This ALL STAR made the BIGGEST COMEBACK ever | Journey #43

This ALL STAR made the BIGGEST COMEBACK ever | Journey #43

Hello, what’s your name? Diana Rouvas. I was here eight years ago,
season one. I was a semi-finalist and I just
missed out on the Grand Final. I was guarded and… I still feel like,
I didn’t do my best. People didn’t get to know me
in that season. I’ve had a lot of good
opportunities in my career… “Almost” is the keyword of… …coming close to what
I want to do. I’m a perfectionist,
which is a detriment. This time… I want people
to see more… …more about who I am. I’m so happy
to see you here. That always means
a lot of growth. The technique you have
is unmatched. You’ve got such
a technical voice. but there is another side of you… …which i think is very insightful
and profound… …that wants to come out. I know I can bring out the best
in what you need. I feel like I’ve been waiting… …for someone really
special to come. And you’re it. And… They have got some big voices. I would love you to be
the first person on my team. I feel like you should be. I really do. And now, the decision is yours. I want to be seen
this time around. And heard for who I am
and what I stand for. And let people in
and enjoy the ride. And so I’ll say thank you
so very much, each of you. I’m gonna go with George. You are literally,
like I said… …are my first person
on my team and I’m delighted. Insane! Welcome back! Well done, honey,
well done! This season is the season
of massive voices. Oh!
– Oh Lordy… Hey!
– Hi! Going up against
an All Star like Diana… …is intimidating. She’s a great singer. Like, no pressure at all,
you know. You’re a really good singer,
you know that. Why do you think
that you haven’t got… …to where you
want to go to. When I was younger… …even though I had some very… …good opportunities in front of me… I had a lot of self-worth
and fear to work on. It’s been a hard road. To put yourself
out there and… I’ve had labels tell me… “That’s a great song,
but radio is not gonna play it” Where do you fit? I felt like a failure when I
first came on TV… …because I thought everyone
who knew that I was… …had a world deal at 16… …is gonna go: “This chick?”. I still have moments of
feeling kind of afraid… …but, at the same time… I’m much more fearless
in the sense… …that no matter what happens… …I’m on this path
and I’m not leaving. I have to say, Diana… That was a
one-in-a-billion performance. And it was just this
really powerful, perfect vocal. Like, perfect. It’s a tough decision,
but right in this moment… I’m gonna go with Diana. Thank you very much. So Prinnie,
you’re probably wondering… …who I’m gonna match you with. Have you got any thoughts? Oh my gosh, I knew it. My two All Stars. They are both powerful women. They also have both
have a lot of history… And I think that’s gonna be
really kind of revealing… …in this performance. I knew it!
– Oh my gosh! This is gonna be
a battle of all battles. What does freedom
mean to you? Unapologetically who we are. That’s what freedom is to me. Who we are or who you are.
– Who I am. What about you? Holding nothing back. Nothing. There are lots of songs
called ‘Freedom’. There are. But I’ve chosen
the one by Beyoncé. Of course you did. I think singing anything
by Beyonce is a challenge. I’d like to hear a bit more
commitment to the message. Cool, okay.
– Let’s do that. That’s, you know… More important. Yeah. Okay. In terms of kind of
acting it out. I think that you could really
let yourself go a bit more. For me it’s gonna be about… …who brings the most believability… …to that performance. I mean the level that having
to All Stars battle brings… …is so high. All I have to say is,
if we’re starting right here… Yeah, the standard is crazy. Where we’re going to go for finals… …is going to blow Australia’s mind. No, no, no, timeout. Y’all need to get up
one more time. Listen, you know, that was
a powerhouse performance. Both of you ladies could… …walk out of here,
into a record deal. I wish record companies
were more brave. Because for me
you’re both ready. You know, that was like,
watching two superstars singing. I have to say that
when someone trusts me… I have to give that
trust back completely. So I have to go with… …Diana. Diana you have
won the battle. You’re going through
to the Finals with George. Are you crazy? Diana is super professional. And I can’t fault her
technically at all. But you know life’s not
about being technical. Tell me about
your singing life. Because, you know,
you’re clearly very experienced. I went to the States at 16… …and I toured France and China with
Tina Arena when I was 17. And then between
17 and 23… I had a few world record deals… …that didn’t come through. France, UK, New York
and Australia passed and… I had a couple of songs
that were fought over… …between Mary J. Blige
and the Pussycat Dolls. Things that you wrote?
-Yes. And then, a few years later… …someone told me
it was a shit song. People said that about
‘Karma Chameleon” I said down and I was like:
“Am I just shit?” “Is this song shit?” “Am I delusional?” But I think being delusional is
kind of part of the the process. I think you have to
be slightly delusional… …to be…
– To be in this business? …to be in this business,
because you know… …this is a business
with dimension. You know, we don’t know
what’s gonna happen. Really, it’s about making
that connection. And it’s unfortunately based… …on more than just
how you sound. But I think it’s
a massive part of it. Some people will use that
sort of rejection as fuel… I don’t think you
should do that. I think you should forget it. And bury it. You are truly
a gem of Australians. And I hope you know that… …forever walking this earth.
– Thank you so much. That’s beautiful. You know guy was
talking about… …kind of letting go
of past stuff. And it’s good to have
a process right? So I’ve gone for this fun process…
– You’ve got a process for us? You need a process,
but can you see over there? There are some plates,
specially, they’re like… They’re special plates. Plate smashing is symbolic. The idea is to kind of
let go of something… …that has annoyed you. So I chose a few things from
very early in my career. “The only thing that Culture Club
hasn’t got going for… …is the hideously, unphotogenic
Boy George.” What’s Diana gotta
get rid of? I need to know why. We’ll I reckon, with one plate
we can get rid of… …at least three record labels
who said… “The songs were shit
and good luck.” Look at that bang! “‘Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me’,
this is weak, … …fourth division, reggae. Awful.”
– Wow. That’s impressive. Feel the rage. I smashed a few
for some record labels. And I smashed a few
for some haters. What else? For every time I thought
I couldn’t do it… …and I wasn’t enough. I felt that. I felt that was committed. I feel lighter, yes. I had a lot on
my plate this morning… …and now I don’t. Now I don’t have
a plate at all. Not one. To finally have
the acknowledgment… …that you work for,
for close to 20 years… To stay on this journey… …and stand at the end… ….would be magical for me. Yeah. Who’s your ‘hallelujah’?
Everybody’s got someone… …that you go: “Hallelujah!” I know who to call
right now. Well I’d have to say
it is my other half Eric. Eric. He’s a guitarist
and a producer. And we’ve been working
together for 15 years. And we’ve been together
for about 11. He’s someone of great integrity
and great loyalty. And he shows up,
every time. Just put all of that
into this. I think I’ll be emotional because… …when I think about him
having been there… …it even makes me
emotional now. Eric is my biggest fan. He’s usually crying, not me. The thing that touches me
the most about that… …is that it’s… …that’s love man. He’s heard me sing,
more than anyone. He’s heard me sing,
at my best and my worst. And he’s still a fan. He’s my best friend. That performance just completely… …set you at a place,
where you can honestly… I know, I should not say this,
but I’m gonna say… …you could take it all the way. But women in Australia,
have to vote for women. Diana is my last diva standing. She’s my queen and
she is the cream of the crop. Congratulations, come here.
– Thank you very much. I’m so proud of you. To be at the next stage is
very exciting for me because… I want as much
opportunity as I can to… …get my voice and
music out there and… The closer I get,
the more that I want to do… …the more I want to give. Oh George! You made George cry. Are you okay, George? Blown away. Blown away. Thank you. It was beautiful. Australia it’s time to find out… Who you have chosen as
your Voice of 2019. The winner… …of The Voice 2019… is… It’s Diana Rouvas!


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    Kristie Pope

    Diana 6:01 Freakin amazing! I love Boy George he’s an icon!! There’s so much talent on this show!! Nobody is bad!! I’m looking for a concert with Boy George, have googled to see were he’s at! I’m in NC but I’ll definitely travel to see him!🎼🌈💕

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    Kristie Pope

    Ohh I love George! He’s an amazing artist! And has come through so much in life! I’d love to talk with him and see his journey! I’m 49 & his music was so iconic! I’m so happy the he has pulled through so many life challenges!! Stay strong!🎼💕🎼💜🥰

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    Kristie Pope

    There was never a hideous photogenic Boy George!! I don’t care what anyone says!! He’s an amazing soul & a gorgeous person!! F$&k anyone who doesn’t think so!💜

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    Paula Livoti

    An when my life is over 🎶🎵 gov has hired a Hitman to kill me .. electronically.

    Ahhhh….I had a vision and it wasn't good

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    Diana'a voice has absolutely zero flaws. She really should be the next worldwide voice. She reminds me of Barbra Streisand in terms of stage presence and vocal choices. BTW, George is an excellent mentor.

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    brian jasmin

    Me: How many songs can you not sing perfectly and beautifully?
    Diana: Less.

    Me (again): How many songs can you sing perfectly and beautifully?
    Diana: Almost everything.

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    Jessica's Maltese & Bengals

    Honestly, I wouldn't have chosen George as my coach if I had been in her shoes, BUT… after seeing him coach I take that back!! He chose amazing songs for her and she shined more for it. She made a great choice! Great job both of you!

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    Isaac Devaś

    I love how her clothes becomes more positive from black to white. I got the message behind it. Fck! I would love George to be my vocal coach so I could be free from my insecurities and doubts.

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    777anne777 santos

    she is so fragile in and out!!a very pure and divine soul specially when she is singing she always sing not just by her soul but like she’s conquering the whole thing about you as you listening to her!God bless you,a fan from Philippines!!!

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    She makes me feel such intense emotion, in spite of myself. I've never had that reaction from other artists. It's like she's the maestro of my heart…good god

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    Tenesha Miller

    WOW!!!! She is amazing… Sounds similar to Whitney Houston & Aretha Franklin combined and looks similar to Demi Moore…. it is truly unbelievable…. I wish her the best and truly hope that someone signs her

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    Leslie Owens

    She sings great but I don’t like hearing her breaths throughout all of her songs :/ kind of ruins it for me but she still sounds great. I’m still baffled at how she didn’t win 8 years ago. Her voice was fresh and not as damaged. I did like how she sang with George.

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    Mi Picasso

    This woman is SICK! Her voice is killer! She could sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and make a masterpiece out of it. So proud for her!

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    Crystallized Booger

    For those who keep saying She’s so good She should be a star now or why no one has offered her a record deal may be a little too naive. IMHO. This woman is intelligent and knows what She’s worth. IMHO all her dealings fell short because She asked for what She’s worth and She won’t be molded into a pop star sex symbol. HOWEVER, her time then wasn’t right. She had no leverage ie exposure, followers, etc. She was a genius ahead of her time back then. IMHO She resurfaced in this day and age of social media and used the voice again as a platform to gain that exposure and followers and with the experience now under her belt, She can even start her own label and manager all control of her music from branding to creative to finances. I read between the lines, She is very intelligent but inexperienced before and now she will be a force to be reckoned with. All the chips are on her table.

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    Crystallized Booger

    If there is anything you shoulda learned from your colorful past experiences is that never try to win the approval of those who can’t really understand you. You are way ahead of this time. Geniuses are not born to be understood. People simply can’t.
    Please start a label and keep writing your songs. Keep spreading genuine messages. Awaken one soul at a time bec this is more precious than 50 million zombies who will eat you alive once they are no longer satisfied with you.

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    Mobile Users

    0:00 Mariah Carey – Vision of Love
    5:49 Lady Gaga -I'll Never Love again
    8:46 Beyonce ft. Kendrick Lamar- Freedom
    12:58 Donny Hathaway – A Song For You
    17:16 The Greatest Showman – Never Enough
    20:32 Leonard Cohen- Hallelujah
    23:19 Whitney Huston – I Will Always Love You
    26:15 Barbara Streisand-Send In The Clowns
    Diana Ross – Wait for No One

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    eleni f. Vlachou

    THE ABSOLUTELY BEST MOST UNFORGETTABLE SINGER EVER ON THE VOICE. ps for those desiring her voice…REMINDER: the work that has gone behind this success is PURELY UNIMAGINABLE. Its never JUST the VOICE> ITS ALL the hARD NITTYGRITTY GRUELING WORK to get it where we can listen to it in awe.

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    Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. —Demosthenes
    Even though she was rejected in the past from many she got an opportunity to shine at the voice AU and she managed to win the hearts of all! Good luck for the future you are a spectacular artist! Ελληνική ψυχή ποτέ δεν πεθαίνει!( Greek spirit never dies!)

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    Magic Dragon

    She is the first big power house singer that i cheer up for , she can make you into the song that she sang all the heart with the song every single word that is not easy to found.
    Glad to Australia that they found a new gem for they country now.

    And Boy George he the billion coach too all performance he created everything so perfect as can say simple but much and beautiful too.

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    Brenda Booth

    Diana has a voice sent from Angels. Her voice is beautiful and amazingly perfect in every way! She is a song goddess and she will go very far. Shame on those record companies who turned her down! She's back and better than ever! You go girl..reach for those stars and grab onto them and never let go! You are a superstar! You definitely have my vote all the way.. Yes girl! 🙆🏼💁🏼❤🌠

    When is her first record coming out? I would buy it in a heartbeat! 🙆🏼❤

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    Rhonda Nelson

    She is soo beautiful. My God what a voice. Absolutely angelic and her range out of this world. She moves my spirit and the goosebumps my god. Just WOW!

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    Rhoanne Santiago

    I was first watched daniel performance. And bring me here she indeed deserve the crown!
    But im falling inlove with daniels voice. 😂

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    Emma Yahya

    Im incredibly late for following The Voice lol but seriously I'm so proud of Diana Rouvas!! you seriously deserved to win!! Also i love her eye contact and stage presence,incredibly professional and Im happy for Australia to have her!! I'm already a fan <3

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    Rafael Vianna

    My goodness. Her voice is huge, she's huge. One of the most beautiful voices Ive ever listened to. It's possible to draw a comparison with all diva that comes in mind. The last person I saw singing "I'll always love you" in that way was Jessie J last year. All Diva's performance was everything. I've only watched to other participants' performances and always think "why could this person not win the show?!" And that's the answer: the only one who could possibly win this season is definitely her, without doubt

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    Marcel Smet

    Diana you make me love the songs I in and in detest. I can watch and listening too you and be flabbergasted by every note

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    Jess Ellis

    she deserved to win as she has such a beautifully powerful voice her 20 years of hard work have finally paid off she is proof that if you never stop fighting for what you want eventually you will get it may she now go on to have a long successful music career

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    Melissa Guerra

    Sooooooooo Happpppy For HER! FINALLY! GEORGE DID A PHENOMENAL JOB OM GOODNESSS 😘😘😘😘 🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💐

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