Hey, Champ, ready
to go see Roswell? You bet, Dad. Love, you promised to stay off
your phone during the trip. Oh, Bill, I have three
deals to close this week, and I need to stay online. But Honey, I could really
use your help as a navigator. Oh, Bill, don’t be silly. [PHONE SOUND EFFECTS] In this scenario, Dad
really wants some help for Mom navigating, but Mom
thought, you know, we’ve got a long trip ahead of us. This would be a
great time for me to close those three business
deals that I’ve been working on for the past four years. So it would be really
great if Mom and Dad have this discussion and call
it a device free vacation or have certain time
limits or curfews when phones can be on and off. Then there’s the
backseat driver. Did you just miss our turn? Well, what about
that sign up ahead? Great. Now we’re even more
behind schedule. One more mistake, and
we’re going to switch. [MUSIC PLAYING] The backseat driver is
the number one thing I see couples arguing about. So the pilot really
needs to tell the copilot what he or she needs and what
he or she will find useful. It’s really important
that the copilot tries to be reassuring to
the driver and not nagging or undermining or critical. While you’re on a road
trip, be aware that you might run into some horseplay. Mom, Billy hit me. Did not. If you guys hit each
other one more time, I’m going to have to
release the kraken. If you’re taking a
road trip, and you’ve got three boys in
the back seat, you should expect there are
going to be problems. You might have to pull over. And Mom’s going to switch
seats with someone. Positive reinforcement works
better than threatening. [MUSIC PLAYING] So now you know how to get along
on the road with your family. Have fun at Roswell. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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    Pupin The Turd

    1:05 brah I know you have your own smart phone… turn on the GPS slap it on the dash and let google guide your way with real time traffic reports.

    2:28 threatening? Who needs that when you can just smack them till they know who"s boss.

    nice editing tho.

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    This video is both hilarious and educational at the same time…it feels like the type of video that would play at a visitor center in a National Park. How is there only 5k views a year later.
    #dad jokes #minivans #dad life #road trip

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