“Together” 🎶 The Inmates of Summer | #TuesdayTunes

Aye forgesmen, what forces
blow the merriments of Galilee? Get ready! Huh, oh. ♪ ‘Tis we here to sing a song
Of maritime camaraderie ♪ ♪ Together ♪ [guitar solo playing] ♪ Together, together ♪ [drum solo playing] ♪ Together ♪ [synth solo playing] ♪ Together, together ♪ ♪ Together, together ♪ ♪ Like a boat upon the sea!
Together ♪ ♪ In happy camaraderie!
Together ♪ ♪ That’s the way it ought to be
Together ♪ ♪ Just you, and you, and you
And you, and me, together ♪ ♪ Together, together ♪ [cheering] [crying] I’ve never seen anything
so beautiful in my, my… [crying] OK, let’s do it. Um, hey guys, what are you doing? We’re breaking out of here,
that’s what, escaping! Oh, and thanks for the
convincing stagecraft. [foghorn blowing] Encore! Encore! Encore! [crying] Do– Do it again. [crying] What the? Turn the ship around! [foghorn blowing] [screaming] SpongeBob, I am not going with you. That’s a good one Mrs. Puff.
Now hop in, come on. SpongeBob, I think she means it. Oh, that’s crazy, Patrick. He’s right, SpongeBob, I’m staying. But, why? I like it here, these are my people. Patrick, she has lost it. She’s completely institutionalized. She’s forgotten what it’s like to
live on the outside, to not be in prison! [horns beeping] [phone ringing] Coming to bed, honey? Yes, dear. [screaming] Put him in the trunk, boy! I’ll keep them cops busy. What’s the hold up back there? Oh, Neptune, get away! [screaming] Ahem. OK, all set back here. Nothing unusual about a
muddy shovel in the trunk. [disturbed laughing] All set. [groaning] You OK there, little fella? Oh, he gets carsick real easy. Well buckle up
and we’ll drive real smooth-like. [siren wailing] Bodyguard!
Bodyguard! Look, kid, I am not your bodyguard! [crying] I’m the Strangler. See? [screaming] The Strangler! Good work, SpongeBob,
you put the Strangler behind bars. At least I’m safe from that yellow idiot. Hey, Mack, what’re you in for? Enjoy your prize. Whoo-hoo-hoo!
Tropical vacation, here I come! [laughing] Vacation?
Who said anything about vacation? What? In the brochure, it specifically
mentions an ocean liner vacation. Oh, you mean that brochure. Well, that was the prize, the brochure! Was taking up too much room in me
drawers you know, so it’s your prize. You mean, no vacation? Nope, just the brochure. Well, gotta get back to counting me loot. Enjoy your new prize, Squidward. See you on the outside
in 10 years, buddy. [laughing] Oh, well, at least I’ll have some
peace and quiet for the next 10 years. Hey Squidward. Parcheesi? [heavy breathing] [stammering] What can I do for you boys? – We stole a balloon!
– We stole a balloon! [crying] We stole a balloon. What’s the problem here? Well it appears
these two stole a balloon. What are you going to do to us? [whispering] OK, follow me. If you can’t do the time,
don’t do the crime. OK, time’s up… now get out. But– but we stole a balloon. Yeah, on Free Balloon Day. [laughing] How about some lollipops
for the road, boys? Let’s vow never to borrow anything
without permission again. You said it. [quacking] Alright, which one of you
flatfoots stole my lollipop? [laughing] Oh, brother. I mean it.

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